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Crawfish Boil and 24 Weeks! {Belly Pictures Included!}

What better way to end a month than with a Crawfish Boil and getting to say you are officially done with 24 weeks of pregnancy?!  Oh, and getting to say my house in North Carolina is set to close on June 12th!  I’ll take the {perfect amount of} rain any day to have a month end that way!

This past week we had chances of rain a good bit.  We had a really great rain last weekend (I think it was last week….whenever I wrote my last post!) However, this week there was the potential to have too much rain…. Too much rain means fields flood, ruining all the hard work of planting they have already done, or it can just make the fields way too wet to plant at all.  King Farms got the perfect amount!  Perfect enough to give Will the weekend off!

Since he had the weekend off, he decided Thursday to have a crawfish boil at our house.  We rounded up some friends and threw it together!


Will honestly cooked these little mud-bug critters perfectly!  Because I am pregnant, we didn’t want to take too much of a chance on it bothering my stomach, so I actually ate a sub from Subway and only a few crawfish.  The few I had were great though!

Will’s family has some LONG-TIME friends from England, and both families try to visit each other when they can.  Will actually went to England himself the summer before his sophomore year of college to work on their farm and visit for several weeks.  This year, Ben, from England is staying here in Helena, Arkansas for several weeks and working on King Farms.  Since he is here, we only felt it necessary to introduce him to some “true Delta cuisine!”


He made me feel so much better about my “peeling” skills…. it’s so hard to be the new person eating crawfish at a table full of people who are SO FAST!

We finished off dinner with some Banana Pudding!  Unfortunately I did not make it from scratch since this get together was so last minute…. but it still tasted good, and at least it looked pretty!


Needless to say, it was a good night!  Jamie, Lee, and Ben all stayed the night, so we played a game and then called it quits!

Now for the PREGNANCY UPDATE!!!!

Tomorrow, Monday, May 1, I am OFFICIALLY done with 24 complete weeks of pregnancy!  SIX FULL MONTHS: Done!  If you have kept up with our history of pregnancies, or even just this one, you realize what a big feat each of these moments are for us.  To say we continue to get more and more excited is such an understatement.

Since my 20 Week Post, a lot really has changed!

Weight Gain? I am up I believe a total of 5.7lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight!

Exercise? I am still going to Pure Barre as often as possible!  I have been 13 times this month alone, so about 3 times a week.  (Seriously, I 100% believe it has so much to do with my body staying in decent shape through this pregnancy, and keeping so many of the “unwanted” pregnancy side-effects at bay.)  I’m also continuing to walk/lightly jog when I can.

Diet?  I am still trying my hardest to stick to a healthy diet, though I have slid a little more on having some treats like chocolate pop tarts and french fries from Zaxby’s.

Baby Moving?  Oh this little girl is definitely still moving!  We find she is moving the most first thing in the morning, around lunch time, 5:30pm (I guess she has realized if I workout it tends to be around that time….so when I don’t…girl is moving!) and like between 9:00pm-11:00pm.  I’ve “felt” her moving for a while, but a few weeks ago I felt like a little child at Christmas time, waiting on Santa Claus!  I had semi been asleep, and I know I rolled to my left side.  All of a sudden I felt this pushing sensation, and then I felt it again! I knew clearly it was this baby girl, so of course I HAD to wake Will up!  (It was like 11:30pm, on a school/work night!)  He JUMPED and started asking “what’s wrong?!”  All I could do was laugh and tell him “she’s moving!”  He quickly fell back into a deep sleep, and I just laid there as giddy as all get out, and rolling to the other side to try to feel it again.  I’m pretty sure I slept like five hours that night…. oops.  Totally worth it!

Funny Stories: One of Will’s favorite stories happened to be on a night that my emotions just got the best of me.  I have been trying so extremely hard to make us a menu of dinner ideas every week, and keep a grocery budget in check, all while making sure these recipes are appropriate for Will’s Taylor Made diet.  I got home from school one day and was just worn out.  So I decided I would sit down and watch TV for a little while. Of course I couldn’t figure out how to make the TV work, or which remote did what, etc.  I called Will, very upset about this…. he happened to be down the road, so he came home and tried fixing it himself.  (It took him a while to figure this out, by the way!) Turns out the batteries were burning out.  So, first problem, solved!  I watch TV for a while, and Will goes back to work.  He is supposed to be home between 8:00-9:00pm, so I figure I have a while to work on dinner.  I finally get started and have made everything except the chicken.  I decided I would just cook it on the stove top, and realize I am just burning the mess out of it!  The house is now smoky and I can’t decide which doors or windows I can open because Will had also just sprayed bug and wasp spray everywhere!  So I start texting him, mad as a hornet!  He could tell, and was on his way home anyhow.  He walks  in and I was crying and just all kinds of mad.  He looked at me and said it was okay, we would just go get something, and I just look back at him and tell him “Nope, we can’t do that!  It’s not in the budget; we just can’t eat tonight!”  Obviously I was tired, mad, and you know…emotional from pregnancy (right?) So we DID end of going to Taco Bell.

The next story isn’t so long, and is more of just a quote.  As you all know, I am just LOVING getting to buy or just even look at baby clothes and accessories (like bows.)  This morning I woke up from a deep sleep when Will got up to let the dogs out, probably 6:00am, and I tell him “I think I have been dreaming of monogrammed baby clothes, like little hats!” and then go right back to sleep.  He really got a kick out of that one!

Now that you have a decent update, let’s add some pictures!

Here are a few shots of my belly at 24 weeks.  It is about 39ish inches around my belly button area.  It has MOST CERTAINLY grown from my 20 week pictures!  Also, I look super tired, because hey- being tired caught up with me this past week too, and I did not feel like putting make up on since I was about to work out!

Just so you can see the difference in my belly, here are a few from my 20 week post:

Will has also been working hard to finally paint the baby room!  The paint color is Benjamin Moore, Rodeo.

Basically done:

We also went to Memphis today, Sunday, and stopped by Target.  Will bought some pajamas for our baby girl!  They’re pretty adorable!

Side One:


​Side Two:


His favorite outfit he picked out:


I think it is sweet he bought these little outfits!  I mayyyyy have picked out one set of pajamas, but he really picked out all the rest!

OH! Last bit of good news!  My house I own in North Carolina was on the market for barely less than a week and we got an offer on it!  We accepted and are now in the Due Diligence period, and hoping everything falls through accordingly so that we can close on June 12th!  We are both super excited and hoping it works out!

I guess that’s it for now!  Our next baby appointment is this Friday, May 5th, so hopefully we get another good update!


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  1. You are beautiful with or without makeup! Getting so excited to see you all soon. Trying to do just the right amount of rain dancing, so you have the whole week with us at the beach… XOXO


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