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40+5 Weeks Pregnant and 19 Months!

Well, I guess it is time for an update…. seeing as I am currently FORTY WEEKS AND FIVE DAYS STILL pregnant!  I have also fallen way behind on a few random updates like how Annabelle Grace is currently doing (she’s 19 months as of this past Saturday!) and where we are at with the renovation of our house!  I actually started a post about our house back in January while Will and Annabelle Grace were in Columbia, but unfortunately haven’t finished it, and well, obviously still haven’t finished it…. I’ll get there soon enough!

Life is busy!  So, let’s just jump right in with the current pregnancy!

Last time I updated we were about 29-30 weeks along!

32 week pictures:


On the left I was pregnant with Annabelle Grace, the right is pregnant with Baby EKC!

Up through week 32 I still felt good and was still trying to make it to Pure Barre as well as walk as often as possible!  Heartburn has definitely been a problem, but I had it with Annabelle Grace too, so it didn’t surprise me too much!  Because I was on week 33 of this pregnancy, I unfortunately had to miss an amazing trip to Columbia to see Will’s brother, Clancy, and Natalie get married!

Will and Annabelle Grace were still able to go and had a wonderful time!  We faceted as much as possible, which helped!  Ironically this was the FIRST time I had ever been away from Annabelle Grace overnight, though it wasn’t the most exciting time! Since I was so pregnant, I couldn’t do much during my “alone time,” plus I was missing such an amazing trip!  Annabelle Grace was a flower girl, and the calls, pictures, and videos I was able to see were beautiful!  Their wedding looked amazing and lots of fun was had by all!  I LOVE that Will and Annabelle Grace were able to experience such a special time together!  However, dropping them off at the airport that first morning brought on the tears!

They made it!

Baby EKC and I took a few Pure Barre classes while they were gone and took a few 3.0 mile walks around the zoo too!

Annabelle Grace was a beautiful flower girl and Daddy did an amazing job getting her ready for all of the events!

IMG_4966 2

I was even Facetimed in for the wedding, which was amazing!  FaceTime calls are a wonderful product of technology!

Aside from a trip out of the country, Annabelle Grace has really had a a big few months of change!  She absolutely loves to “help” in the kitchen!  She actually does like to help do things, but I also think she loves to help so that she can sneak food!


Her biggest “gross motor” achievement in these last few months was her learning how to climb EVERYTHING.  She has been climbing for quite some time, and has been pretty decent at moving chairs and climbing, but these last few months she has perfected climbing jungle gym equipment by herself, LOVES sliding, and can even climb netted playground equipment with no help, in rainboots!

Her fine motor skills are also improving!  She loves to play with little, tiny things, and also loves to do arts and crafts!

Annabelle Grace also discovered her love of stomping in puddles!

We’ve made sure we have had as much family time as possible, including a trip to the zoo, playtime outside, inside, and eating cheerios in Mommy’s and Daddy’s bed!





Annabelle Grace also went to Memphis with us in February to hang out with DeeCee while Will and I got to go to our baby appointment around 35.5 weeks along!  At this appointment we had our last ultrasound of this pregnancy!  Thankfully Baby EKC was already turned head down! Annabelle Grace didn’t turn until a little after 37 weeks, so hearing this was exciting news since we are hoping to avoid a c-section!  Unfortunately Baby EKC was not wanting to be very photogenic, so attempting to get a good ultrasound picture was a little more difficult!  Even so, I think our sonographer, Kelly, still did a good job!


In the picture on the right there are little arrows pointing to Baby EKC’s head- supposedly there is some hair there!

I did some updated belly shots around 37 weeks!  I have also included a comparison photo from 37 weeks with Annabelle Grace and 37 weeks with Baby EKC!


Right after his I started having my weekly check ups with my OB.  He checked to see if I was dilated at all, because Will and I would be going to Little Rock to run in a 5K when I was 37.5 weeks along!  Like with Annabelle Grace, I was not dilated or effaced at all, so we were given the all-clear to go on!  At this point I was continuing to feel pretty good, still attending Pure Barre classes when possible, and taking walks with Annabelle Grace as often as possible!  My blood pressure continues to look good, baby’s heart rate was still strong and steady, and my weight gain was healthy!


It took us 1 hour and 4 minutes to walk 3.45 miles, but I did it!  Will was wonderful and stayed with me the whole time!  I did attempt to run at the very beginning, but my body just wasn’t feeling it this morning!  The rest of the weekend in Little Rock was wonderful! Will’s Aunt Kelly and Uncle John and their friends Celia and Vance were nice enough to hang out with Annabelle Grace while we did the race.  We have been coming to the Little Rock Marathon Weekend since 2015, so it was nice to keep the tradition this year too!  We were able to meet up with Will’s fraternity brother,  John, and his family, and we were able to see lots of Will’s family from his Dad’s side!


