Who is “Team WAC”

Well, “Team WAC” stands for “Will and Amy Cashion!”  We also think it’s a lot of fun to do a big high five when shouting “Team WAC!”  Won’t our children love that one day?!  But on a real note-my name is Amy and I am married to one good-lookin’, sweet, farmin’, southern husband by the name of Will!  Together we have one beautiful “rainbow” baby girl, Annabelle Grace.  We live with two large and in charge dogs- Toby and Wells, who are also our babies, obviously!  Our house sits in the middle of a pecan orchard, surrounded by farm ground used for corn and soybeans.  We love our slow, southern-paced lives and I enjoy updating about what’s going on here at “Cashion Plantation.”  Feel free to check back often to see new posts, or better yet-enter your email on the main page, and the post will come straight to your inbox!


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