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Take me out to….


Moon Lake, that is!  Will worked Saturday morning and checked lots of water and the usual… Then it was time to enjoy a FULL day on the lake!  We had a fantastic time! I’ve talked about Moon Lake before- it’s a smaller lake right across the bridge from Arkansas, in Mississippi.  So here it is:

(Will hates my videoing, because I move the camera so fast, but I like it faster… Soo don’t get sea-sick watching if you like slow videos! Haha)

I packed us a lunch so that we wouldn’t have to leave, brought books to read, music to listen to, and of course there were some floats on the boat to play with!


And apparently different types of boats like to hang out together…. We passed groups of speed boats, groups of fishing boats, and groups of party barges!

Will and I also decided to swim around the boat four times, thinking we would have swam a good bit…. And really it was only about 360ft. Ha- Ted, we have a long ways to go to catch up with your swimming! We stayed on the lake until dinner, and stopped at Kathryn’s on our way home!  Dinner was great as usual!

After dinner we stopped by the Cherry St Festival in Helena!  The Festival falls on the Second Saturday of the month and at each event they have tents set up with locals selling things they’ve made, sometimes there is music, and often there are contests of different types!  I personally won the Pie Contest a few months ago!  I was pretty proud of my moment of fame in our town!  (I’ll post a picture for ya!)

Of course, here is my claim to fame peanut butter pie! (Looks pretty tasty, right?!)

TAKE ME OUT TO…. The Ball Game!

We also got to go to a Memphis Redbirds baseball game!  Thanks to the awesome company I get the privilege of working for, Sysco Memphis!  We went to a day game, so it was INCREDIBLY hot!  But none-the-less we got to eat some hotdogs and some of THE BEST Barbeque Nachos EVER!  I also bought a Redbirds shirt! 

While in Memphis I also got to walk down Beale Street downtown for the first time!  At nights it’s really lit up!

We went by the River park Yesterday.  The Mississippi River just recently crested, basically meaning it has risen a lot!  Will and I went to the River Park to look around!


The River is also moving incredibly fast right now!  You can actually see it in this next video!

And of course we then took some pictures, because we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t!

  Back at our house the soybeans are loaded down!  They aren’t ready to be harvested yet, but it is really neat to see them grow!

I often talk about my family and friends at home, in NC, and how much I miss them-all of you!  Will listens and is always ready to assume your positions when you’re not around anytime when I need hugs, want to do something crazy, or even if I need to cry.  I truly am so thankful I made this decision to apply to Teach For America, work at the Country Club, and say yes to a first date with Will.  I could not have found a better husband, anywhere.  If that wasn’t enough…. Toby seems to love him too!  Then again, Toby knew he was a good match the first time he met him, when he happily got into Will’s truck!   (Something Toby never does easily!) It’s pretty nice to see them all playing together like this-   

Have a happy weekend, and find something small to make you smile!  =)


3 thoughts on “Take me out to….”

  1. Loving all the pictures and narrating you include! Can’t wait to visit. Count down is on!!! Love y’all!


  2. It looks like you two are always having a good time on the weekends.
    We’re glad that you can find time to do fun things.
    We’re glad that you take the time to make these postings so we can enjoy the fun with you two.


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