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Goodbye House, Hello Motherhood

Seriously, the year of 2017 is proving to be such a HUGE, GREAT, BITTERSWEET year!! As of about 45 minutes ago, my Greensboro, NC house (shown above) is officially sold!  I bought this house BY MYSELF a little over seven years ago, not realizing at the time I would eventually find myself living in the… Continue reading Goodbye House, Hello Motherhood


Yep, I failed a test! (and 29.5 weeks!)

Sooooo, it's time for a big update!  We made it to the THIRD TRIMESTER (woo hoo!) but I figured I would wait to write this post until after our appointment (which turned in to multiple appointments!) Last week I had my regular Glucose Screening appointment.  I failed.  Basically what happens at that appointment is you… Continue reading Yep, I failed a test! (and 29.5 weeks!)

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What’s In A Name? And, Happy Mother’s Day 2017

What's in a name?  What a HUGE question that really is....!  Your name is the first thing people want to know about you, and a question Will and I have been asked a million and two times since finding out that our sweet baby is a girl.  We have known the answer to that question… Continue reading What’s In A Name? And, Happy Mother’s Day 2017

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Crawfish Boil and 24 Weeks! {Belly Pictures Included!}

What better way to end a month than with a Crawfish Boil and getting to say you are officially done with 24 weeks of pregnancy?!  Oh, and getting to say my house in North Carolina is set to close on June 12th!  I'll take the {perfect amount of} rain any day to have a month… Continue reading Crawfish Boil and 24 Weeks! {Belly Pictures Included!}

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“Chase After the Dream”

"...And know we got each other, that's what's up.  'Cause you can't keep the ground from shaking, no matter how hard you try.  You can't keep the sunsets from fading.  You gotta treat your life like you're jumping off a rope swing, baby, 'cause the whole thing's really just a shot in the dark.  You… Continue reading “Chase After the Dream”


We’re Halfway THERE {20 weeks, that is}

"Whoa, we're halfway there, Whoa, livin' on a prayer. Take my hand, and we'll make it I swear, Whoa, livin' on a prayer."  -Bon Jovi, Livin' On A Prayer Whew, HALFWAY!  TWENTY WHOLE WEEKS OF PREGNANCY- will be completed on Monda!  Such a huge accomplishment.  So much has happened these twenty weeks and I guess… Continue reading We’re Halfway THERE {20 weeks, that is}