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Plant Season and Wheat Harvest

Farm life is in full gear right now!  When I say full gear- that means Will is working most nights until anywhere between 8pm or 9pm (and he leaves the house before 7am!)

I figured since it was that time of year, it would only be appropriate to show off some of what Will does during this time!

At the moment they are now harvesting their winter wheat, and at the same time, following up with planting more soybeans in those fields.  They are also checking on the rice and corn and beans that have already been planted.  With all the rain we’ve had things are really growing!  Will is standing in front of one of their corn fields on the picture below!

It’s taller than him, and really hasn’t been planted all that long!

They are also watering all the rice fields that have been planted!  By the way- watering and checking water is one job I would NOT want!  Can we say “perfect place for snakes to live?!” No thanks!  Anyhow, it is neat to see, from the truck, or in your case the picture below!

(I stole that picture from Will’s Uncle John, thanks!)

Now upon moving down here my first summer, ( 3 years ago!  Crazy how fast time goes!) one thing I found most interesting was all the little yellow planes I saw.  Clearly if you know me, you know I did not grow up around farm land, so the first time I saw a crop duster zoom over (very closely) the highway I was driving on, I thought to myself “that plane must be about to crash….”  And then of course it swooped up into the air just as fast!  Talk about a mini- heart attack!  I now know these crop dusters are used to help spray chemicals on fields to kill weeds, and are sometimes even used to help plant.  Below is a video Will filmed while one was putting out chemical over one of their fields. (He put it in slow-motion.)


There is so much equipment used on the farm daily, and much of it all at the same time.  I really like this “traffic jam” video Will made:


Now a farm wouldn’t be complete without some type of ginormous turtle lurking around….

So that’s a SMALL portion of what Will’s day looks like!  I’m learning more every day and am so thankful for all the farmers out there now that I know how much work goes into growing our food!  Of course, I am most thankful for one farmer in particular that sometimes I even ride a long in his VERY dirty truck!

Oh and he must love me too!  Especially when he gets come home to a stopped up sink….

(Stories for another day…)



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