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Goodbye, For Now

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

 -Winnie the Pooh


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Yesterday, April 17th, 2019, we lost such an important person in our family, Joyce Newell, also known as the famous “Jubee!”  I’m going to take a minute to be a little selfish and take ownership of the famous name “Jubee,” as I was the first little baby in the family that had to learn to say her name- and it just didn’t quite roll off the tongue, so “Jubee” it was.

What the name “Jubee” holds, however, is not something I can take credit for.  Jubee was actually my great aunt, but may as well have been another grandmother to me.  Jubee was a one-of-a-kind person who mothered everyone, loved babies, worried (in the best ways) about everyone and everything, and thought herself to favor Elizabeth Taylor- another story, for another day.  She loved motorcycle rallies, the beach, believed in God, and would make sure you were supplied with anything and everything for traveling.

As a little kid I remember loving going to her house! She had a kiddie pool that sat on a huge sand box and it was filled with floats and toys.  She had what seemed like the coolest bed around- a water bed, and always had treats somewhere in her house.  Her fridge was covered in pictures of family members and I loved finding my own picture up there!  Her house was a two story house, but as a child I remember thinking it was just so cool because instead of going upstairs to the second level, you went downstairs instead! (It was a basement second floor.)  Jubee always had SO MANY stuffed animals to play with, one in particular was always my favorite- Mr. Red- and old bear in a red outfit.  She had a pool table that I never learned to play true pool on, but had the best time throwing the balls in pockets and climbing under it.  To say the least, hanging out at Jubee’s house and spending the night with her was always a good memory.  Well, all good memories, except for the memory my mother reminded me of just the other day- the day Jubee decided my sister and I needed haircuts.  Now, I don’t completely remember that, but there are pictures to prove that our bangs weren’t the best bangs one could sport!

Jubee’s house also became where we met for Christmas at some point in December.  That has always been a special time of year to me, and has been even more special in these last few years that Will and I were home from Arkansas for Christmas.  Jubee always made sure that the time would work with our time home.  Our “Chinese Christmas Game” was always the biggest debate of the night, and lead to so many “fights” and laughs.  I personally think, just for kicks, we should bring the game back, in Jubee’s honor.  She would probably watch from Heaven, shaking her head the whole time about the rules never staying the same.  Jubee’s house is where my sweet Annabelle Grace first learned about “dress up,” and also claimed her first stuffed animal from Jubee’s house that now resides in Arkansas.



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Our family has so many more memories with Jubee from our yearly beach trips.  Together, Jubee and Nana taught me how to play cards and bet with pennies, nickels, and dimes.  Some of those really late nights with the two of them are some of my favorite memories from the beach.  We would stay up so, so late, and the later it got, the more aches and pains I heard about- in the funniest ways possible.  The two of them together make you hope you have a bond with a sibling even half as great as their bond was.  We had one year when everyone was able come to the beach and it was so much fun!  Coordinating huge family gatherings is hard, but when they happen, the memories are there forever.  Jubee was a big fan of family things and was always up to do and try most things!  My parents, Nana, Jubee, and I all took the jeep out for a drive on the beach- Jubee lost a sun visor that she loved when it flew off of her head.  On our way back, while on the actual road, we found the visor, and it had been run over- we pulled over and she continued to wear that visor for the remainder of the trip- tire marks and all over it!



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Jubee has been around for all of my biggest moments in life- school events, graduations, moving out of my first apartment!  I had painted my first bedroom a bright green color, and my bathroom a royal purple color in my first apartment- when it was time to move out, Nana and Jubee jumped to the occasion and helped me paint over those crazy colors.

We  have had countless meals at Carter Brother’s for barbecue and banana pudding.  When I first found out I was moving to Arkansas/Mississippi to teach, Jubee made sure I was armed with maps of all sorts and I’m pretty sure even wrote out directions for me too.

She was at dinner the first time my family met Will.  She traveled with my parents and one of my best friends to spend the week in Arkansas, and see Will and I get married.


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She called me constantly when I found out I had gestational diabetes with Annabelle Grace, and always checked in on all the new things we were trying with Annabelle- like Baby Led Weaning!  So many times those calls meant so much to me.  It is so difficult for me to think that she didn’t and won’t get the chance to meet our sweet Eloise.  Jubee has always had such a soft spot for babies and would hold one all day long if you would let her.  I’m so thankful she had the chance to meet our Annabelle Grace and I will cherish the few pictures I have of them forever.


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I could go on and on about stories and memories I have with this one-of-a-kind person we all call Jubee.  I have so many other pictures I would love to add from earlier on, but I must close this post out.  Goodbyes really are hard when you love someone so much, but, Winnie the Pooh truly does say it best-

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

The goodbyes are hard, and filled with so much love as you can see from the several posts made the last two days.  Jubee was clearly a very loved person.

I wish I could be with my family in North Carolina for her celebration of life next week, but unfortunately distance, pregnancy complications, and two little ones make that a bit hard.  Please know we are all there in spirit and will be ready to see everyone next time we’re in North Carolina to share lots of hugs and Jubee stories again.

Love, Love, Love


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