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2019 Baby Cashion Coming At Ya!

This post is LONG overdue!!!  Obviously by now, if you know us outside of the blog, or from reading a few of my updates about Annabelle Grace, you know we are pregnant again! Quick backstory- we lost two babies to miscarriages before getting our sweet Annabelle Grace, so I'm always a little torn in saying… Continue reading 2019 Baby Cashion Coming At Ya!

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11 Month Update! {July 23}

Wait, what?! ELEVEN MONTHS!  Our baby is so close to being considered a "toddler" and not a "baby" anymore! Excuse me while I wipe a tear away.....thanks. Really, it's such an exciting and sad time all at once.  It's really only sad because who doesn't love the baby version of their baby?! But in reality,… Continue reading 11 Month Update! {July 23}

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Our Baby- You’re Here!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 6:06pm Our baby girl was born!!!  Time to tell her story!  As most of you have previously read- we had an appointment the Friday before she was born and found out she was possibly 8lb, 10oz.  With that news we decided to start the induction process the following Tuesday if she… Continue reading Our Baby- You’re Here!!


Plans for Annabelle Grace’s arrival, we got ’em!

"Can't let this moment, this moment slip away.  'Cause things like this, don't happen to us everyday.  So take this moment and put it in a glass, if you want a sip, I got memories on tap." -Train, Drink Up Alright, here we are!  It's Friday, August 18, 2017 (currently 8:59pm CST, if you care!) and we have… Continue reading Plans for Annabelle Grace’s arrival, we got ’em!


Nursery Reveal and 37 Weeks

37 WEEKS!!!!!! 37 weeks are officially done- which means this little baby is *technically* ready, and safe enough to be born!  No more than 2-3 weeks to go!  We had an appointment last Wednesday and Annabelle Grace was weighing in at 6lb, 12oz.  She had grown 9oz since the last appointment we had before Michigan-… Continue reading Nursery Reveal and 37 Weeks

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Goodbye House, Hello Motherhood

Seriously, the year of 2017 is proving to be such a HUGE, GREAT, BITTERSWEET year!! As of about 45 minutes ago, my Greensboro, NC house (shown above) is officially sold!  I bought this house BY MYSELF a little over seven years ago, not realizing at the time I would eventually find myself living in the… Continue reading Goodbye House, Hello Motherhood