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Sweet Eloise Kate

“If I am thinking correctly,” said Pooh, “a new baby is probably, undoubtedly, the grandest gift that could ever be.”

Kati Mallory Photo and Design

Whew!  It has been a crazy 4.5 weeks! (Today, Eloise is 3 weeks and 3 days old!)  However, I’m counting week 41 of pregnancy, because this sweet little girl was bound and determined to NOT enter this world!

So, quick backstory on how her actual birth- last time I updated, I was 40+5 days along!  I made it to 41+1 weeks, March 27th- the day we had a scheduled c-section, and there was no baby in sight to come out!  I truly thought we would maybe go through labor or even just some contractions, but the morning of our c-section my doctor even did one last cervical check and I still had NOT dilated AT ALL, so the plans for the c-section continued! We had to be at the hospital bright and early- by 5:30am- of course I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink from midnight on, so I was starving by this point!

IMG_3475 2

Our c-section slot ended up getting pushed back for a few hours because the hospital had quite a few unexpected ladies come in, in labor, as well as an emergency c-section, so they didn’t get started with us until after 9am.

Once in the operating room, things moved on!  It turns out our anesthesiologist actually knew some of Will’s cousins, and one of the guys who helps with pain medicine and maybe an assistant to the anesthesiologist, knew Will’s mother really well from the medical field- of course we were also with the same doctor that delivered Annabelle Grace, so it was kind of fun “knowing” so many of the people.  There was also a huge difference in how I felt during this c-section because I had not been through actual labor for over a day at this point before also having a c-section.

Will was amazing, and actually took all of the picture of Eloise being born!  (he isn’t typically one to do well with “operations,” blood, needles, etc- so this was a big deal!)  Don’t worry- the only pictures you will see here are literally of her head and upper body! Nothing too crazy- but feel free to scroll by if it still bothers you!!

One of the best parts of this whole moment was finally finding out who was living inside of me!  It was pretty crazy and cool to hear her crying and still not know if it was a boy or girl for a minute while the continued to pull her out! (Also- it always amazes me how they really just pull them out by the neck!)


Hearing those cries and that it was “another girl!” from my doctor were just amazing moments!  Of course I teared up, anxiously awaiting the moment I got to see our sweet baby!  Eloise also ended up being a rather large baby, weighing in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces, and 20 inches long! It was 9:53am on Wednesday when they pulled her out!  For reference- Annabelle was 8 pounds, 1 ounce, and 20 inches long, however she was born at 40+2 weeks, so Eloise had almost an extra week to continue growing! My doctor was even surprised she was so big- as I had measured smaller the whole time, and my weight gain was within the healthy range too!




It felt so different having her so early in the day too!  Annabelle came in the evening, and after the 1-2 hours in recovery before visitors, the day was practically gone with her!  We had basically a whole day to get to know Eloise, and not be as tired and as exhausted as we were with Annabelle Grace!

Papi (Will’s dad, Ted) kept Annabelle Grace for us from the morning we left for the c-section through the weekend.  Will’s mom, Ann, also made it to town late Thursday night, and was with Annabelle Grace as well through the weekend!

Fortunately, Papi, was able to bring Annabelle Grace to the hospital to meet her new sister, and they showed up during Eloise’s bath!





We also had a visit from Aunt Kitty, a FaceTime meet and greet with Boomie and SueSue (my parents) and another visit closer to dinner time with Papi and Annabelle Grace again!



This picture of Will and Eloise is so sweet- you probably can’t tell, but I caught him with his eyes tearing up a little looking at this sweet girl, which of course made my eyes tear up with happy tears.


Thursday was another day in the hospital! (Usually with a c-section you spend 3-4 days in a hospital.  With Annabelle Grace- we were here the full four days.)  With Eloise’s c-section I was feeling remarkably better, and ready to attempt walking a lot more quickly than I did with Annabelle.  Turns out, just in the 19 months since AG’s birth, they have apparently changed the type(s) of medicines used during a c-section and apparently they have had a lot of success with better and quicker recoveries! Definitely not something I was complaining about!!!

Thursday we had more visits from Papi and Annabelle Grace and Aunt Kitty again!  Eloise was a little more awake and opening her eyes more!



Friday I was definitely up and moving around pretty well, and Eloise was checking out pretty healthy as well, so we went ahead and decided to let them discharge us that afternoon!  That morning DeeCee (Will’s mom, Ann) was able to come visit us with Annabelle Grace!


Even with discharging, Eloise still seemed to be very similar to Annabelle Grace- she started at 8lb, 7oz, and dropped to 7lbs, 12oz before leaving.  Annabelle was 8lb, 1oz, and dropped to 7lb, 3oz before leaving the hospital.  It’s crazy how similar they both are!


Annabelle Grace did stay with Will’s parents through the weekend to give Will and me a chance to get home with Eloise and get settled a little.  We did decide to stop by and see our big girl before heading home!  Our “family pictures” are pretty on point with what I’m sure the next couple of years will look like!


Eloise did sleep in the cradle her first night home, and it made her look so, so tiny!


We made it through the weekend, and everyone was pretty happy, healthy, and my recovery was still starting out pretty great!  Will’s parents brought Annabelle Grace home Sunday, and his Mom stayed with Will’s grandparents at night and helped us out during the day through what should have been Wednesday morning.  Unfortunately I did have some pregnancy complications starting Tuesday afternoon.  I’ll write about some of that next week when I finish up Eloise’s first month update!

For now, I want to share some of the amazing pictures that Kati Mallory took of our family for Eloise’s newborn photo shoot!  Kati Mallory of Kati Mallory Photo and Design is based out of Little Rock and takes amazing wedding, maternity, newborn and more photos if you’re ever looking!! (Also- She sent us SO many more than what I am sharing here- and they are ALL great!  I just knew I needed to limit it some….and I still have probably thirty shared below! hahaha)

She got plenty of the three of us!

Lots of classic black and white pictures!

My favorites of Eloise and Will!

My favorites of me and Eloise!

Colored prints of Eloise and all of her newborn sweetness! Just check out that first picture on the second row- I LOVE it!

Some new prints of Annabelle Grace! (Who by the way, did an amazing job posing and listening to directions!  Especially since this shoot took place during lunch AND nap time!  Rockstar kid always!)

Kati got some great family shots!

And my favorite pictures she sent us from the entire shoot are of both of our girls together!  I actually cried a few happy tears looking at them!  They are precious, and perfect, and beautiful, and they are our girls.  She couldn’t have done a better job capturing that!  I can’t wait to pick a few to print and hang in the front of our house once the remodel is completed!

If you’ve stuck around to read the entirety of this post- thanks! We truly are so happy to have Eloise Kate added to the Cashion Plantation crew!  Annabelle Grace is rocking at being a big sister, Eloise seems to be a pretty easy baby for the most part, and Will is an amazing Daddy and husband, as usual!  Be on the lookout, hopefully in the next week for a complete update on our full month one of life with Eloise, month 20 update for Annabelle Grace, and just what’s going on with me after birth!

Love, love, love!!


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