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Oh December!


Like the quote on the picture?!  I thought it was fitting!  Will and I have no shame in most anything, are both pretty sweet, and we do live in the middle of a bunch of trees that grow nuts, too- coincidentally!

By the way- if you read this post on a computer (it SHOULD do it from a tablet or mobile device, but I don’t think it is….) it should look like it is snowing!  It will look like snow is falling on my blog until January 4th maybe?!  I thought it was a fun touch!  (Especially since that is about the only bit of snow I can see right now!)

Anyhow- so far December has truly been a great month.  With the upcoming New Year I’m going to try to be better at updating once a week or every two weeks at least!  (Then my posts won’t continue to be massive since I squeeze so much in to each of them now!)  Plus, Annabelle Grace is just changing left and right- I don’t want to miss updating you on her sweet little life!

To start this month off, Will and I joined Will’s parents in Memphis for a weekend so that we could participate in the St Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend!  This was the third year in a row Will and I have also run one of the races with his Dad.  Ted, his dad, has run a few other times in the past!

Before the races began!
Warm-up for these goofs!

and of course…..

Our “finishers” photo!

I ran the 10K for the second year in a row, and Will ran the FULL marathon with his Dad, for the second year in a row!  The first year we ran, we both did the 5K in 2015.

Will’s mom, Ann, was in from D.C. this year to watch the races and help take care of Annabelle Grace while the rest of us ran!  Since I finished so much earlier, I joined the two of them to later watch Will and Ted finish their full marathon.




Annabelle Grace was a trooper, as usual, for the entire weekend!  When participating in the St Jude weekend we also usually help decorate the Christmas tree for Will’s parent’s house.  Annabelle seemed to enjoy the Christmas lights.


Once we were back to our house, and knew we would be at our house for the next few weeks, it was time to move Annabelle Grace to her own crib!  It was a little sad to see her leave our room, but the girl is strong!  She could easily move herself from one side of her cradle to the other, and even switch angles- so safety was the biggest concern.  We would have moved her sooner, but being out of town so much made that a little more difficult.  When moving her, we wanted to make sure we could stay consistent with it for a little while, to make the transition easier.  Guess what, she did GREAT!  She took advantage of the space in her crib and moved around the first night!  Since then we have found her laying in ALL directions!  She has done complete 360s numerous times now!  She also wakes with a great big smile!  She also likes to sleep with her feet in the air… crazy girl.

We were able to attend an engagement party for one of Will’s high school friends, Elise and her fiancé, Richard!


We took Annabelle Grace on her first Jeep ride!

We celebrated on December 13, because that is when we first found our I was pregnant with Annabelle Grace!  You can read about that special day HERE!  We waited a long tie for our little rainbow!


We decorated our own family Christmas tree, and added new ornaments (like the one at the beginning of this post with the three reindeer!)

Annabelle Grace and I decorated my old pink Christmas tree- which is now hers, and where we put all of her very own ornaments!

Will had his annual duck hunting trip with several of his college friends, so Annabelle dressed the part all weekend as well- even though we weren’t with them!

She did finally get to meet them all!  Each one of them took a turn holding her, too!  Of course I had to get a group picture of everyone!


And last, but certainly NOT least- our most recent family adventure of the month- taking a “Family Christmas Pajamas” picture, dogs included!  This whole set of pictures has a little to do with that first picture of the post too….. hahahaha

The three best are:


Photo on 12-17-17 at 4.35 PM #2.jpg

Photo on 12-17-17 at 4.52 PM #2

So that is it for now!  Be on the lookout for her FOUR MONTH (what in the world?!) update, a Christmas update, and a New Years update!


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