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Funny for the Day!

Let me help you start your day by showing you something that made me laugh!  (Of course that means I only caught the tail-end of this on camera!)


Will takes down and brings up the trash can with it hooked to the back of his truck!  The dogs were not sure what was going on and I don’t think they liked the sound very much, but hey- it worked!

In other news, here are some of the cakes I’ve made recently!

 The bottom cake with sprinkles covering the sides was actually tye-dye colored inside of it like the picture above!  I’m also workin on creating a Peach Cupcake… We will see how that goes!

We also have finally gotten our dining room table, made from “reclaimed wood” from around Helena.  Sunday we went and looked for some chairs to start our collection, and we were successful on finding a few!  Once we get that set up, I’ll set the table and take some pictures of it all!

While in Memphis, Will took me to a place named Jerry’s Sno Cones.  Clearly they specialize in snow cones, but also serve shakes, storms (like a blast from Sonic), and even fast food items.  They actually make their snow cones with fake snow, instead of regular old crushed ice!  They have snow machines inside that building!  They also use extra syrup and, you can get “supreme” style, which means they also swirl ice cream through it!  Their line stayed this long the entire time we were there- apparently this is a very well-known, popular, Memphis favorite!


That’s it for now!  I’ll write again soon!

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