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Eloise is FIVE Months! {August 27}

Eloise is five months old! Her smile is still the most precious little smile, ever. She just seems to glow with happiness (as long as mommy is nearby, too.) There is no doctor appointment at five months, so no exact updates on measurement, but she is weighing in somewhere around 13 pounds! (She was 12lb, 10.5oz heavy and 25 inches long at her four month check up at the end of July!) She CAN roll over, both directions, she just chooses not to. She’s also trying to figure out how to “sit.”

So technically, her appointment fell within this fifth month of life! She did have shots, and really did well. She screamed for a quick second, and then moved on with life!

We’re still busy doing lots of tummy time and back play. Again….Eloise can roll (front to back- end of July, back to front- August 5, using her crib to help her,) she just chooses not to- so, we’re trying our hardest to help push her to do it more! She doesn’t even get mad or frustrated- just chooses not to do it…..she has to be her own person, I suppose! hahaha

Oh! Some big news for the month- at 4 months and 5 days, Eloise finally moved out of the cradle in our room to her crib in the room Annabelle and Eloise now share! Moving them out is always such a bittersweet moment for me. It’s so nice to be able to claim “our space” back, but also so sad to not just turn my head and see her laying in the little bed beside us! On the bright side, I always feel like they must be lonely by themselves… but since she was moving in with Annabelle, everyone had someone! They also both did so well!! So proud of the success with this big transition!

Gotta get our cute, monthly, sometimes matching, sister photos, too!

Eloise also got promoted to sitting in the high chair at meal times! At six months, she can start baby led weaning, if she can sit unassisted for 1 whole minutes. Even earlier than that, Will and I start sitting the girls at the table with us with a couple of toys or a fork and spoon to get them used to the “family meal atmosphere.” So far, it has worked great for both girls!

We also still love taking our outings together, either just me and the girls, or with Daddy when he isn’t super busy! I’m getting more and more confident with taking them both out at the same time with each trip away from the house! (Though, even if I’m not confident, there isn’t much of a way to avoid it- at least with grocery shopping, as Will works some crazy hours, so we HAVE to be confident!) We have had an ice cream date, spent a day at the pool with Papi, we went to Memphis to visit cousins and DeeCee and celebrate Annabelle’s and Jules’ second birthday together! Eloise also decided to let Uncle John (Pops) and Aunt Kelly (KK) hold her! Later on in the month, Mommy also took the girls to the zoo on Annabelle’s birthday, all by myself!  (I’ve been several times with both girls- but always had Will or a friend and her kids with us!)

In case you were curious… this is what weekly grocery shopping usually looks like- Eloise gets to ride in the “backpack” as Annabelle calls it, and Annabelle rides in the cart. I usually plan to shop around the same time Eloise would take her morning nap, so she’ll sleep while I wear her, and Annabelle eats (allllllllll of the) snack(s)!

We also had our first family movie night, and Eloise was invited, to do tummy time and face the other way! hahaha Her time with the TV will come soon enough!

Sweet, sweet Eloise!

Eloise got her first pretty bad cold! She was up multiple times for a couple of nights and had a pretty high fever. She felt bad enough that she didn’t even want to nurse, which is SUPER unlike Eloise. (She still refuses and hates bottles.) We got some tylenol in her (she also hates tylenol…) and she “slept” with us for the night so we could keep an eye on her fever. Thankfully we got through that! (Annabelle Grace was also sick at the same time, which made for a rough weekend!)

I took the girls to the farm for a family dinner with Will because we thought harvest was starting! Turns out it wasn’t, but it was a nice escape from the house with the girls both feeling so icky and sick for the week!

We also learned how to do photo booth pictures together!  They’re becoming quite the tradition, wherever we go!

All in all, this has been a month of BIG changes for Eloise!  She is still as sweet as can be and is slowlyyyyyyyyyy coming around to letting others hold her, for literally only seconds!  Still no luck in the bottle department, so nurse, nurse, nurse we do!


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