This Week at Cashion Plantation

FOUR Months Old! {July 27, 2020}

Guess who’s four?!  That’s right!  Eloise!  She’s weighing in somewhere between 12.5-13 pounds most likely and got to experience her first long road trip and family trip!


Four months was a big month for Eloise!  On June 27 (She had just turned 3 months!) we finished off our first long road trip with the girls!  We headed up to Michigan for a family trip with Will’s side of the family.  The first half, even two thirds of the trip was honestly pretty easy!  But, that last third may as well have been as long as the first two thirds!  Eloise was still so young that we had to stop every three hours to move her and nurse her, which we expected…..however, Annabelle Grace was super new to potty training, so she also was having to stop fairly often.  Between the two of them….wow…it was a longgggggg trip! 

We had plenty of beach time, lots of walks, cute (and matching!) outfits, and of course- plenty of family loving! Such a fun way to start this new month! (Obviously this was Eloise’s first trip to Michigan!)

Eloise also got to sit in the Bumbo chair for the first time! Annabelle Grace was determined that ONLY she and Eloise would read books together. She did not want me holding Eloise or even holding the book- so- problem solved! Everyone seemed pretty pleased!

Tummy time and back play are still in full swing, and Annabelle loves to participate with Eloise! She wants Eloise to play back with her all the time! One of these days she will, and we’ll see how much she loves it then…. hahaha

Now that Eloise is really starting to have a lot more of her own personality, and Annabelle is getting older- it is precious to watch them with each other- just look at the progression of a smile on Eloise’s face in these!!

Eloise had her first trip to the farm and hangout at home with Daddy while Mommy and Annabelle were in Memphis! Eloise did great! She napped plenty, and so did Daddy, and somehow held out and didn’t drink any milk for the EIGHT hours we were gone! Will gave it a 100% EFFORT….Eloise just still HATES bottles.

Of course, you have to get pictures of a sleeping baby, every month…. is there anything more peaceful looking?!

We also took a family trip to the zoo! It was super, super hot, so we ate our picnic indoors, watched a sea lion show, and left!

To celebrate turning four months old, we also took a family trip to Southaven!

Eloise is still sleeping in the cradle in our room. With my crazy recovery, Annabelle spotty training, and a trip to Michigan, we haven’t moved her in with Annabelle quite yet. Plans to do that soon! On that note…. she still has a sleepover with us once in a while!

Of course, no month is complete without some sweet sister pictures!

All in all, this was a great month! We’re all really finding a rhythm! Eloise is close to being able to roll over! Really, she probably could do it, but prefers to be lazy. She is still a HUGE fan of mommy, but is thankfully sleeping really well besides a few crazy nights now and again. We thought she was getting a tooth in- even the pediatrician saw the spot, but, it seems to have disappeared, so no teeth! We love our little Eloise Kate!


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