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You’re Like…A Dad Now!

You did it, you became the Daddy to our sweet, sweet girl, and you couldn’t be better at it!




You’ve changed diapers without complaining, given cuddles to both a happy and a sad baby.  You’ve taken her to the farm to give me some time, and you continue to love us both endlessly.






You’ve helped bridge the way for our sweet dogs and baby to live together.



You’re teaching Annabelle Grace and I both to be the best farm family there is, and I love it.



You’ve lost plenty of sleep yourself, getting up and down to make sure we fed her every two hours, when I couldn’t move in and out of the bed, and you NEVER complained about it. (You did have some interesting sleep positions when you would sleep though….





You love to show her off!


You’re there for the big appointments, or around after for snuggles, like her first set of shots.

(She was also there for your big one!)


We “roll as a pack” as you like to say!







You made your most “heroic” “dad move” by washing the dogs FIVE MILLION times during the worst night of our lives, SKUNK NIGHT, so that Annabelle Grace and I wouldn’t have to be near it…


You have no shame in being goofy!

Photo on 12-17-17 at 4.35 PM #2

You play with her any chance you get!






Meaning…… You’re most certainly one heck of a DAD!


Seriously though- I couldn’t have picture a better version of a Dad to have a baby with if I had tried.  You consistently are trying to find ways to help, any way you can.  Evennnnnnn when you’ve worked a million (yes, I’m exaggerating- but it may as well be that many) hours every day of the week, for weeks on end.

YOU are the true definition of what a Dad should be- you help with out being asked.  You take pride in being able to change your baby’s diaper or give her a bottle, or tote her around for hours on end.

You (deep down) love the bows, clothes, shoes, and princess dolls and books.

You know how to be goofy, but also know how to give a good, stern “no” to our baby when she needs it.

You are the Dad who would wash skunk-scented dogs in the middle of the night for your sweet family.

You are the Dad who would drive all but ONE hour to NC so that we could get to a trip with my family, because IIIIIIIII was the tired one.

You are the Dad who actually has his own “emergency bow” in his truck…. because it makes Mom happy.

You are the Dad who willingly goes to Target (most of the time) on our date nights, just so we can look at things for Annabelle Grace.

You are the Dad who is showing her how a husband, dad, but most importantly a man should act and treat others.

You are the Dad that I couldn’t see myself not paired with, ever.

Happy First Father’s Day!

I guess I’ll clean the yogurt up on yogurt day this week (even though I pretty much do every time, anyhow…..)

Love you MORE.

2 thoughts on “You’re Like…A Dad Now!”

  1. We always read these and Tiny Beans too.
    Nice photos and stories.
    We always enjoy them.
    (I thought the emergency bow was for hunting but then realized it was for hair!! JS.)
    Joseph and Cathy
    Garden City, Mo.


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