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9 Months Old {As of May 23}

Once again, a little late on the post…. but earlier than her 10 month birthday, so that’s a little better, right?!


I have to say that these last couple of months have really been some of my favorite with Annabelle Grace so far!  (EVERY month is wonderful- but seeing how quickly she changes, and her personality really starting to pop out recently is just so fascinating!)

This past month Annabelle Grace has been continuing to crawl (and very fast!) She is pulling up even more, holding on to things to walk, pushing her “walker cart,” and making so many different sounds!

She has always loved her Daddy, but this past month he has quickly become one of her favorite people!  She kicks and smiles so big when he comes home in the evening or when gets her up in the morning or after a nap!


We also had a belated dinner out for Daddy’s birthday to one of his favorite Clarksdale restaurants, Ramon’s!

She got her first Razorback dress, thanks to Will’s cousin, Rachel!


We’ve spent some more quality time on the farm, riding around with Daddy, or having picnics!


We sat her in the grass for the first time- she was a little unsure of it!


Jamie came to visit for an afternoon!

We’re still spending lots of mornings and afternoons taking stroller walks and swinging!

Annabelle Grace and I took our first official day-trip to Memphis together!  (We’ve gone to Memphis several times for quick visits, or with Will when we spend a whole day/night, but we don’t typically go for long stretches by ourselves- mostly because everything has to be timed around naps!)  Clearly she got to take home that unicorn you see in the pictures!

She’s still looking cute and practicing her walking!


She’s still loving food…


She’s helping clean…


We dance in the car and pretend to drive when we wait for the car to cool off…


We colored with crayons for the first time!

We all went to Memphis on Mother’s Day to walk the bridge together!  Mempops had a popsicle stand at the beginning of the bridge, so of course we got two!  Annabelle Grace decided to nap, so we walked back and forth across it for two hours, maybe a little more!

Annabelle Grace has been a big fan of hanging out in the kitchen with me while I cook…

8 month and 22 days later…… we had our first tooth come in!  The first to appear was her bottom left tooth.  Within another week, we got our second tooth, the bottom right!


She has also done a great job learning to drink from a 360 cup!  She mastered straws last month, so this month we’ve continued using them, but have also started trying these out!

We also took a quick weekend trip to Fayetteville, AR!  Daddy was in one of his best college friend’s weddings!  Annabelle Grace also had her first official babysitter that weekend!  (Thanks to John and Emily for recommending their best babysitter!)  Annabelle Grace did great and we got a good report both nights, along with lots of pictures throughout the evening!


While in Fayetteville, we also got to visit some more of Will’s cousins, and get Annabelle Grace and Knight together again!

And of course, enjoyed some bath time with Daddy!

Of course, she did fantastic at her check up too!!

We finished the month out weighing in at 17 pounds, 6 ounces, 27.5 inches long, and a 44.5 cm round head!  We were fortunate to miss the 8 month sleep regression (hallelujah- somehow we have continued to miss all of the “known” regression phases!)  She did have one week of waking up ONCE a night when her first tooth was coming in.  Thankfully, she was easily put back down and wouldn’t wake up any more.  (Didn’t mean it wasn’t a frustrating week at night- but definitely an EASY week, considering some people have lots of wake ups between teething and regressions!)


As for Mom-

I’m still feeling good!  I’m continuing to eat well and workout- though right now my workout is pretty much a stroller walk/run!  Daddy has been busier with planting and whatnot on the farm, so Annabelle Grace and I try to go for runs when it’s possible! He still tries to give me a few chances to get to Memphis to do Pure Barre as well!  I am still 100% nursing or pumping/bottle feeding Annabelle Grace.  My milk production did seem to dwindle some, so we’ve used a lot of my freezer stash, but also attempted to let her try formula, in case it got to the point I couldn’t keep up.  Annabelle Grace HATES formula.  We have tried different kinds, different temperatures, and different bottles/cups, and have mixed it with my milk.  She hates it.  So, we’re just going until we can’t any more, and will worry about that later if I don’t make it to a year with enough milk!  So far, we’re sliding by, and she’s still growing like crazy and having plenty of wet and poopy diapers!  (When I nurse, she does fine- my body has just never been good at output with a pump, and since we’ve been trying to use more cups and bottles, I don’t keep up as well- so no worries everyone- she CAN get plenty if I nurse instead of pump- I just prefer to have her done with nursing by 12 months!)  Motherhood truly is a crazy, beautiful thing!  I really can’t imagine my life with Will without Annabelle Grace in it now.  He’s a great Daddy, and we make a great team!

Life is good!


Sidenote- I have not spell-checked or proof-read this post yet….so please excuse the many errors that probably exist above!  She is up from a nap, and I’m not postponing this post AGAIN!  =)


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