Farm Life, This Week at Cashion Plantation

Windy Monday!

We have a chance of rain/storms today’s for a few hours.  Chances are it probably won’t hit, however that doesn’t mean we don’t get any of the wind from it.  It was about 7:15am when I took this video from our porch!  Lots of trees blowing around, and very loud wind!


The farm is wanting to possibly start harvesting their corn this week, so really they don’t want any rain right now! Hopefully the wind will die down before long too!  If the wind stays strong, and lasts for a while, it can cause their rice to lay down, preventing them from harvesting that when the time comes!

Weather plays such a big role in a farmer’s life!

Happy Monday!

Oh- and here are a few pictures we had fun taking last night while Will played with his Dad’s camera!


3 thoughts on “Windy Monday!”

  1. Also! Will asked for votes, and we want more! Which of the blue paint strips on our door do you like the best?! So far the blue on the right seems to be winning!



  2. Those winds are nothing. Out here on the border of Kansas, our winds tend to swirl and pick up houses!!
    I like the brighter blue stripe. It will be more cheerful looking from a distance and up close. Look at the shirt you are wearing. It is the bright blue too.
    The gray can look depressing. Why does someone feel “gray”? They are depressed.
    Of course I’m looking at it without perfect color rendition through the camera and computer screen.
    Nice pictures of the pups and around the house too.


  3. I had considered the grey-blue color first but decided on the lighter, cheerful blue. I have to agree with Joseph on the color. The grey-blue will look too grey at a distance and as the sun fades. Both colors are fine…..and you can always re-paint the doors.



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