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It’s A Dog (and Cat) Life For Me!

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted!  I have a couple different ideas for posts cooking up in my brain, however, I’ve yet to put the thoughts to paper (or better yet on this Blog!). Will and I have been extremely busy- but good busy!!!

So I figured it would be fun to show you a day in the life of…… THE PETS!  As you know, we have four furry, loving, SNEAKY, energetic, four-legged children.  Two of them are our dogs Toby and Wells, and two of them are our cats, Pepper and Jersey.  So take a look at an average day in the life….

“We sleep a lot… And in VERY comfortable position…”-All of the pets

  “Sinks are my favorite spot!”- Jersey

 “I’m guarding Toby from Wells!”- Pepper (when really he lays near Toby so Wells won’t bug him!)

  “Feet kicked up! (Not so sure how comfortable this is, but humans like to ‘throw their feet up’) Guess I’ll try it..”- Toby

 Sleeping in a basket- the ultimate warm, small, hide from Well’s, typical Cat Nap.

Wells will sleep the least of them all…so Toby stands guard.

“Dad’s home! He loves to nap with us sometimes!”

 Toby lays like this more often then not… Pretty relaxed!

“We like to swim!  Or at least attempt to…”




“We LOVE riding in the truck!  Here we are getting to ride IN the cab on what is known as the”Low Roads!”

“Sometimes we go on rides in the truck bed!  We see farms, cows, sometimes other dogs, but we don’t jump out!”



“We also love to play with anything and everything”


Because they play with cats…. They sometimes think they too are cats… And can sit and fit pretty much any where…

   Jersey likes to try to get in the washing machine when I put towels in there…

They like to play with powdered sugar and flour….  Sometimes a toilet paper roll when they think we don’t notice….

But of course we still love them at let them go to work on the farm…


Because we often find them doing this together…

And they do guard us and our house at all times!

4 thoughts on “It’s A Dog (and Cat) Life For Me!”

  1. Better watch out for the washer and dryer.
    We knew someone that washed or dried their cat with the laundry. I can’t remember which.
    Wasn’t a good way to get a clean or dry cat.


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