Our Baby- You’re Here!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 6:06pm


Our baby girl was born!!!  Time to tell her story!  As most of you have previously read- we had an appointment the Friday before she was born and found out she was possibly 8lb, 10oz.  With that news we decided to start the induction process the following Tuesday if she didn’t come on her own, and of course she did not!  So, our story begins on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, at 9:00pm at Germantown Methodist Women’s Pavillion.

Will and I were told to check in at the hospital at 9:00pm.  I knew there was a chance they may not let me eat anything, so we were sure to have a last dinner out together before we checked in- we went to Carrabba’s- I figured I may as well carb-load!



After finishing, it was time to check-in!  Upon checking in, the first thing the doctor was going to start was Round One of Cytotec.  Cytotec is supposed to help prepare your body and make it ready for Pitocin, which would be administered if the Cytotec worked.  Pitocin was what would be used to actually start labor.  So, we began with the first round.


The first round didn’t seem to affect my body at all.  Cytotec does make you start contractions which helps your body dilate.  Each time they give you a round of Cytotec you lay basically flat for an hour and a half, and then you wait a total of four hours to see if any progress has been made.  You can get up to use the bathroom, but other wise you stay in the bed with monitors to check the baby’s heart rate as well as a blood pressure cuff the whole time.  Eating and even drinking water are not allowed.  Ice chips is all that is allowed!  Soon, on to rounds 2, 3, and 4 for us!



With rounds 2, 3, and 4 I started having contractions.  With rounds 3 and 4, they DEFINITELY started picking up.  With round 4 they had gotten so intense that I was starting to breathe through them, and was sure that SOMETHING had to have finally worked.

When the nurse came in to check, I was completely closed, so still not ready for Pitocin.  One thing I can say is our doctor was fantastic- he was incredibly patient and would have continued letting us try the Cytotec to help me dilate, and that meant the world to me.  He knew I really wanted to try to deliver naturally, and tried his hardest to help that happen.  When the nurse checked after this fourth round and said there had been no change, Will and I really had to debate what our next move would be.  My contractions had been big enough that something should have happened… We had the option to start another round of Cytotec, or to decide on a c-section.  The biggest complication we were running in to with making this decision was that our baby was on the larger side.  If we tried another round of Cytotec, there was a chance I still wouldn’t dilate, or if I did, I may get stuck and not progress…. leading to a c-section.  If I did (hopefully) progress from another round, theres a chance she may end up being too big to deliver all the way and I would still need a c-section.  But again, my contractions were already so big and frequent, that the odds of me successfully dilating were getting smaller and smaller.  Will and I decided to for-go the fifth round and go ahead with a c-section.  At this point it was between 2:00pm-3:00pm.  My doctor would be in around 5:00pm and could start the c-section at that point.

I slowly started trying to wrap my head around the c-section.  This whole pregnancy I had really been looking forward to trying to push through labor and delivery, but at the same time the end goal was to get our sweet girl here, so this was the best decision.

At this point we would just wait for our doctor to show up.  Within 5-10 minutes of making the decision to do the c-section, my water broke!  I honestly wasn’t sure what had happened at first because NOTHING had dilated, and water breaking is usually done by a doctor for most people…. but it had happened.  The nurse ran in and checked and sure enough I had dilated 2 centimeters, she pushed it to 3 centimeters when she checked me.  My contractions quickly progressed and were only a couple minutes apart.  They were big and painful and frequent.  We still couldn’t do anything until my doctor got there, and there was no need to start pitocin because my body was already (and finally) doing what it was supposed to on it’s own.  I breathed through the contractions, waiting to see if maybe now I would be able to deliver the way I had been hoping I could!  Shout out to Pure Barre- I breathed in and out through each contraction, with my eyes closed and kept telling myself all the little quotes they say in class all the time- “you are stronger than you think”  and “only 10 more seconds” until I would get a break.  My doctor did show up, later than planned at 5:30pm.  He checked my contractions and said they were beautiful and text book perfect, so then he checked how much more I had dilated….and I was only at 4cm, only 1cm different, and that’s only because the nurse had pushed me an extra cm herself.  With all those hours and such big contractions I had only managed to dilate an extra centimeter.  He was still as patient and kind and willing to do whatever I wanted.  He said we could try waiting it out and hopefully some more progress would be made, or we could go on ahead with the c-section.  I like honest opinions and my doctor and the nurse both told us the realities of what could happen, so we decided to continue on with the c-section.  I felt a little better about it- mostly because I did get to experience labor, and apparently very strong contractions, which is part of what I wanted to feel when giving birth, and my doctor told us there was still a chance that if we have a future pregnancy, I could still possibly deliver naturally, so on to the c-section we went!  At this point I had still not had any form of pain medicine, and was still obviously having very intense contractions very close together.  Holding still and not having anything to brace myself on when they did the spinal block was quite the experience…. knowing a needle was going in to my spine and that any movement could mess that up.  Once again I held my breath and told myself the famous Pure Barre motto “you are stronger than you think” as I had a huge contraction while they inserted the needle.”  Soon it took effect, and they brought Will in to sit with me.  I remember telling him that it felt like the worst massage ever!  I could have sworn it felt like someone was sitting on me!  (There is no pain with the c-section, but there is a lot of pressure while they are doing it.)  After seeing the pictures I couldn’t believe that it was just their hands pushing!


