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Will and I have not fallen off the face of the planet!  However, if you’re friends with Will on Facebook- you would know this! That husband of mine loves Facebook, and is forever posting updates on life!  (If you’re not friends with him- go be one- he will keep you entertained!). Anyhow, on that note, it’s back to blogging for me!  I have a few other unfinished posts to come- one about the holidays, one about my trip to Disney World with Lenise, and one about our trip to Nicaragua, and life in general!  Before I post those, you should know that Planting Season 2016 is here!  The farm started the year officially this past Wednesday, March 23.

The season is starting a little later because we have had record rains recently which caused lots of flooding in fields, houses, roads, etc.  (Let me tell you- that was an interesting few days of work in dress clothes and driving… I may as well have jumped in a pool!)

Below are some pictures that Will and his Uncle John took around Helena and even Clarksdale, Mississippi.  Clarksdale had a lot more flooding than we did.  Several houses were ruined.

 This was our over-flowing deep ditch at our house: 
Now that planting has begun, I will see the love of my life a lot less, because they get busy fast and stay that way until the job is done or it rains one.  (Never thought I would love rain so much!  Actually- its a love-hate kind of love- love it because I see Will- hate it because, well like I mentioned above, I’m stuck driving and walking in it while wearing dress clothes for my job.  Worth it, though!)

Since he does get and stay so busy, I actually really enjoy taking a few hours to ride along with him.  I see and learn so much more, and honestly appreciate his work that much more.  It’s also pretty fun when he asks me to bring him lunch.  A perfect little farm-date.  Not typical, but still sweet.

So guess what I’m seeing today?  (If you guessed planting- you guessed right! Ha). They are planting up around our house and are planting corn!  I can’t wait to see it when it’s tall!

Filling up the planter: 

Making sure the seeds are actually there:

Checking seeds that were planted earlier that are sprouting under ground- they’ll pop up through the dirt in a few days:

Of course here we are:

Will also drove me by the ground inside the levee.  It is absolutely beautiful!  It’s crazy to imagine the water was completely covering everything in the pictures below when the river was up a while back!  There are also lots of hogs that run around out there.  I haven’t seen one yet- and really want to see a real one!  I just picture a big Pumba from The Lion King, except a lot meaner!

So there ya have it folks-

Welcome to #Plant2016 !

Happy Easter from us!

Will did squeeze in a break so we could go have his Grandmother’s traditional meringues and strawberries with his family!


4 thoughts on “PLANTING SEASON 2016”

  1. We’ve been awaiting the update.
    It was fun reading it and seeing the photos.
    Planting is going on around here in Missouri too, but we had a dry winter and spring too (so far).
    See you both at the beach,
    Joseph and Cathy


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