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Thank You!

So I am going to be running a 5K on Halloween this year!  It is a Susan G. Komen race, so all of the donations I earn go towards finding a cure for cancer.  I have previously done a race for breast cancer back when I lived in NC.  I love running, but even more so, I would love to see a cure for Breast Cancer (and all the other types as well.). What better way to do that than run a race to support it!

Here is a picture of me and my mother back when I ran the race in NC.  She is a big part of the reason this type of donation is so important, and I will continually help out this cause when I can!

I know there are several people fighting this battle currently, and several that have already battled the battle and won, and some that have not.  Regardless of the outcome, this is an important cause.  It’s important because in the end we want everyone to win the battle.

I want to take a minute to GRACIOUSLY THANK my mom, Sue Ellen, pictured above, my Nana, Sue Stamper, pictured below:

And of course my husband, Will:

They have all already donated and helped me reach my goal of $100.00.

If you too would like to donate, please feel free to use the link below to do so.  Someday, someone you know may be affected by breast cancer, and maybe just maybe at that time they will have a cure, due in part to you helping them financially be able to find one!

Have a happy Thursday!

1 thought on “Thank You!”

  1. I’m sure that it will be fun, and the summer heat will be on the way out that time of year, making for easier running.
    We really enjoy reading your postings.
    Keep them up if you can.


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