Our baby was here!!!  Will sat right beside me, and as soon as I heard that sweet little cry, all I could say was “‘my baby!” over and over and over, and that I couldn’t wait to see her!  Dr Williams held her up for her first picture!  (The anesthesiologist was awesome- he took pictures of everything for us!) (Also- funny side story- Will and I have continuously joked this whole pregnancy that we would be the people who would deliver the baby and “she” would suddenly be a “he.”  Well as soon as Annabelle Grace came out, the anesthesiologist quickly goes “What a handsome baby boy!”  Will then made a confused face and said “We thought we were having a girl….”  He checked and laughed and said “A beautiful baby girl!”  Really it was a priceless moment!)


I got a quick glimpse of her and they quickly moved her over to weigh her.  Will was able to go to that side of the room with the nurses and was even able to hold her little itty bitty hand while they checked her out!


THEN it was my turn to see this sweet little baby we created!


The anesthesiologist even got part of it on camera as a video too!

They finally unstrapped one of my arms so I could kind of touch her too!

Of course we got our first family photo of 3!  Will in his surgical attire, me with my blood-shot, tear-filled, tired eyes, and our beautiful baby girl!


We took some more photos with her, of course!


She had her first hospital bath:

And she of course had lots of great visitors of the course of the few days we were in the hospital!  Will’s parents, his Aunt Kitty, Kelly, Elise, Richard, and our favorite monographer, Kelly!

Will learned the technique of burping and changing diapers super fast!  He actually changed all of her diapers while we were in the hospital since I couldn’t really get up and down yet/easily from the c-section!  He proved himself over and over again at how great of a Dad he is!


​ Our whole experience was really just wonderful at Germantown Methodist Women’s Pavillion.  All of the nurses, doctors, and staff were fantastic.  We were there from our initial check in on Tuesday night, until Saturday mid-day when we were discharged.  Of course I had to get Annabelle dressed up to leave, in the most perfect outfit, so that she could meet her next round of visitors at home!


Once we made it to Helena, Annabelle Grace got to meet her great-grandmother Ann King, and great-aunt Kelly!  Not long after my parents and Nana showed up from North Carolina, so she was also able to meet them!

Our first week with Annabelle Grace was nothing short of perfect!  I already have tons more to say and write about her, but that will be for another day!  (It is a little difficult to find the time to actually write all of this up!  Obviously- since this has taken me 3 weeks to write!  But, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!!  If anyone is going to consume my time, it may as well be this rainbow baby of ours!)  Look out for more posts soon!  Time for me to go wake a sleeping baby!

Plans for Annabelle Grace’s arrival, we got ’em!

“Can’t let this moment, this moment slip away.  ‘Cause things like this, don’t happen to us everyday.  So take this moment and put it in a glass, if you want a sip, I got memories on tap.”

-Train, Drink Up

Alright, here we are!  It’s Friday, August 18, 2017 (currently 8:59pm CST, if you care!) and we have an update on our dear baby girl, Annabelle Grace!

As most of you know, we had an appointment today- and I am currently 39 weeks and 4 days along!  (3 days until her actual due date on Monday!!!!  Because, of course, a countdown is necessary!)  We’ve been waiting since week 37 to see if this dear girl would decide to come or not- and clearly she HAS NOT!  That is also totally okay with us, as she and I both seem to be staying healthy- however, now we are getting down to the wire with her due date, and she has shown absolutely NO signs of wanting to be delivered.  What can I say, I must have some pretty comfortable insides…. I mean, I have gained like 21 pounds- and it’s pretty much all in my stomach- it must be rather cushiony for her!

