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Goodbye, For Now

"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."  -Winnie the Pooh   Yesterday, April 17th, 2019, we lost such an important person in our family, Joyce Newell, also known as the famous "Jubee!"  I'm going to take a minute to be a little selfish and take ownership of the famous… Continue reading Goodbye, For Now

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40+5 Weeks Pregnant and 19 Months!

Well, I guess it is time for an update.... seeing as I am currently FORTY WEEKS AND FIVE DAYS STILL pregnant!  I have also fallen way behind on a few random updates like how Annabelle Grace is currently doing (she's 19 months as of this past Saturday!) and where we are at with the renovation… Continue reading 40+5 Weeks Pregnant and 19 Months!

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Disney World 2019

Going to Disney World this month was one of the best experiences for our little family!  You often hear people talk about how much work it is, how expensive it is, how tiring it is, and the biggest one- "the kid(s) are too little to remember it later, so we'll wait until they're older." I… Continue reading Disney World 2019

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Christmas 2018 and December Update

December started out strong!  Will and I (and Annabelle Grace) joined Will's Dad in Memphis to participate in the St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend!  This was the fourth or fifth year now that we've done it, so it has really become quite the tradition for us!  The two of them have done the full marathon… Continue reading Christmas 2018 and December Update

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Thanksgiving/November 2018

This holiday season has been such a great one!  This is the second set of Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's with Annabelle Grace, and she is so mobile and has such a personality, that it has made for such a fun holiday season with our families and friends, and really just the three of us together! November finally… Continue reading Thanksgiving/November 2018

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Fall 2018

Time for yet another very delayed update! BUT, I don't want to not document our 2018 year, so here it comes! Annabelle Grace's last big post was her 11 month update and her one year update!  So, in this post I'll sum up her almost 15 month update and what the fall of 2018 looked like for us!… Continue reading Fall 2018

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Annabelle Grace is ONE WHOLE YEAR OLD!

Annabelle Grace is a year old!  This first year of her life flew by faster than I could have imagined it going, and while I knew she would change drastically over twelve months, I didn't realize HOW drastic those changes would appear! It is far too tough to put in to words all of the… Continue reading Annabelle Grace is ONE WHOLE YEAR OLD!