35 Weeks (basically!)

Time for a quick, quick, quick update on all things Baby Annabelle Grace!

As of today, I am 34 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  I’ll officially be 35 weeks along on Monday.  HARD TO BELIEVE, and so exciting all the same!  This baby could show up in four to five weeks- and I still feel like she’ll get here sooner rather than later- I’ve felt that way since the beginning.

This third trimester has most certainly been the most difficult for me!  Not because I am physically miserable by any means- quite frankly I still have a pretty perfect pregnancy, according to my own body.  I still don’t get very hot, my weight gain is right at 16 pounds total- and it is ALLLLLLLLLL in this baby and in my belly. (quite literally!)  I am still working out and doing Pure Barre like four times a week, and still only modify somewhat- ab work is getting a little difficult due to the bowling ball inside of me, but that’s to be expected.  I have a small amount of lower back pain, a TINY bit of swelling in my hands and feet, and a SMALL amount of fatigue.  So small that I took my first nap EVER since knowing Will a few weeks ago, and it was only 15 minutes…. no repeats since then!  The most recent “belly picture” I have is from about 33 weeks with my sister-in-law, Jennifer, who is also pregnant- about 7-10 days behind us!



GESTATIONAL DIABETES however, has just really been a downer!  I started out on such a positive note- thankful to have just made it so far in a pregnancy, and I still am.  However, weeks ago, I didn’t realize how hard it would truly be to maintain such a strict diet.  By eating properly and exercising- the goal is to hopefully avoid any medicine or insulin.  If I am able to keep my blood sugar numbers lower, than any risk to the baby is also smaller.  I haven’t cheated ONCE.  I have exercised the appropriate amount, and journaled all my food intake to make sure I hit the right numbers for protein, fat, and carbs.  So far I have been able to avoid the insulin, but every week it gets so much harder to keep my numbers in check.  Apparently it gets harder the bigger the baby gets…….  Which in turn makes me even MORE frustrated.  At least if I was eating junk food, not working out, or gaining a tremendous amount of weight, I would feel like I “earned” diabetes…..but I’ve done none of the above.  All I want is REAL ice cream!!!!!! It also becomes frustrating because if you’ve ever miscarried- you start to feel guilty about being upset about any little set-back in a viable pregnancy.  You have an inside argument that you aren’t “allowed” to be upset about these things- which I know is just silly- but it doesn’t stop those feelings from creeping in!  Any how, moral of the story- my rant is over, and I’m still luckily able to avoid insulin- so that’s a plus.

Oh- and because I can’t just cheat or eat fun things- I have to really pay attention to when I can eat certain things, what I can eat, and how they affect my blood sugar.  (Oh- and finding ways to work in enough carbs to not mess it up either…) SO, the best thing I have discovered I can somehow eat is the Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad from Panera, with a baguette as my side.  Pretty sure everyone else is tired of having to eat at Panera- but it’s seriously the only thing I actually like having/getting to eat over and over….because there are a lot of repetitive meals with gestational diabetes!


Now- on to the actual doctor appointment update!  The fun part!  We went today and FINALLY got another ultrasound- the one thing I can thank diabetes for!  However, we learned that this dear baby inside of me potentially weighs 6 POUNDS, 3 OUNCES!  Um, hello- that is infant- sized for some full-term babies- and this one in me still has 4-5 weeks to go! That is almost HALF of the weight I have gained period from this pregnancy!  She also has a longer thigh bone, so she could potentially be a taller baby!  Have you met Will and I?  Or our families?!  None of us are tall…so that’s funny!  Her belly is definitely a little rotund as well.  She was not a fan of having her picture taken today- but our awesome ultrasound tech- Kelly, was still able to get us some good pictures!


Those are not holes in her head, or weird skin places- she had her face squished up next to the placenta, which makes it hard for the camera to get a good angle to actually show everything!