Will and I both have wanted to have her as naturally as possible, and our doctor (Dr. Jason Williams with the MOGA doctors in Memphis) has been awesome about that- even without us asking for that option!  This meaning, we have also wanted to avoid induction if at all possible, because it does lead to a 50/50 chance of having a c-section.

Last week at our appointment our girl wasn’t looking like she was ready to come out, which was totally fine- it’s still not her estimated due date, so he scheduled us for the appointment we had today.  We knew we would probably be making some decisions at this appointment, and they would be based on a lot of factors- my sugar levels, our thoughts on delivery, IF we would want to push past 41 weeks- which would involve a lot/daily monitoring until 42 weeks at the latest.  After talking all of this through on our way home last Friday, Will and I decided that if there still was no change in my body/her showing any progression towards labor that we would ask for an ultrasound to check her weight.  Obviously the estimated weight can vary at this point on an ultrasound- but it would still at least be an estimation- so we could see if she was even too big for my body to attempt delivery.  We would also get a final look, and be able to make sure she was not breech again by any chance.

So, back to today’s appointment- the doctor did all of his usual checks and like we assumed- this sweet girl is no where close to entering this world! We had a tentative plan to wait until next Friday, the 25th to induce, which would put me at 40 weeks and 4 days, if she had not come on her own by then.  It would basically get us close to the 41 week mark as well, to avoid any daily monitoring as well.  So, off to ultrasound we went to check things!  Here is our most recent picture, and it shows you all the hair this baby has! (If I believe any of the Old Wive’s Tales- it’s most certainly that a lot of hair causes heartburn!  I have NEVER had heartburn before pregnancy, but there are more days and nights that I have it now than not!)


Soooooo, come to find out- our girl is measuring an estimated 8 POUNDS, 10 OUNCES right now?!?!?!?!  Please read that again- EIGHT POUNDS, TEN OUNCES!  We aren’t even to term yet, and she is showing no progression of coming! That is still almost HALF of the weight I have gained total!  On the bright side, she is still head down, and her face is facing my backbone, which, assuming she stays that way, is the most ideal for delivering naturally.

Since she is ranging on the larger side, if we waited until next Friday, she has the potential to weigh 9-10 pounds, and right at 10 pounds is when our doctor recommends moving to a c-section instead anyhow.  With babies that big, and moms with gestational diabetes, there are still risks involved with delivery- one of them being shoulder dystocia- basically where the baby’s head comes out, but the shoulders get stuck.  The baby can still be delivered, but there is obviously risk involved that could even include nerve damage to the baby.  So, our next option is the one we took!

We will go to the hospital and check in at 9pm on Tuesday night (August 22- my Dad’s birthday!)  They will then give me Cytotec- which should help to hopefully start making my body try to progress towards labor, making it more favorable for delivering a baby.  Crazy thing about this- this is the same medicine I potentially could have taken for my miscarriages over the last two years…. Fortunately with both of those I was able to do it all naturally, but it is crazy how this is now where we are at with our viable pregnancy.

Cytotec can also potentially help induce you.  Our doctor doesn’t think that will happen for us, but it could.  He is planning on having us induced Wednesday morning, and then waiting to see how things progress.  He does think it will be a while, so by 10pm that evening, after checks throughout the day- we will see if we are progressing at all towards natural delivery or not.  If we aren’t, we may have to move on toward a c-section.  I’m really hoping we don’t get to that point, but I do understand that it is a high probability.  It would more than likely be the only probability if we had decided to put things off until next Friday.

Like I told Will, it’s important to me, emotionally, mentally, and physically, to have a shot at delivering this baby naturally.  The only feelings I have associated to delivery right now are not fun ones- they are sad, and painful, and emotionally draining.  I know delivery will be hard, but there is a HAPPY ending to this one!  So, even if a c-section becomes the reality of Annabelle Grace’s birth- at least I will get a shot a doing it naturally, and that’s all I really wanted- a chance.

So, unless any things change over the weekend- mark your calendars!  We should have a baby no later than EARLY Thursday morning someway, somehow!!!

Until then- I’ll be back to Pure Barre for the next 4 days, because this will be it for at least 6 weeks!

Also- yes- our emotions are ALL OVER THE PLACE with this news- in the best way possible!  The biggest emotion is still nothing but PURE HAPPINESS!

Goodnight everyone!

