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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Last weekend was my Dad’s birthday!!  Of course I mailed him his card and present, but there was one little part I told him he would have to wait to see!

Well today is the day he can see it!  For years now, my Dad and I have had a bond over one particular vehicle- a Jeep Wrangler!  Together we have driven that Jeep multiple times, especially on the coast of North Carolina (Carolina Beach to be exact) and listed to countless CDs, playing only the most appropriate music for wherever we were going.  We have also been caught in a rainstorm or two with the top and doors completely off!  When that happens- you have to find a bank or gas station quick!

 We have collected stickers from all the beaches we visit and put them on the bumper.  Unfortunately a few have come off due to weathering over time, but that’s okay!  There is a dream catcher that hangs from the mirror, and represents a missions trip I went to on a Navajo Reservation years ago.  I also wanted to have the Jeep painted pink when it became mine…. My Dad was not a big fan of that idea, so he gave me a tag for the front that said “Jeep” and it is pink.  I hate to break it to you, Dad, but I still want this Jeep to be pink!  (Fortunately for you, Will does not! So he’s trying to keep that from happening too!).

I have now lived in the Delta for over three years, so the Jeep is now a Delta Jeep!  Sadly while living here the Jeep broke down.  I have had several people offer to buy it, and the answer was always a clear “Nope!  That Jeep is too important to me, and I have too many memories in it that I’m not willing to sell!”

Well guess what Dad?!  (Of course you probably know, because Mom is and always will be the best at figuring things out… Hahaha). It’s fixed, and waiting on you all to visit so we can take it for a ride in it’s new home!

Until then, I figured you would like this video! (I’m not the best videographer, so excuse my skills- but it should make you smile!)


Until I see you for an actual ride in the Jeep again, Happy Birthday!  Love you!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dad!”

  1. Looks like fun!!
    I agree with Will, do not paint it pink.
    We’re anxious to see it running again too.
    The pups seem to be having a good time riding along. Looks like they make a bump backrest.

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