At this appointment we also learned that she is breech- meaning her head is under my ribs.  Ideally she should already be flipped over, with her feet in my ribs.  We’ve got like a 1-2 weeks window where is would still be easiest for her to really flip on her own.  That’s even still about 50/50 odds that she will.  After that she may or may not flip before her due date.  On the bright side, I am good to go with amniotic fluid, which does make it easier for her to flip, but on the downside, she is a little bigger than most babies at this week, so that could be making it harder.

Our doctor told us to look up “versions”  which is basically where he would use his hands to try to flip her over from the outside of my tummy.  This is done in a hospital setting as it does come with its own set of risks.  Will and I have read about it a little, and I’m still not sold on the idea yet.  I’m not huge fan of the idea of a c-section, but will do what I need to to get this baby here as safely as possibly.  At our next appointment we should actually get to hear more of his perspective on the whole topic- which is what I prefer more any how.

Oh- in one of my previous posts I mentioned we had our maternity pictures taken, and posted one we had gotten.  I’ve since posted the others on Facebook- but in case you can’t see that- here are a few of them!  (They were taken around the 30th week mark, by Kati Mallory Photo and Design)

The nursery is also basically done!  We have even installed our carseat into the car and my hospital bag is ready to go!  We are currently on our way to Ludington, Michigan for our last family vacation with Will’s family before Annabelle gets here.  Because I’m so much farther along we do have to stop a lot more, so we turned the trip in to a two day trip and are spending the night before we finish our drive tomorrow!  I’ll definitely do a post soon about both of our family trips once we get back from this one!


Lucky I’m In Love With My Best Friend {THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!}

“You make is easier when life gets hard….I’m lucky I’m in love with my best friend; Lucky to have been where I have been; Lucky to be coming home again; I’m lucky we’re in love in every way; Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed…”    

-Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, “Lucky”



Hey, good gracious, we made it to THREE years!!!!  We have legally stuck together through (quite literally) thick and thin for THREE WHOLE YEARS.  I’m pretty proud of us!  Since meeting Will in November of 2012, I seriously have found my best friend, partner in crime, soulmate (this is a sappy post, so of course I have to use the sappy words!), traveling mate, confidant, comedian, dance partner, forever date, doggy daddy, and soon to be human daddy!

These three years have been nothing short of exciting, interesting, sad, and even boring at times- and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Compared to some people, Will and I have a long ways to go- but if these three years are any indication of what’s to come- then I think we can handle it!

We’ve had some great times together!  (Most of the pictures I pulled for this post have come from Facebook, so excuse the quality of them….between having pictures in a millions places- it was the easiest to save them from Facebook!)

One of our first dates together- when Will took me to eat Sushi for the first time (it’s Will’s fault I like it so much!) and then we saw Mary Poppins at the Orpheum, and Will semi-fell ASLEEP in one of the loudest parts!


Celebrating Christmas with two large dogs… who don’t always cooperate- but that’s about to be our lives forever…sooo- good practice!


Getting those same silly dogs to ride on a four-wheeler with us! (Which they love doing by the way!)


Buying a house together….


and fixing that same house up together (still!) (forever project!)


Working out together! (Running, Pure Barre, Yoga!)

Will teaching me how to shoot a gun…. 


A TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT (that Will ended up having a ton of fun at!)


There were even light up bracelets attached to our chairs that turned on and lit up depending on the song!  This particular weekend trip/concert also came right after one of the hardest things we have been through in three years of marriage- our first miscarriage.  Going through loss together has been hard and sad, but has most certainly helped us build an even stronger foundation.

We have been to Hot Springs… and we took the pictures:


We went to Michigan last summer, with intentions of having our first full-week vacation in between my jobs changing!


With that trip, we unfortunately went through miscarriage number two…. but we seriously made the most of it, and still had a great time with that one exception.  Will has been my rock more times than I can count- and again, as horrible and not-fun of a situation that miscarriage is- we once again, got a little bit stronger.

Now, during this fourth year together- we finally get to add “parents” to the list of things we will do together.


Happy Three Year Anniversary to us, and many more to come!!

Goodbye House, Hello Motherhood

Seriously, the year of 2017 is proving to be such a HUGE, GREAT, BITTERSWEET year!!