Nursery Reveal and 37 Weeks

37 WEEKS!!!!!!

37 weeks are officially done- which means this little baby is *technically* ready, and safe enough to be born!  No more than 2-3 weeks to go!  We had an appointment last Wednesday and Annabelle Grace was weighing in at 6lb, 12oz.  She had grown 9oz since the last appointment we had before Michigan- so it seems she could be a big girl!  As of last Wednesday she had turned head down as well, so I’m reallllllllly hoping she stays that way.  I apparently have a lot of amniotic fluid, which makes it easy for her to turn around.  We have another appointment this coming Friday, and will continue to have an appointment each week until she is born!

Since we’ve nearly made it to the end, it’s time to post pictures of the nursery!  I love her room, and can’t wait to add her to it!  Until then, I just like to walk in and look around or sit in the glider!  I’ve pretty much organized and washed every possible item, so really there is nothing left to do!  So, let’s start with the before pictures!  These pictures are from days after Will and I moved in to the house- nothing had been done, except us moving our furniture in, and laying down an area rug because the carpet that came in the house was needing to be replaced. (We basically lived out of this one room for a good amount of time, while the house was being worked on!)

Since then the room had finally been turned into a guest room- with new carpet, and new paint- a light blue-green color.  Our first addition to making it a nursery was buying a crib!  We decided to go with a converter-crib- one that will work for her as a baby, as a toddler, and then convert in to a full-size bed so that we won’t have to buy new beds over and over.  We found this crib on Amazon, and really like it!


Then we decided to move everything out of the room, add a carpet we ordered from Wayfair, and pick out a paint color!  We picked a Benjamin Moore “Greige” color- I believe it’s actually called Rodeo.​​

Our biggest splurge on the room was actually for the dresser and end tables.  We decided to for-go a changing table.  Since it doesn’t serve enough of a purpose later on- and really- how often will one of us be beside the changing table?!  Odds are this baby is getting changed where we are when the moment happens.  So, we added the cost of the changing table in to the furniture we would use in her room.  We found it on ETSY, and absolutely love it!  It will last for years- and can easily be transitioned in to any of our other rooms later on.


We also order an unfinished, wooden, monogram sign from ETSY- it’s so much cheaper to just paint it yourself!  Plus we could match it easier to the quilt rack my Nana made years ago, and to a bedside table that Will already had from his first house!  (Obviously Will did all of the painting!  He was such a great sport about it and did a wonderful job!)


The picture frames and mirror came from ETSY, curtains we had to order since we have such high ceilings/large windows, and the book shelf and slide-in baskets came from Target! (Bought with free gift cards from purchasing other baby things, win-win!)  The lamps are some that my Mom gave us a while back, and most of the little picture frames were gifts given to us!  We went pretty basic with the crib bedding since it’s recommended to keep it pretty simple.  We did add a crib skirt that will be seen better when the bed is converted to a toddler bed.  Soooooo, without further ado- here are the final pictures!




 ​Here is a video tour of the room as well!

We also have a bonus closet beside her room and bathroom! We have filled it up with everything else!

​So there you have it!  Annabelle Grace’s room is complete!  Now, we’re just waiting on her!  Oh- I almost forgot- we also have an older, antique cradle that my parents gave us.  Will was able to get it put together and painted and distressed it!  We will keep this in our room for a while, while she is itty-bitty!  We have gone back and forth on how to make a mattress for it, as the sizing is not like anything sold today.  Foam seemed like the simplest fix- but there were a lot of reviews about chemicals and gasses that come off of it, not being good for the baby.  I decided to see if there was a way to have one custom made and it was actually able to work!  We found a site that custom makes the mattresses, and it was only $60.00!  Win-Win!  We’ve moved the cradle to our room, and now are just waiting for the mattress and fitted sheets to show up!


As for what is happening now that 37 weeks are done-  I’m getting asked A LOT if there are twins!  People seem so shocked when I tell them there is only one, and it’s a baby girl that still has 3 weeks to go!  I honestly love watching people’s reactions, and answering their questions.  I’m still doing Pure Barre and walking as much as possible!  I always check with my doctor and he tells me to continue going until the day this baby pops out- so I go!  It also seems to make a big difference in keeping my glucose numbers lower!  My energy is still staying pretty strong- though at the end of the day I am wiped out!  My fingers have started to swell some.  I can get my rings on and off, but it is slightly difficult, so I have now added them to a necklace to wear.  I’m up about 18.5lb from pre-pregnancy, and my belly measures about 44.5 inches around!  I am starting to get a few, what I assume, are stretch marks around my belly button, and I’m really pretty okay with it!  I’ve waited a long time for a sweet baby to be inside of me, and having the marks to prove she was there is something I’m pretty happy about!

