Baby Cashion: Boy or Girl-the current debate!


So, it’s been a little while, and in case you haven’t heard yet- Will and I are finally expecting a baby again! However, this time we have finally made it to 16+ weeks (WHICH IS SO EXCITING!)  The picture above is from a little over 11 weeks- we’ll get some new glamour shots on Friday!

Also….our announcement photo, in case you haven’t seen that:


Of course we had to include our original fur babies in the announcement, and they really liked sitting in a “bed!”  They were a little disappointed when we made them get off and leave the room!

So now for the fun part- Friday we have out next appointment!  We will be 16 weeks, 4 days- unless they change our due date once again.  We are also supposed to find out if we are having a boy or girl! (EEEK!)  We have decided that we don’t want the doctor to tell us, so we will still have them put the answer in the envelop and then go have someone create something pink or blue for us.  Since we both have our parents and ALL of my family, and our closest friends so spread out, we opted to do a Facebook Live Video this Friday evening 5:30pm central time, 6:30pm eastern time, so feel free to tune in if you want to find out with us!

At our last appointment our baby did show us his/her behind….!


We decided before this appointment to test some of the Old Wive’s Tales out.  For documented purposes, Will and I kind of feel like it is a girl, based on absolutely nothing besides a feeling- not a want!  Because we have lost two and have had such a time getting pregnant to begin with- we will be happy with whatever baby and however many babies we end up with together!  So here goes:

Chinese Gender Chart: According to the Chinese Gender Chart we are having a girl- we even tested for error on months, and both months say “GIRL.”

-Baby’s Heart Rate: Tales say that if the baby’s heart rate is 140 or higher, the baby is a girl, anything lower is a boy.  At our first appointment in the beginning of January we were 138-boy, however, since then we have ALWAYS been higher than 140, with the lowest being 144- meaning GIRL.

-Morning Sickness: Lots of morning sickness means girl, little to no morning sickness means boy.  I could probably count on my hands the amount of times I have actualllllllly thrown up, so BOY.

-Cravings: Sweet: Girl, Salty: Boy-  I haven’t had any major cravings, but I would say I probably have chosen more sweet over salty snacks (but I do that on any normal given day too….) So GIRL.

-Pregnancy Glow or No? (Meaning thicker hair, and not a lot of acne)  I have been fortunate to not break out too badly, so BOY.

-Partner’s Weight Gain: The tale says if the partner is gaining weight, it is a sign that the baby is a girl.  Will laughed when I read this one out to him, and said it was okay to post, that he has indeed gained a little weight… so GIRL.

Moody vs Mellow: Moody: girl, Mellow: boy.  Even though I think I have been fairly mellow, Will says I have been more moody, and he is the one that chooses to live with me! So GIRL.

-The Eye Test: If your eyes are dilating it means boy.  Will says my eyes are not dilating, so: GIRL.

-Carrying High vs Low:  High: Girl, Low: Boy.  Considering this is the first week a bump has really been noticeable, we decided I am carrying low, so BOY.

The Ring Test: If the ring swings in a circular motion over your belly, it’s a girl, if it swings side to side over your belly, it’s a boy.  Our’s was side to side: BOY.

6 Old Wive’s Tales say GIRL

4 Old Wive’s Tales say BOY

So there are the results!  On another note, my Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Will’s Mom all think boy so far… Friday we will find out for sure!

Personally, we think the baby kind of looks like an alien right now….


Either way, after the losses this has honestly been a very exciting time, but not one with out tons of worry, and tons of worry left, so we are trying to make the most of every good moment we do get!

I’m also finally being able to get back to exercising some, so we celebrated my 30th birthday this past weekend while running a 5K in Little Rock, AR.  (We did probably walk 1-1.5miles during it for safety’s sake.)


Either way- more updates coming soon, along with my experiences this far!  Stay tuned, and again, be sure to checkout Facebook Friday at 5:30pm CT/6:30pm ET for the Live show!


4 thoughts on “Baby Cashion: Boy or Girl-the current debate!”

  1. We had hoped to come visit you and Will this coming week, but it didn’t work out. Just staying home.
    We’ll be happy with either boy or girl.
    Joseph and Cathy


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