Nursery Reveal and 37 Weeks

37 WEEKS!!!!!!

37 weeks are officially done- which means this little baby is *technically* ready, and safe enough to be born!  No more than 2-3 weeks to go!  We had an appointment last Wednesday and Annabelle Grace was weighing in at 6lb, 12oz.  She had grown 9oz since the last appointment we had before Michigan- so it seems she could be a big girl!  As of last Wednesday she had turned head down as well, so I’m reallllllllly hoping she stays that way.  I apparently have a lot of amniotic fluid, which makes it easy for her to turn around.  We have another appointment this coming Friday, and will continue to have an appointment each week until she is born!

Since we’ve nearly made it to the end, it’s time to post pictures of the nursery!  I love her room, and can’t wait to add her to it!  Until then, I just like to walk in and look around or sit in the glider!  I’ve pretty much organized and washed every possible item, so really there is nothing left to do!  So, let’s start with the before pictures!  These pictures are from days after Will and I moved in to the house- nothing had been done, except us moving our furniture in, and laying down an area rug because the carpet that came in the house was needing to be replaced. (We basically lived out of this one room for a good amount of time, while the house was being worked on!)

Since then the room had finally been turned into a guest room- with new carpet, and new paint- a light blue-green color.  Our first addition to making it a nursery was buying a crib!  We decided to go with a converter-crib- one that will work for her as a baby, as a toddler, and then convert in to a full-size bed so that we won’t have to buy new beds over and over.  We found this crib on Amazon, and really like it!


Then we decided to move everything out of the room, add a carpet we ordered from Wayfair, and pick out a paint color!  We picked a Benjamin Moore “Greige” color- I believe it’s actually called Rodeo.​​

Our biggest splurge on the room was actually for the dresser and end tables.  We decided to for-go a changing table.  Since it doesn’t serve enough of a purpose later on- and really- how often will one of us be beside the changing table?!  Odds are this baby is getting changed where we are when the moment happens.  So, we added the cost of the changing table in to the furniture we would use in her room.  We found it on ETSY, and absolutely love it!  It will last for years- and can easily be transitioned in to any of our other rooms later on.


We also order an unfinished, wooden, monogram sign from ETSY- it’s so much cheaper to just paint it yourself!  Plus we could match it easier to the quilt rack my Nana made years ago, and to a bedside table that Will already had from his first house!  (Obviously Will did all of the painting!  He was such a great sport about it and did a wonderful job!)


The picture frames and mirror came from ETSY, curtains we had to order since we have such high ceilings/large windows, and the book shelf and slide-in baskets came from Target! (Bought with free gift cards from purchasing other baby things, win-win!)  The lamps are some that my Mom gave us a while back, and most of the little picture frames were gifts given to us!  We went pretty basic with the crib bedding since it’s recommended to keep it pretty simple.  We did add a crib skirt that will be seen better when the bed is converted to a toddler bed.  Soooooo, without further ado- here are the final pictures!




 ​Here is a video tour of the room as well!

We also have a bonus closet beside her room and bathroom! We have filled it up with everything else!

​So there you have it!  Annabelle Grace’s room is complete!  Now, we’re just waiting on her!  Oh- I almost forgot- we also have an older, antique cradle that my parents gave us.  Will was able to get it put together and painted and distressed it!  We will keep this in our room for a while, while she is itty-bitty!  We have gone back and forth on how to make a mattress for it, as the sizing is not like anything sold today.  Foam seemed like the simplest fix- but there were a lot of reviews about chemicals and gasses that come off of it, not being good for the baby.  I decided to see if there was a way to have one custom made and it was actually able to work!  We found a site that custom makes the mattresses, and it was only $60.00!  Win-Win!  We’ve moved the cradle to our room, and now are just waiting for the mattress and fitted sheets to show up!


As for what is happening now that 37 weeks are done-  I’m getting asked A LOT if there are twins!  People seem so shocked when I tell them there is only one, and it’s a baby girl that still has 3 weeks to go!  I honestly love watching people’s reactions, and answering their questions.  I’m still doing Pure Barre and walking as much as possible!  I always check with my doctor and he tells me to continue going until the day this baby pops out- so I go!  It also seems to make a big difference in keeping my glucose numbers lower!  My energy is still staying pretty strong- though at the end of the day I am wiped out!  My fingers have started to swell some.  I can get my rings on and off, but it is slightly difficult, so I have now added them to a necklace to wear.  I’m up about 18.5lb from pre-pregnancy, and my belly measures about 44.5 inches around!  I am starting to get a few, what I assume, are stretch marks around my belly button, and I’m really pretty okay with it!  I’ve waited a long time for a sweet baby to be inside of me, and having the marks to prove she was there is something I’m pretty happy about!

So- here are some pictures!  I’ve attached a 20 week picture beside my 37 week picture!

24 Weeks and 37 Weeks:

20 Weeks and 37 Weeks

Andddd: Proof that my belly is 44.5 inches wide and has some potential stretch marks near my belly button!


So that concludes this updated post!  Now we wait!  I’ll continue to update until Annabelle Grace arrives!  That’s a post I can’t wait to write! (My bags are packed and I have outfits and headbands ready to go!)  Oh- and I bought myself one little fun thing for after her arrival- some new {PINK} tennis shoes!



2 thoughts on “Nursery Reveal and 37 Weeks”

  1. Love, Love , Love the nursery.. That room has been totally transformed and looks fantastic!! Honey you’re looking great too! I think pregnancy agrees with you… Can’t wait to see y’all and little Annabelle Grace!! Not long now!!! Love y’all..Mom


  2. The room is just perfect! I never imagined when I was building the quilt rack that it would be waiting for a precious little girl to arrive. I’m so glad it will be used for her “stuff”. Now, if you would just get her some hair bows…lol. Can’t wait to see you all. Love you forever! XOXO


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