So- here are some pictures!  I’ve attached a 20 week picture beside my 37 week picture!

24 Weeks and 37 Weeks:

20 Weeks and 37 Weeks

Andddd: Proof that my belly is 44.5 inches wide and has some potential stretch marks near my belly button!


So that concludes this updated post!  Now we wait!  I’ll continue to update until Annabelle Grace arrives!  That’s a post I can’t wait to write! (My bags are packed and I have outfits and headbands ready to go!)  Oh- and I bought myself one little fun thing for after her arrival- some new {PINK} tennis shoes!


Oak Island and Michigan 2017

“I never want to leave this sunset town, but one day the time may come.  And I’ll take you at your word, and carry on.  I’ll hate the goodbye, but I won’t forget the good times.”

-All Time Low, Good Times

This summer is the last summer that it will just be the two of us!  Will and I are so incredibly excited for August, and getting to start our family of three!  However, since this is the last little bit of time we have with the two of us- we wanted to really try to make a trip with each of our families work this summer.  We wanted to have time to share our pregnancy with both families, stay up late, go out, and really enjoy the trips that each of us grew up loving.  Next year will be so much fun when Annabelle Grace is ranging from 9-12 months when we hopefully have these same vacations with our families.  We will be playing differently, following nap and sleep schedules, and loving every minute of it- but it will be different.  We are so glad we could make these trips work this summer.  Here are a few recaps!

At the end of May we went to Oak Island, North Carolina with my family.  I was just starting my third trimester of pregnancy.  Yes- we did drive!  We did stop a good bit for bathroom breaks, but the traveling itself wasn’t all that bad!  Our first stop Saturday was to Provision Company in Southport while waiting on the rest of my family to arrive!  We had shrimp, crab cakes, and corn on the cob, and it was delicious!

 Once everyone showed up, we found our house, and of course had to see the beach!!  We did, obviously, document my belly as well!!!

My sister, Kristin and her family- Brad, Ava and Kylie showed up late Saturday evening- so of course we stayed up to see them!  Of course Ava and Kylie LOVE Will! (Which is a good sign, since he is so close to becoming a “girl dad!”)


We took Ava to Carolina Beach with us to ride the Ferry and get donuts at Britt’s!  This particular time of the year they are only open on the weekends, so Sunday was the only day we would have a chance to get them!  Britt’s Donuts, by the way, is very well known, even outside of North Carolina.  The only type of donuts they serve are glazed donuts, and the lines are always insane to wait in to get them!  For anyone living in Arkansas, I would describe them as similar to Shipley’s Donuts.



Ava passed out on the way home waiting for the Ferry, though she would tell your differently- and that she was just pretending!.


Of course, when we finally made it back- it was time to go back to the beach!!!

From there on out, we had plenty of great meals with lots of seafood!  Of course we ate at Provision several more times, walked around Southport, and visited the Farmer’s Market on Oak Island. (and I bought a hair bow of course!)



One of the last days we were in Oak Island, there was a pretty big storm! The ocean was very rough, lots of hail, wind, and the road even flooded up a little bit!  I always enjoy a good storm at the beach- so long as it isn’t like that all week!!

All in all we had a great trip to the coast of North Carolina.  We’re looking forward to when we get to take Annabelle Grace one day!

Our next family trip of the summer would be with Will’s family to Michigan.  Once we got home from the beach with my family we had an appointment, and unfortunately found out I would be dealing with Gestational Diabetes for the rest of my pregnancy.  We kept our fingers crossed and hoped this wouldn’t interfere with our potential trip near the end of July.  I would be almost 35 weeks along when we would leave for Michigan, so you never know what could happen by that point.  Fortunately we were cleared once again for this trip!  We had to drive again, and stopping to move around and drinking plenty of water were even more crucial.  Because of this, we did turn the trip there and back into two day trips.

We made it a few days before Will’s parents arrived, but had a little time with his Aunt Kelly and his grandparents.  Kelly and Will decided they needed to get in the water.  It was incredibly cold and the water was even colder!  They did it though- and actually swam around a good bit!


