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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom’s birthday!

My mom has ALWAYS been an example of so many qualities that so many women seem almost scared to possess.  She has taught both me and my sister from a young age that we could be independent, knowledgable, un-ashamed, able to speak our minds, brave, and to go after what WE want.

Mom, you may not realize the impact you have had on me in these ways, but you have.

Not only did I admire so many of these attributes,  but I also remember some of my favorite moments when we were little and growing up with a mom who was able to be home with us.  My mom was always the room mom at school- she never missed our birthdays, was at every awards program, helped host all of the skate nights, class parties, basketball games, and was a coach when I decided I wanted to be a cheerleader! Haha

Mom, you have been there through both my best moments, and some of the worst and hardest moments of my life so far.

There is no way I would trade you for any other mom.  I hope you have the best birthday, and know that I (and Will) miss you and love you!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful compliments! I didn’t have a manual on how to raise children, but tried the best I could to make sure there was love and family time. We are so very proud of both of our girls and the women they have grown into. You both have married wonderful men that I am proud to call my son-in-laws. Amy, again thank you, for the beautiful words! I love you!


  2. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. I told her that I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter. We are all so lucky that love is the basis for our wonderful family.


  3. We only just saw this post just now, 2/16/2016.
    You didn’t mention how lucky she was at the casino last time.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the beach.
    Don’t forget to bring her cotton that she forgot.
    Maybe she will dig up some fig trees for you to take back to Arkansas.
    Joseph and Cathy


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