IMG_0550 2

At my 38 week appointment we were hoping to see some progression, considering all the walking we had done just days before hand, however, to no surprise there was no dilation or effacement!  My doctor did say if I would dilate at all at any of my next appointments he would attempt to strip my membranes, hoping to give us our best shot at naturally inducing labor!  (The plan is still to give us until March 27th- I’ll be 41 + 1 weeks along.  At that point, if I have not gone into labor on my own, we would have a scheduled c-section.  I’ve been asked several times if they would try inducing.  If we really wanted to induce, my doctor would have given us the chance.  However, Will and I both 100% trust out doctor and respect his suggestions during my pregnancies.  He has been super up-front, willing to work with us and give us every chance at having the pregnancy and birth we want.  Because induction didn’t work well with Annabelle Grace, there’s a good chance it would be similar with Baby EKC.  I was only able to get to 3cm dilated on my own- the nurse made me 4cm.  My water did break on it’s own, and I ended up with “perfect” contractions and in labor for 26 hours, all WITHOUT Pitocin, only cervadil.  Since my body wouldn’t progress- we did end up with a c-section.  So, his biggest opinion was it would give us the best chances at a VBAC if my body could go in to labor on it’s own.)

Regardless, no change at the 38 week appointment, so I gave it a shot at getting a pedicure!  Funny story with my pedicure- I picked a light pink color for my toes.  When the nail tech went to match it for my nails, she looked at the name and it was actually called “It’s A Girl!”  Will and I still don’t know the gender of Baby EKC, so it was just a funny possibility or sign that maybe Baby EKC is a girl?!  Only time will tell!


Will and Annabelle Grace came to the week 39 appointment in case he was able to strip my membranes, and in case we got lucky and it jumpstarted labor.  Of course, still no progression, no dilation, no effacement!  No surprise there!  Apparently our babies just really like to stay inside!  Annabelle Grace was clearly a little upset to hear she probably wouldn’t be meeting her sibling! (Not really, but she did decide to have a little temper tantrum because we wouldn’t let her eat goldfish off of the doctor office floor!)


I still have continued Pure Barre since I’m still feeling pretty good, and no baby yet!


Guess what, we made it to week 40!  Obviously I had to get some belly shots and some comparison pictures of Annabelle and Baby EKC!


I also had to “celebrate” making it full term and take a Pure Barre class on my due date, just like I did on Annabelle Grace’s due date!


Unfortunately poor Annabelle Grace had made it ALMOST 19 months with no major sickness requiring a doctor visit or any major bug, and Saturday ended up getting her first stomach bug!  Poor girl threw up the afternoon and then multiple times that night/early Sunday morning.  We were all three up most of the night and I had lots of throw up shared with me.  Will and I both kept hoping I wouldn’t go in to labor in the middle of this, and thankfully I didn’t!  I cleaned like crazy and washed so many loads of laundry and then hoped neither myself or Will would get the bug…. unfortunately the day after the house was SUPER clean…. Will came down with the bug, so cleaning and sanitizing had to be repeated!  Thankfully I still haven’t come down with it, and Annabelle hasn’t had any repeat episodes, so now we are okay with Baby EKC being born again!

I had our most recent appointment, and final appointment of this pregnancy on Wednesday, at 40+1 weeks pregnant!  My doctor once again checked for any dilation and it didn’t really seem like I was.  If anything I mayyyyyyy have been half a centimeter, and  that was having me sit on my hands with my hips elevated to try to check.  Needless to say, a membrane sweep wasn’t possible.  Baby’s heart rate was still good, my blood pressure was great, so we were sent home to wait out the next week!  So, now we are waiting.

We’re still hoping my body will go in to labor before Wednesday morning, but at this point I’m kind of assuming it won’t!  At that point I’ll be 41+1weeks along, which is as long as we can wait before it would require daily checks which would be pretty difficult with us living 1.5 hours away!

Today marks 40+5 weeks!  I did Pure Barre again yesterday and since it rained this morning, Will ended up with the day off so we made a trip to the zoo to celebrate Annabelle Grace being 19 months old (as of 3/23) and have one last fun, family adventure as a group of three!  Plus, hoping some of the walking would help get labor started, but again, not going to be surprised if it doesn’t!


The zoo did not disappoint!  It was such a perfect day!  We had lunch at the zoo and were able to sit beside a monkey exhibit!  The giraffe feeding exhibit was open, Will and Annabelle Grace rode a camel, and she loved chasing the sea lions!

So, Happy 19 months to our sweet little toddler girl who loves the outdoors, tractors, her clothes and accessories and all of the snacks she can sneak!


And of course, Baby EKC, we’re ready to meet you, whenever you’re ready!!!!



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