While in Michigan, we ended up having amazing weather.  Every day there was supposed to be a pretty good chance of rain/storms- but every day, it ended up being wonderful weather!  It only really rained on Saturday when Will and I had to leave anyhow.  The water was still super cold this year- but I did get in.  The first day it was a little too cold for me still, but as the week went on, and the weather got warmer, I could bear it a little more!  I even sat on a paddle board while Will paddled me around!  His arms and core definitely got a good workout!


We also made to get a belly shot on this trip too, since we did one in NC at the beginning of my third trimester!


We did tons of walking while in Epworth, to try to keep my numbers for my glucose low- and apparently it worked wonders!  The whole we we were in Michigan I only had a few “bad” readings.  Because we were able to keep my numbers so low, we did FINALLY cheat one day and get REAL ice cream.  I got that small scoop in a cup so that I could really take my time eating it!  I even got a little whip cream on top- and I enjoyed every bite!


We also splurged a little on the diet and had Bortell’s with Will’s parents one day.  We got fried whitefish, french fries, and coleslaw- and it was wonderful!


As the week went on, by the end of the day- my walking realllllllly slowed down!  (We seriously walked several miles a day!) Will thought it was funny to use SnapChat to document just how fast we were truly going.  He of course waited until our last walk of the day, after being in the sun all day, and going up a hill!!  It really is kind of funny though!  However- at least I was still moving! At almost 36 weeks!!


Our trip to Michigan was also wonderful, and I’m so glad it also worked out for us!  (and we came back with baby still intact!)

Now that our last two family trips as a family of two have happened- we wait for little Ms. Annabelle Grace to decide to grace us with her presence!  We did have an appointment once we got home from Michigan, and much to our surprise- she has flipped head down!  Now, here’s to hoping she stays that way!

Soon- I’ll post a completed Nursery Blog Reveal!  Stay tuned!

35 Weeks (basically!)

Time for a quick, quick, quick update on all things Baby Annabelle Grace!

As of today, I am 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  I’ll officially be 35 weeks along on Monday.  HARD TO BELIEVE, and so exciting all the same!  This baby could show up in four to five weeks- and I still feel like she’ll get here sooner rather than later- I’ve felt that way since the beginning.

This third trimester has most certainly been the most difficult for me!  Not because I am physically miserable by any means- quite frankly I still have a pretty perfect pregnancy, according to my own body.  I still don’t get very hot, my weight gain is right at 16 pounds total- and it is ALLLLLLLLLL in this baby and in my belly. (quite literally!)  I am still working out and doing Pure Barre like four times a week, and still only modify somewhat- ab work is getting a little difficult due to the bowling ball inside of me, but that’s to be expected.  I have a small amount of lower back pain, a TINY bit of swelling in my hands and feet, and a SMALL amount of fatigue.  So small that I took my first nap EVER since knowing Will a few weeks ago, and it was only 15 minutes…. no repeats since then!  The most recent “belly picture” I have is from about 33 weeks with my sister-in-law, Jennifer, who is also pregnant- about 7-10 days behind us!



GESTATIONAL DIABETES however, has just really been a downer!  I started out on such a positive note- thankful to have just made it so far in a pregnancy, and I still am.  However, weeks ago, I didn’t realize how hard it would truly be to maintain such a strict diet.  By eating properly and exercising- the goal is to hopefully avoid any medicine or insulin.  If I am able to keep my blood sugar numbers lower, than any risk to the baby is also smaller.  I haven’t cheated ONCE.  I have exercised the appropriate amount, and journaled all my food intake to make sure I hit the right numbers for protein, fat, and carbs.  So far I have been able to avoid the insulin, but every week it gets so much harder to keep my numbers in check.  Apparently it gets harder the bigger the baby gets…….  Which in turn makes me even MORE frustrated.  At least if I was eating junk food, not working out, or gaining a tremendous amount of weight, I would feel like I “earned” diabetes…..but I’ve done none of the above.  All I want is REAL ice cream!!!!!! It also becomes frustrating because if you’ve ever miscarried- you start to feel guilty about being upset about any little set-back in a viable pregnancy.  You have an inside argument that you aren’t “allowed” to be upset about these things- which I know is just silly- but it doesn’t stop those feelings from creeping in!  Any how, moral of the story- my rant is over, and I’m still luckily able to avoid insulin- so that’s a plus.

Oh- and because I can’t just cheat or eat fun things- I have to really pay attention to when I can eat certain things, what I can eat, and how they affect my blood sugar.  (Oh- and finding ways to work in enough carbs to not mess it up either…) SO, the best thing I have discovered I can somehow eat is the Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad from Panera, with a baguette as my side.  Pretty sure everyone else is tired of having to eat at Panera- but it’s seriously the only thing I actually like having/getting to eat over and over….because there are a lot of repetitive meals with gestational diabetes!


