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Everything’s Magical

“Everything’s MAGICAL when it snows, everything looks PRETTY.  The clothes are great.  Coats, scarves, gloves, hats.” -Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls


Since today is officially our first Snow Day of 2017, and I did not have school today- I figure it is time I give an update on the blog!  So much has happened since I last wrote.  We’ve had Thanksgiving and Christmas and a million things in between.  I’ll add another post about all of that!

I really felt like I should finally take a moment to reflect on 2016.  Every year around this time everyone is talking about their new resolutions and changes they will make.  I love that idea, however I think it’s important to remember maybe why you are making those changes, or why the changes you made that year turned out so great.

  • January: We went to Nicaragua!
  • February: I somehow talked Will into a Pure Barre Class on VALENTINE’S Day
  • March: Planting Season started and Will and I ran our second half-marathon
  • April: We ran an 8K in Clarksdale at the Juke Joint Festival
  • May: We went to NC for a Beach Trip with my family
  • June: We celebrated our second anniversary, a new job offer from Desoto School for me, as well as learning we were finally pregnant again since miscarrying in 2015
  • July: A bitter-sweet goodbye to my job with Sysco, a happy beginning as I decorated my new classroom, a trip to Michigan, and unfortunately miscarrying our second pregnancy
  • August: My job as Deosto School’s K3 teacher began
  • September: We finally had a circle drive made in front of our house
  • October: Will and I went to Florida for Fall Break
  • November: Will and I celebrate Four Years of dating, and celebrated Thanksgiving here in Helena
  • December: I celebrated my friend Lenise’s 30th birthday in Gatlinburg, TN., Will ran his first MARATHON with his Dad, we celebrated Christmas in North Carolina, and celebrated a wedding in Fayettville, AR for our dear friends Ross and Lorien.

2016 was a year of lots of ups and downs and lessons learned, but it was a great one!  I have personally learned a lot about myself, and Will and I have learned so much about how strong a marriage can be when you truly care about each other.

My ending to Sysco was bittersweet, and I will always appreciate that job and miss certain things about it, but my heart could not be happier at Desoto in that sweet K3 classroom.  That job change was most certainly a happy highlight of 2016 for me, and those sweet kiddos brighten my day, every day- even when they have very “busy days!”

Will running a full marathon was such a big moment for him!  I am still proud of him (and his dad) and am so impressed with the drive and time it takes to prepare for something like that.  I personally don’t see myself running 26.2 miles, and am even more impressed that they did most of it in the COLD, COLD rain.

As for what 2017 will bring- I can’t wait to find out!

Happy Snow Day and belated Happy New Year!

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