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Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

So now that you know all about our Michigan trip, how about an update on our day-to-day lives?!

First- my Nana, Sue, and her late husband, my PaPa would have celebrated an anniversary on June 30!  My Grandpa and Grandma, Stan and Helen, celebrated an anniversary on July 1st, AND my parents celebrated their wedding anniversary on July 2nd!  I’ve always thought it was pretty neat that all of their anniversaries were right in a row like that! (Will and I did go for the summer wedding, but are a few weeks earlier!). Anyhow, it’s not so much the fact that they are all right in a row that’s so cool.  It’s the fact that they have continued to celebrate another anniversary together year after year.  I’ve always been thankful to come from a family where both parties remain happy together, and CHOOSE to stay together, even if things are tough.  Now that I too am married, this rings a bell even more so with me, and I respect it even more.  On our way to Michigan, Will and I talked (obviously a lot, because what else do you do on a car ride that long?!) a lot about how we can’t wait for the day that when we have grown kids that they’ll call us on our anniversary and hear how happy we are still.  Clearly marriage takes not just a love and desire to be with someone, but work too- to get through the harder times.   Fortunately our biggest challenge this far has been figuring out how to see both sides of our family and friends in different states and between two full time jobs.  So far it’s been working out pretty well!  I know harder days will come, but long story short- we’ve got some great marriages to aspire to!  So Happy Anniversary and thanks to all of you!

Speaking of anniversaries… July 5th was my 6 month anniversary with Sysco! So far, so good!

We have also been cooking another set of meals from! Once again, they have all been winners! Well… There was a Miso Chicken meal, and Will accidentally over salted it.  If not for that, it too would have been pretty tasty!  Take a look at what we had!

Lamb and Risotto-Style Ditalini Pasta with Spring Onion and Green Beans:
Miso Roasred Chicken with Spring Peas and Jasmine Rice:

  Seared Salmon and Preserved Lemon with Red Quinoa and Pea Shoots:
We just got our third delivery yesterday and it looks pretty tasty!  Of course, I’ll share those photos once we make the meals!

Instead we made tacos, Spanish rice, slaw, and fresh fruit for dinner last night!  We had Will’s cousin Roman over to eat with us!

After Roman left Will, the dogs, and I went on a walk down the driveway.  They found a LARGE stick and thought it would be fun to play tug of war with it!  It was a hair too large for them…

Of course I’ve still been baking like crazy… Ended up with a ton of stuff to make last week before our trip..


Now I’m just waiting on Will while he checks all his water and whatnot on the farm!  It won’t be long before they get busy harvesting everything again!

Have a happy weekend!


1 thought on “Celebrate Good Times, Come On!”

  1. Just continue to laugh with and at each other and everything else will be OK! Those meals look yummy and so do all the baked items!


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