Now- on to the actual doctor appointment update!  The fun part!  We went today and FINALLY got another ultrasound- the one thing I can thank diabetes for!  However, we learned that this dear baby inside of me potentially weighs 6 POUNDS, 3 OUNCES!  Um, hello- that is infant- sized for some full-term babies- and this one in me still has 4-5 weeks to go! That is almost HALF of the weight I have gained period from this pregnancy!  She also has a longer thigh bone, so she could potentially be a taller baby!  Have you met Will and I?  Or our families?!  None of us are tall…so that’s funny!  Her belly is definitely a little rotund as well.  She was not a fan of having her picture taken today- but our awesome ultrasound tech- Kelly, was still able to get us some good pictures!


Those are not holes in her head, or weird skin places- she had her face squished up next to the placenta, which makes it hard for the camera to get a good angle to actually show everything!

At this appointment we also learned that she is breech- meaning her head is under my ribs.  Ideally she should already be flipped over, with her feet in my ribs.  We’ve got like a 1-2 weeks window where is would still be easiest for her to really flip on her own.  That’s even still about 50/50 odds that she will.  After that she may or may not flip before her due date.  On the bright side, I am good to go with amniotic fluid, which does make it easier for her to flip, but on the downside, she is a little bigger than most babies at this week, so that could be making it harder.

Our doctor told us to look up “versions”  which is basically where he would use his hands to try to flip her over from the outside of my tummy.  This is done in a hospital setting as it does come with its own set of risks.  Will and I have read about it a little, and I’m still not sold on the idea yet.  I’m not huge fan of the idea of a c-section, but will do what I need to to get this baby here as safely as possibly.  At our next appointment we should actually get to hear more of his perspective on the whole topic- which is what I prefer more any how.

Oh- in one of my previous posts I mentioned we had our maternity pictures taken, and posted one we had gotten.  I’ve since posted the others on Facebook- but in case you can’t see that- here are a few of them!  (They were taken around the 30th week mark, by Kati Mallory Photo and Design)

The nursery is also basically done!  We have even installed our carseat into the car and my hospital bag is ready to go!  We are currently on our way to Ludington, Michigan for our last family vacation with Will’s family before Annabelle gets here.  Because I’m so much farther along we do have to stop a lot more, so we turned the trip in to a two day trip and are spending the night before we finish our drive tomorrow!  I’ll definitely do a post soon about both of our family trips once we get back from this one!


Lucky I’m In Love With My Best Friend {THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!}

“You make is easier when life gets hard….I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend; Lucky to have been where I have been; Lucky to be coming home again; I’m lucky we’re in love in every way; Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed…”    

-Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, “Lucky”



Hey, good gracious, we made it to THREE years!!!!  We have legally stuck together through (quite literally) thick and thin for THREE WHOLE YEARS.  I’m pretty proud of us!  Since meeting Will in November of 2012, I seriously have found my best friend, partner in crime, soulmate (this is a sappy post, so of course I have to use the sappy words!), traveling mate, confidant, comedian, dance partner, forever date, doggy daddy, and soon to be human daddy!

These three years have been nothing short of exciting, interesting, sad, and even boring at times- and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Compared to some people, Will and I have a long ways to go- but if these three years are any indication of what’s to come- then I think we can handle it!

We’ve had some great times together!  (Most of the pictures I pulled for this post have come from Facebook, so excuse the quality of them….between having pictures in a millions places- it was the easiest to save them from Facebook!)

One of our first dates together- when Will took me to eat Sushi for the first time (it’s Will’s fault I like it so much!) and then we saw Mary Poppins at the Orpheum, and Will semi-fell ASLEEP in one of the loudest parts!


Celebrating Christmas with two large dogs… who don’t always cooperate- but that’s about to be our lives forever…sooo- good practice!


Getting those same silly dogs to ride on a four-wheeler with us! (Which they love doing by the way!)


Buying a house together….


and fixing that same house up together (still!) (forever project!)


Working out together! (Running, Pure Barre, Yoga!)

Will teaching me how to shoot a gun…. 


A TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT (that Will ended up having a ton of fun at!)


There were even light up bracelets attached to our chairs that turned on and lit up depending on the song!  This particular weekend trip/concert also came right after one of the hardest things we have been through in three years of marriage- our first miscarriage.  Going through loss together has been hard and sad, but has most certainly helped us build an even stronger foundation.