As of about 45 minutes ago, my Greensboro, NC house (shown above) is officially sold!  I bought this house BY MYSELF a little over seven years ago, not realizing at the time I would eventually find myself living in the Deep Delta South, much less happily married, with a baby on the way!

Since moving to Arkansas back in 2012, I had been renting my house out, to the same lady up until February of this year.  Back in 2015 she showed a little interest in buying the house, and we thought we were done with it- of course any time you think something, that’s not how life works out, so we continued owning this house, up until March when she moved out!  Before we could put the house on the market there were things to be done on our end and the rental company’s end, but once it was on the market, it was under contract within a week!  Fortunately everything has come together just as it needed to, and now we’re done with it.

It is seriously bittersweet!  I was so proud of myself for being able to buy a house at the age of 23 on MY OWN!  I became an “adult” there!  It was my space.  I moved here in 2012, honestly assuming I would be back in NC after my two years of teaching- obviously there were other plans for me that I was unaware of!  Over the last 5 years, the house has been a hassle, with repairs being done to it, and it really became annoying, especially after Will and I got married and I knew I would not be moving back- but none the less, it was still my little piece of NC.  I feel like this is my official, final goodbye to North Carolina!

On that note, FINALLY having all of this done with is such a relief!  Dealing with a house when you live 12-14 hours away over a phone and email can be quite a pain!  You also don’t ever get to see anything done, and so many simple things that we could have fixed on our own, had to be paid for (which is always more expensive when you include labor…)  Thankfully my parents were able to check on some things for us, and my Dad was able to start mowing my yard while it was being shown and looked at!

Now that it’s gone, it’s one less thing to worry about when our sweet baby girl gets here!  Going along with so many bittersweet changes- I had another big change to my life back in May!  Many of you probably already know- but Will and I decided finally that I would stay home once Annabelle Grace was born instead of returning to school in August.  This particular decision was another one of the biggest I myself have ever made!  I have waited and waited for both a teaching job (lower elementary) and a baby!  This past year I was fortunate to have been hired at Desoto as their new K3 teacher (Pre-school teacher for 3 year olds).  I fell in LOVE with my job.  We had lost one baby back in 2015, and lost our second baby not even two weeks before I started my job with Desoto.  The biggest thing that held me together was getting to see those sweet little faces every morning!  I had waited for a job like this to open up, and it finally did.  Even when we finally got pregnant for the third time this past winter, the biggest thing I kept telling myself was “if we have to lose this third baby to miscarriage, at least I have a job I love- that’ll help me get through it.”  Well little did I know, this baby has decided to stick around!  Yayayayayyay!!  Butttt, that also meant seriously having to think about what I wanted to do.  With any other job I would have quickly said I would be leaving and staying home- but not this one.  I loved the school, my class, the age of the kids, the staff, and the parents.  I also have been so incredibly cautious to not get my hopes up with this baby.  I have enjoyed my pregnancy- but when you lose babies or have trouble getting them, you find yourself still questioning everything.  This job was the light at the end of the tunnel if I lost Annabelle.  In the end, and after careful consideration of so many things, we decided I would stay home!  The closer her due date gets, the more real it becomes, and I become even more excited!  I basically just got upgraded to the biggest teaching job there is, and I can’t wait to watch our daughter learn and grow!!!  Oh, and to make it even more real- we had maternity pictures taken Friday.  (I’m 30 weeks pregnant now!)  We’ll get to see more of them soon!  Will’s friend from college, Kati Mallory is a photographer out of Little Rock and she was so fun to work with and takes great pictures!


Sooooo, goodbye house, hello motherhood!  I love this trade-off!  =)  Now, to celebrate three years of marriage soon-June 21 is not far away!!!

Yep, I failed a test! (and 29.5 weeks!)

Sooooo, it’s time for a big update!  We made it to the THIRD TRIMESTER (woo hoo!) but I figured I would wait to write this post until after our appointment (which turned in to multiple appointments!)

