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Does Your Fun Make You Laugh?

So we haven’t given up on the whole blog thing yet! (Guess you’re gonna have to keep up with it a while longer!) instead, I’ve saved up a few things to share in this post!

Just for laughs before I get started- view these videos of Will trying to bring a paddle boat to shore.  They’re sure to make you smile.  If they don’t, well it gave you something to watch for a moment!




Moon Lake is technically in Dundee, Mississippi, but only right across the bridge to Helena.  Will happened to get done with work a little early because of the rain from Sunday.  I finished up with work around 5pm, so we decided to pick up some chicken tenders for dinner and head over to the boat.  It really was nice hanging out on the water for about an hour and a half.  The wind was a little colder than we expected it to be so we never did get in the water!  None-the-less, here are a few pictures: (my coverup is still on because it was a little too cold for me- but we realized our bathing suits are the same color…)


Kathryn’s on Moon Lake (also on Moon Lake-hence the name!) happens to be one of our favorite restaurants.  They are only open seasonally so we were excited when they reopened a few weeks ago.  We had dinner there Sunday.  The restaurant is actually inside one of the older houses on Moon Lake  and is decorated with pictures of guests that have visited, signs, and posters.  The menu is relatively small, but everything on it is fantastic!  Will loves to get the fillet with pesto pasta and this past Sunday I got blackened catfish, topped with crawfish sauce, served atop succotash with a side of pasta.  We also love getting toasted ravioli for an appetizer!  Now I’m hungry just from typing this out!  While there we did run into some Teach For America girls that moved down here when I did in 2012.  It was awesome seeing them and hearing everywhere they already are or will be going.  Really it’s just amazing how much can change in three years!

Now let’s re-wind to our lazy Sunday where I left off on the last post and before the dinner we had at Kathryn’s I just wrote about…  When I said lazy.  Will, Wells, and Toby were just too sweet to not take pictures of:

I on the other hand couldn’t lay around so I decided to work on my chocolate cupcakes since my strawberry ones turned out so well.  Someone had to be productive! Well really more counter-productive since I like to use five bagillion dishes for all of my ingredients! (Will hates all the bowls I use! But hey, what he doesn’t know won’t kill him when he’s napping!) =)

Here are some fun photos though! I figured it’s time to start posting some photos of the rooms in our house! We are always asked what we’re doing, what we have done, or what we’ll be doing next, so here are just a few pictures of the many I will continue to post as time foes one!

Our room!  We finally have put up curtains! 

Next is our half bathroom in the hallway.  We decided to use purples, gold, white, and black to decorate.

The last room pictures for the night: the den! It has been painted, re-floored, and the doors/windows in the picture below have been replaced!  Please excuse any hair- I sweep so frequently! Wells’ Hair vs Me… Let’s just leave the usual winner unannounced…

Guess I have shared plenty enough!  It is high time for me to call it a night! Soooooo


Love us:


3 thoughts on “Does Your Fun Make You Laugh?”

  1. We like the blog. We kept looking for a new posting after the original.
    We didn’t know that you had posted anything more, because the link we used had the original date after and we kept only seeing the original post.
    We have corrected the link now and will see all of your postings.
    Joseph and Cathy


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