We have been to Hot Springs… and we took the pictures:


We went to Michigan last summer, with intentions of having our first full-week vacation in between my jobs changing!


With that trip, we unfortunately went through miscarriage number two…. but we seriously made the most of it, and still had a great time with that one exception.  Will has been my rock more times than I can count- and again, as horrible and not-fun of a situation that miscarriage is- we once again, got a little bit stronger.

Now, during this fourth year together- we finally get to add “parents” to the list of things we will do together.


Happy Three Year Anniversary to us, and many more to come!!

Goodbye House, Hello Motherhood

Seriously, the year of 2017 is proving to be such a HUGE, GREAT, BITTERSWEET year!!

As of about 45 minutes ago, my Greensboro, NC house (shown above) is officially sold!  I bought this house BY MYSELF a little over seven years ago, not realizing at the time I would eventually find myself living in the Deep Delta South, much less happily married, with a baby on the way!

Since moving to Arkansas back in 2012, I had been renting my house out, to the same lady up until February of this year.  Back in 2015 she showed a little interest in buying the house, and we thought we were done with it- of course any time you think something, that’s not how life works out, so we continued owning this house, up until March when she moved out!  Before we could put the house on the market there were things to be done on our end and the rental company’s end, but once it was on the market, it was under contract within a week!  Fortunately everything has come together just as it needed to, and now we’re done with it.

It is seriously bittersweet!  I was so proud of myself for being able to buy a house at the age of 23 on MY OWN!  I became an “adult” there!  It was my space.  I moved here in 2012, honestly assuming I would be back in NC after my two years of teaching- obviously there were other plans for me that I was unaware of!  Over the last 5 years, the house has been a hassle, with repairs being done to it, and it really became annoying, especially after Will and I got married and I knew I would not be moving back- but none the less, it was still my little piece of NC.  I feel like this is my official, final goodbye to North Carolina!

On that note, FINALLY having all of this done with is such a relief!  Dealing with a house when you live 12-14 hours away over a phone and email can be quite a pain!  You also don’t ever get to see anything done, and so many simple things that we could have fixed on our own, had to be paid for (which is always more expensive when you include labor…)  Thankfully my parents were able to check on some things for us, and my Dad was able to start mowing my yard while it was being shown and looked at!

Now that it’s gone, it’s one less thing to worry about when our sweet baby girl gets here!  Going along with so many bittersweet changes- I had another big change to my life back in May!  Many of you probably already know- but Will and I decided finally that I would stay home once Annabelle Grace was born instead of returning to school in August.  This particular decision was another one of the biggest I myself have ever made!  I have waited and waited for both a teaching job (lower elementary) and a baby!  This past year I was fortunate to have been hired at Desoto as their new K3 teacher (Pre-school teacher for 3 year olds).  I fell in LOVE with my job.  We had lost one baby back in 2015, and lost our second baby not even two weeks before I started my job with Desoto.  The biggest thing that held me together was getting to see those sweet little faces every morning!  I had waited for a job like this to open up, and it finally did.  Even when we finally got pregnant for the third time this past winter, the biggest thing I kept telling myself was “if we have to lose this third baby to miscarriage, at least I have a job I love- that’ll help me get through it.”  Well little did I know, this baby has decided to stick around!  Yayayayayyay!!  Butttt, that also meant seriously having to think about what I wanted to do.  With any other job I would have quickly said I would be leaving and staying home- but not this one.  I loved the school, my class, the age of the kids, the staff, and the parents.  I also have been so incredibly cautious to not get my hopes up with this baby.  I have enjoyed my pregnancy- but when you lose babies or have trouble getting them, you find yourself still questioning everything.  This job was the light at the end of the tunnel if I lost Annabelle.  In the end, and after careful consideration of so many things, we decided I would stay home!  The closer her due date gets, the more real it becomes, and I become even more excited!  I basically just got upgraded to the biggest teaching job there is, and I can’t wait to watch our daughter learn and grow!!!  Oh, and to make it even more real- we had maternity pictures taken Friday.  (I’m 30 weeks pregnant now!)  We’ll get to see more of them soon!  Will’s friend from college, Kati Mallory is a photographer out of Little Rock and she was so fun to work with and takes great pictures!


Sooooo, goodbye house, hello motherhood!  I love this trade-off!  =)  Now, to celebrate three years of marriage soon-June 21 is not far away!!!