Last week I had my regular Glucose Screening appointment.  I failed.  Basically what happens at that appointment is you can eat, just nothing with sugar, so Will and I had scrambled eggs and broccoli that morning, and water.  Then, an hour before your appointment you drink this SUPERRRRRRR sweet “Glucola” drink.  Mine was fruit punch flavored.  Once you drink it, you can’t eat or drink even water until they prick your finger.  They pricked my finger, I failed, by like 9 points.  That earned me another appointment yesterday to basically do a bigger version of the same test, but with actual fasting.  I couldn’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before.  Will and I showed up to my appointment, and they prick your finger once.  If you pass, you then have to drink another Glucola Fruit Punch drink….. and then you come back each hour for the next three hours to have your finger pricked again, still with no water or food in between.  Unfortunately I failed, again, and again!  A nurse spoke with us about it, and sent us home with a folder FULL of stuff to read….


Basically when diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, there is nothing I could have done to prevent it, or nothing I did while pregnant to cause it…which stinks because I still exercise a reasonable amount, have not gained too much weight while pregnant, and have been eating fairly healthy since the beginning since I was so scared of miscarriage to start with.  That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed a cookie, ice cream, french fries, etc here and there- it was just all in moderation.  Now for the most part, even those few times are gone for the next 11ish weeks.  When I failed the first test, I had one week, doctor’s orders, to continue my diet the way it had been until this three hour appointment, so during that week I did squeeze in one more of my favorite sundaes, in case it would be my last!  Bye bye peanut butter cup sundae…..


I took the news pretty well, mostly because I would have given anything to have gotten this far in a pregnancy with my previous two miscarriages, and at least I’m done with school, so planning and prep time for the meals and snacks, and pricking my finger four times a day will be a little easier to handle.  I really don’t know how I would have handled this if school was still in session!   I also know this isn’t going to be the first time I give something up for this sweet daughter of mine, so what’s a little practice ahead of time…

Now, to be completely honest, I did handle the news fairly well.  We got home and I started trying to figure out what I would be eating for the next week and making a grocery list.  It did take a while, but I felt pretty good about it, so off to Walmart I went- to buy groceries and pick up all my blood-sugar checking supplies from the pharmacy.  Basically the pharmacy was no help when it came to if insurance even covered anything, so I stood on the diabetic aisle calling our insurance company by myself and having to ask a million questions for about an hour, to finally be told nothing is covered, but it could go toward our deductible if we buy a certain kind (which by the way is priced outlandishly!)  Sooooo I walked out, called Will since he was on his way home from work, and finally cried.  Anyone who really knows me, knows I am a perfectionist when it comes to doing things (and I don’t fail tests, like Will likes to say…) So this will definitely take some time on my part realizing some parts of what I eat won’t be the end of the world, so long as I am conscious of what I am doing.  It will be a work in progress, but I know I can do it!  We also have an appointment next Wednesday morning with a Diabetes Specialist before our regular appointment, and that will certainly help with understanding how to plan meals and snacks!

Now that you know all about my fun times ahead with Gestational Diabetes, I’m going to move on to the fun part!  Everything else looked great- the doctor measured from the top of my belly to the bottom and according to that measurement, Annabelle Grace is still on track to be born around August 21!  He checked her heart rate and it was still strong and 140bpm.  My weight is still on track, and as of today is up 13.7 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  My iron was a little low, so I also have to watch that and make sure I’m getting enough iron, but other wise, things look good!  I measured my belly around my belly button this morning and it’s 41.5inches around… that’s just crazy!  I’m still doing Pure Barre regularly, and am trying to walk/run here and there when I can too.

29.5 week pictures:

For reference, here are my 20 week pictures:

She has DEFINITELY grown! (But hey, I can still see my toes when I look down!)

As for other updates, we recently got back from a family beach trip to Oak Island, NC with my family a few weeks ago, and we had a blast!  I will write more about that trip soon!



