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Three Months, Eloise Kate (6.27.19)

Don’t worry, Eloise hasn’t reversed in age!  I’m just a little behind (almost three months!) (try 9 now…) in posting her monthly update! But, they’re mostly for me to look back on one day when I want to reminisce about the glory days of Eloise’s third month of life!

By the start of month three, Eloise was weighing in somewhere around 11.5 to 12 pounds! There is no 3 month appointment, so that’s just based on our measurements at home!


This month Eloise got to go on her second trip to the Memphis Zoo!  We met our friends, Meghan and her boys and spent the morning wandering around!  Eloise did sleep a good portion of the trip, but she was there!

Eloise still naps frequently throughout the day, and seems pretty happy to nap anywhere…

Besides our newborn pictures with Eloise, we took our first set of family farm pictures on our own family farm ground, Annabelle’s Field and Eloise’s Field, I’ll post some of my favorites below!

Thanks Pearrow Photography!

Eloise spends most of her day doing tummy time, and Annabelle Grace has decided she likes doing tummy time with her!  Eloise has a super strong head/neck, and tries her hardest to keep it up!  She also kicks her back feet a ton and likes to try to push them under her!  When laying on her back, she is starting to swat at things a lot!



The weather has been so wonderful, so we spend lots of time outside!  We walk, swim, go to the park with friends, have had some family time at Storm Creek, and even had a family day date to Southaven to eat lunch outside of the new Chickfila with Daddy!


Eloise’s smile continues to become one of her defining qualities!  It is absolutely precious, and you can’t help but smile when you see it pop out! She actually had her first laugh this month!  Papi came to Helena to visit and have dinner- while he played with Eloise, he got a laugh to sneak out!  It was sweet!  Now, we’re starting to hear it even more!

She is still very much so a Mommy’s girl, but sure does love her Daddy and sister too!  She knows we’re her people and prefers us to everyone! She does seem to have some big separation anxiety and still does NOT want bottles, so Mommy stays busy with nursing!


Three months has flown by!  We’re starting month four with our first family of four trip to Michigan!


Here we come, Michigan!  Happy three months, Eloise!



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