I also had my second baby shower, hosted by the mom’s and a few grand-mother’s of the kids from my K3 Class from Desoto.  It really was incredibly sweet of them, and just the gesture alone meant so much to me!  We got a lot of wonderful things for Annabelle Grace and are so thankful!



That same weekend, Lee and Jamie stayed with us!  Friday night we ate at Ramon’s in Clarksdale, and it was delicious as always!


Jamie went to the shower with me, and Lee and Will stayed at our house- they had lots of baby things to paint!


Her room is coming together, just so many little things to do to finish it off!  I absolutely love it though!

For now, that’s pretty much it- we are having maternity pictures done by one of Will’s college friends on Friday who is an awesome photographer, Kati Mallory- it should be a lot of fun, and we get to have dinner with Kati and her husband afterwards!  We have a shower hosted by his Aunt Kelly and Uncle John in a few weeks, our appointment next week, and a likely trip to Michigan in July!  So, a good few last weeks together as just the two of us!

Be on the lookout for updates to come!

What’s In A Name? And, Happy Mother’s Day 2017

What’s in a name?  What a HUGE question that really is….!  Your name is the first thing people want to know about you, and a question Will and I have been asked a million and two times since finding out that our sweet baby is a girl.  We have known the answer to that question for a little while, but have decided to keep it to ourselves until today- Mother’s Day.  (Sorry to my Mom- I know it has been driving you crazy that I wouldn’t give out any clues or say I knew the name!!!!)

We both come from families that have strong women in them, and that is such an amazing thing.  Most importantly we both have strong mothers.  Mothers that we both look up to for many different reasons.

To my Mom- you have always been an example of independence, strong will, determination, and complete fearlessness in what to me seemed like such scary moments.  You stayed home for several years with me and Kristin, and honestly- those are some of my favorite memories with you.  You even made lunch time fun, when you would pretend our kitchen table was a restaurant and write down our orders for lunch!  You always told the best “ghost stories” at sleepovers with my friends, so good that Lenise can even remember them.  I felt like the coolest kid ever having the Mom who was the PTA president and always at school for programs and events.  I know a lot of kids would probably be embarrassed for their Mom to be around so much, but I truly LOVED it.  As we got older, you showed determination in going back to college and returning to work.  There’s no way I couldn’t look up to you for that, and no way that I too, shouldn’t go to college and make something of myself if you could do it after having two kids.  Your fearlessness has shined through when you faced different types of cancer, from skin, to breast, and even a blood clot.  I remember you talking to us on your bed when breast cancer first became an issue.  I was so incredibly scared, but you just remained calm while I CRIED.  Now, as an adult, I have been able to (unfortunately) relate to you in regards to going through miscarriage.  I HATE that both of us have had to experience such loss- but I am so thankful that when it happened to me, you were able to understand exactly what I was going through and talk to me about it.  As I prepare to become a mother to this sweet baby inside me- I hope I too, instill those qualities in her, for they are the back bone of a strong woman.  I love you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!

Ann-  I’m pretty sure I hit the jack pot when it comes to the mother-in-law department.  You also are an incredibly independent, smart, and determined person!  You have let absolutely nothing stand in your way of doing the job you want and love- and I admire that.  I know from listening to Will how much he thinks of you as a mother- from packing him ONE Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup for lunch every day, to sewing his Halloween costumes every year when he was little.  You always are ready and willing to help with anything you can, and always have such a positive attitude about things.  I hate that we too, also share the unfortunate experience of miscarriage, but like I said to my mother- it makes a world of difference for Will and I to have parents who have been through such a hard, similar event.  I also hope our daughter inherits so many of these qualities from you, as you too, are a strong woman.  Happy Mother’s Day to you!

So, with that being said- let’s talk about our soon-to-be baby girl’s name!  Click on the video below for our name reveal!

There’s her name!  Is that song we paired with the video not just perfect?  Really every word of the song is perfect, but my favorite line is:

“You were made to shine under southern stars, in my arms tonight.  I can feel the beating of your heart; I’m gonna make you mine.”  -Make You Mine, High Valley

Will and I went back and forth with several different names and options.  With our very first pregnancy we had two perfect names picked out.  Our girl name included part of my mother’s name, and we loved it.  We got pregnant a second time, and debated keeping the same names.  We lost that baby too.  With this third chance we knew for sure that we didn’t want to use our original names.  Sooooo, we had some work cut out for us!  Will loves family names.  I like family names with their own personality.  Or completely unrelated names, so long as the name has a special meaning.  We both loved the idea of a “double name,” like my mom’s name, being Sue Ellen.  We both feel like it has the perfect southern charm to it.  We looked at initials in our families.  We looked at double names, but making it the first and middle name… There is just SO much to consider!

We finally settled on using a blend of both of our mom’s names because of the impact they have had on us.  We wanted the name to sound like a double name, but where we could also still give our sweet girl her own special name as a middle name.  Will’s mother’s name is “Ann.”  My mother’s name is “Sue Ellen.”  We decided to add an “a” to “Ann,” making “Anna.”  From my mom’s name, we of course wanted to keep the double name idea, and we used “Ellen” to do that.  We took the “n” off of the end, and added a “B” in front, making “Belle.”  Together the names make “Annabelle.”  Our daughter now shares the same first and last initial as me, but has a first name inspired by both of our moms, her grandmoms.  Both of our STRONG moms.

Her middle name is a word that I love, and I actually made mention of it in my former post. (You would have to be pretty sly to realize I did it, but in my last post I used this verse, and underlined GRACE.

2 Corinthians 12:9

But he said to me, “My GRACE is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

The definition of grace:

GRACE: The exercise of love, kindness, compassion, mercy, favor, disposition to benefit another.

Grace is such a perfect word to describe our experience trying to get this sweet baby; such a perfect middle name for this girl.  I have found a quote that I absolutely love and want to have it created in some way for her nursery:

“I will hold myself to a standard of GRACE, not perfection.”  –author unknown

We look forward to officially meeting Annabelle Grace Cashion in August!

We hope you enjoyed this announcement post; and again, Happy Mother’s Day to our mothers, we love you dearly- and there aren’t enough ways to ever say that.

Monday, May 1, 2017: 24 Weeks

Dear Daughter,

Oh, sweet baby- you’ve been in my “belly” for SIX FULL MONTHS now and you don’t even have a clue how happy that makes me.  I have waited and prayed for you daily.

Your Daddy and I made two sweet babies before you that were only here for a few short months.  God had different plans for them- they were ready to go to Heaven so much sooner than you or I.  He chose YOU to stick it out and become our first Earthly baby.  You must have a big purpose in life and I can’t wait to find out what it is, who you are, and what you will become.

During these last few years of waiting to even get to this moment with you, I have tried to learn some of the reasons I am even being chosen to be your Mommy.  I have learned that patience and deep love and understanding for not just myself, but for others is key to a happier life.  I was sad, hurt, confused, and even a little angry in October of 2015.  By June of 2016 I had mostly moved on from several of those feelings, as there was nothing I could do to change the past.  Little did I know, God still had more for me to learn before you could be a part of my life.  I took a job offer for a preschool position teaching three year olds.  You don’t know this yet, (or maybe you do from all the belly hugs I get, and sweet little ones telling you hello, good night, and their names daily) but I adore kids and watching them learn and grow.  By August, I realized I would be learning even MORE about patience, but in a very different way before I could be ready for you.  I’ve watched, helped, and taught nine wonderful kids grow and learn this year.  The crazy thing is, as much as I have taught them, they have taught me even more about what it will take to be an incredible role model.

Little did I know, God decided in November that I was ready for you.  Finding out in December was one of the happiest moments of my life.  (By the way, I used the dogs to share the news with your Dad.)

I have been scared more days than not.  Confused some days.  Beyond happy.  In love.  But, I’ve also had six months to get to know you in a way no one else ever will!  I’ve had six months to learn even more about your Daddy and fall in love with him even more than I already was, for completely new reasons.

So many times I hear people say:

“Pregnancy is hard.” (It is- and everyone experiences it differently, but so is being an adult somedays.)

“Pregnancy is tiring.” (The tiredness and lack of sleep do get to me some days, but some days work alone can be tiring.)

“Pregnancy is too long.” (It is long, but so are many other things in life…)

So many people complain about the weight gain, stretch marks, and spider veins.  Or, hey- the throwing up. (Which I have done my share of.)

So many people say: “I can’t wait for my baby to get here.”

However, I refuse to let those moments and thoughts creep in.  I refuse to wish away these last three months where I get to hog you all to myself.  Don’t get me wrong- I am so excited to meet you- but I am soaking up every second of this short time with you.

I pray God’s plans remain to have you enter this world as our perfect baby, no matter the circumstances.

There is a Bible verse that has stood out to me for some time:

2 Corinthians 12:9

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

So, daughter of mine, take these three months and become your wonderful, smart, beautiful self.  I can wait, happily.

Life moves so incredibly fast.  I know you won’t be little for long once you do arrive.  I can wait, patiently.

Friends, love, likes, dislikes, and growing pains will come (and go) quickly- at every stage of your life.  Take your time becoming brave, independent, and smart.  I will wait, with an open mind.

I love you so much already.

Love, Mommy  (Now that is something I can’t wait for you to call me!  So you can hurry- maybe even before you say “Daddy!”)

Crawfish Boil and 24 Weeks! {Belly Pictures Included!}

What better way to end a month than with a Crawfish Boil and getting to say you are officially done with 24 weeks of pregnancy?!  Oh, and getting to say my house in North Carolina is set to close on June 12th!  I’ll take the {perfect amount of} rain any day to have a month end that way!

This past week we had chances of rain a good bit.  We had a really great rain last weekend (I think it was last week….whenever I wrote my last post!) However, this week there was the potential to have too much rain…. Too much rain means fields flood, ruining all the hard work of planting they have already done, or it can just make the fields way too wet to plant at all.  King Farms got the perfect amount!  Perfect enough to give Will the weekend off!

Since he had the weekend off, he decided Thursday to have a crawfish boil at our house.  We rounded up some friends and threw it together!


Will honestly cooked these little mud-bug critters perfectly!  Because I am pregnant, we didn’t want to take too much of a chance on it bothering my stomach, so I actually ate a sub from Subway and only a few crawfish.  The few I had were great though!

Will’s family has some LONG-TIME friends from England, and both families try to visit each other when they can.  Will actually went to England himself the summer before his sophomore year of college to work on their farm and visit for several weeks.  This year, Ben, from England is staying here in Helena, Arkansas for several weeks and working on King Farms.  Since he is here, we only felt it necessary to introduce him to some “true Delta cuisine!”


He made me feel so much better about my “peeling” skills…. it’s so hard to be the new person eating crawfish at a table full of people who are SO FAST!

We finished off dinner with some Banana Pudding!  Unfortunately I did not make it from scratch since this get together was so last minute…. but it still tasted good, and at least it looked pretty!


Needless to say, it was a good night!  Jamie, Lee, and Ben all stayed the night, so we played a game and then called it quits!

Now for the PREGNANCY UPDATE!!!!

Tomorrow, Monday, May 1, I am OFFICIALLY done with 24 complete weeks of pregnancy!  SIX FULL MONTHS: Done!  If you have kept up with our history of pregnancies, or even just this one, you realize what a big feat each of these moments are for us.  To say we continue to get more and more excited is such an understatement.

Since my 20 Week Post, a lot really has changed!

Weight Gain? I am up I believe a total of 5.7lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight!

Exercise? I am still going to Pure Barre as often as possible!  I have been 13 times this month alone, so about 3 times a week.  (Seriously, I 100% believe it has so much to do with my body staying in decent shape through this pregnancy, and keeping so many of the “unwanted” pregnancy side-effects at bay.)  I’m also continuing to walk/lightly jog when I can.

Diet?  I am still trying my hardest to stick to a healthy diet, though I have slid a little more on having some treats like chocolate pop tarts and french fries from Zaxby’s.

Baby Moving?  Oh this little girl is definitely still moving!  We find she is moving the most first thing in the morning, around lunch time, 5:30pm (I guess she has realized if I workout it tends to be around that time….so when I don’t…girl is moving!) and like between 9:00pm-11:00pm.  I’ve “felt” her moving for a while, but a few weeks ago I felt like a little child at Christmas time, waiting on Santa Claus!  I had semi been asleep, and I know I rolled to my left side.  All of a sudden I felt this pushing sensation, and then I felt it again! I knew clearly it was this baby girl, so of course I HAD to wake Will up!  (It was like 11:30pm, on a school/work night!)  He JUMPED and started asking “what’s wrong?!”  All I could do was laugh and tell him “she’s moving!”  He quickly fell back into a deep sleep, and I just laid there as giddy as all get out, and rolling to the other side to try to feel it again.  I’m pretty sure I slept like five hours that night…. oops.  Totally worth it!

Funny Stories: One of Will’s favorite stories happened to be on a night that my emotions just got the best of me.  I have been trying so extremely hard to make us a menu of dinner ideas every week, and keep a grocery budget in check, all while making sure these recipes are appropriate for Will’s Taylor Made diet.  I got home from school one day and was just worn out.  So I decided I would sit down and watch TV for a little while. Of course I couldn’t figure out how to make the TV work, or which remote did what, etc.  I called Will, very upset about this…. he happened to be down the road, so he came home and tried fixing it himself.  (It took him a while to figure this out, by the way!) Turns out the batteries were burning out.  So, first problem, solved!  I watch TV for a while, and Will goes back to work.  He is supposed to be home between 8:00-9:00pm, so I figure I have a while to work on dinner.  I finally get started and have made everything except the chicken.  I decided I would just cook it on the stove top, and realize I am just burning the mess out of it!  The house is now smoky and I can’t decide which doors or windows I can open because Will had also just sprayed bug and wasp spray everywhere!  So I start texting him, mad as a hornet!  He could tell, and was on his way home anyhow.  He walks  in and I was crying and just all kinds of mad.  He looked at me and said it was okay, we would just go get something, and I just look back at him and tell him “Nope, we can’t do that!  It’s not in the budget; we just can’t eat tonight!”  Obviously I was tired, mad, and you know…emotional from pregnancy (right?) So we DID end of going to Taco Bell.

The next story isn’t so long, and is more of just a quote.  As you all know, I am just LOVING getting to buy or just even look at baby clothes and accessories (like bows.)  This morning I woke up from a deep sleep when Will got up to let the dogs out, probably 6:00am, and I tell him “I think I have been dreaming of monogrammed baby clothes, like little hats!” and then go right back to sleep.  He really got a kick out of that one!

Now that you have a decent update, let’s add some pictures!

Here are a few shots of my belly at 24 weeks.  It is about 39ish inches around my belly button area.  It has MOST CERTAINLY grown from my 20 week pictures!  Also, I look super tired, because hey- being tired caught up with me this past week too, and I did not feel like putting make up on since I was about to work out!

Just so you can see the difference in my belly, here are a few from my 20 week post:

Will has also been working hard to finally paint the baby room!  The paint color is Benjamin Moore, Rodeo.

Basically done:

We also went to Memphis today, Sunday, and stopped by Target.  Will bought some pajamas for our baby girl!  They’re pretty adorable!

Side One:


​Side Two:


His favorite outfit he picked out:


I think it is sweet he bought these little outfits!  I mayyyyy have picked out one set of pajamas, but he really picked out all the rest!

OH! Last bit of good news!  My house I own in North Carolina was on the market for barely less than a week and we got an offer on it!  We accepted and are now in the Due Diligence period, and hoping everything falls through accordingly so that we can close on June 12th!  We are both super excited and hoping it works out!

I guess that’s it for now!  Our next baby appointment is this Friday, May 5th, so hopefully we get another good update!