Yep, I failed a test! (and 29.5 weeks!)

Sooooo, it’s time for a big update!  We made it to the THIRD TRIMESTER (woo hoo!) but I figured I would wait to write this post until after our appointment (which turned in to multiple appointments!)

Last week I had my regular Glucose Screening appointment.  I failed.  Basically what happens at that appointment is you can eat, just nothing with sugar, so Will and I had scrambled eggs and broccoli that morning, and water.  Then, an hour before your appointment you drink this SUPERRRRRRR sweet “Glucola” drink.  Mine was fruit punch flavored.  Once you drink it, you can’t eat or drink even water until they prick your finger.  They pricked my finger, I failed, by like 9 points.  That earned me another appointment yesterday to basically do a bigger version of the same test, but with actual fasting.  I couldn’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight the night before.  Will and I showed up to my appointment, and they prick your finger once.  If you pass, you then have to drink another Glucola Fruit Punch drink….. and then you come back each hour for the next three hours to have your finger pricked again, still with no water or food in between.  Unfortunately I failed, again, and again!  A nurse spoke with us about it, and sent us home with a folder FULL of stuff to read….


Basically when diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, there is nothing I could have done to prevent it, or nothing I did while pregnant to cause it…which stinks because I still exercise a reasonable amount, have not gained too much weight while pregnant, and have been eating fairly healthy since the beginning since I was so scared of miscarriage to start with.  That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed a cookie, ice cream, french fries, etc here and there- it was just all in moderation.  Now for the most part, even those few times are gone for the next 11ish weeks.  When I failed the first test, I had one week, doctor’s orders, to continue my diet the way it had been until this three hour appointment, so during that week I did squeeze in one more of my favorite sundaes, in case it would be my last!  Bye bye peanut butter cup sundae…..


I took the news pretty well, mostly because I would have given anything to have gotten this far in a pregnancy with my previous two miscarriages, and at least I’m done with school, so planning and prep time for the meals and snacks, and pricking my finger four times a day will be a little easier to handle.  I really don’t know how I would have handled this if school was still in session!   I also know this isn’t going to be the first time I give something up for this sweet daughter of mine, so what’s a little practice ahead of time…

Now, to be completely honest, I did handle the news fairly well.  We got home and I started trying to figure out what I would be eating for the next week and making a grocery list.  It did take a while, but I felt pretty good about it, so off to Walmart I went- to buy groceries and pick up all my blood-sugar checking supplies from the pharmacy.  Basically the pharmacy was no help when it came to if insurance even covered anything, so I stood on the diabetic aisle calling our insurance company by myself and having to ask a million questions for about an hour, to finally be told nothing is covered, but it could go toward our deductible if we buy a certain kind (which by the way is priced outlandishly!)  Sooooo I walked out, called Will since he was on his way home from work, and finally cried.  Anyone who really knows me, knows I am a perfectionist when it comes to doing things (and I don’t fail tests, like Will likes to say…) So this will definitely take some time on my part realizing some parts of what I eat won’t be the end of the world, so long as I am conscious of what I am doing.  It will be a work in progress, but I know I can do it!  We also have an appointment next Wednesday morning with a Diabetes Specialist before our regular appointment, and that will certainly help with understanding how to plan meals and snacks!

Now that you know all about my fun times ahead with Gestational Diabetes, I’m going to move on to the fun part!  Everything else looked great- the doctor measured from the top of my belly to the bottom and according to that measurement, Annabelle Grace is still on track to be born around August 21!  He checked her heart rate and it was still strong and 140bpm.  My weight is still on track, and as of today is up 13.7 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  My iron was a little low, so I also have to watch that and make sure I’m getting enough iron, but other wise, things look good!  I measured my belly around my belly button this morning and it’s 41.5inches around… that’s just crazy!  I’m still doing Pure Barre regularly, and am trying to walk/run here and there when I can too.

29.5 week pictures:

For reference, here are my 20 week pictures:

She has DEFINITELY grown! (But hey, I can still see my toes when I look down!)

As for other updates, we recently got back from a family beach trip to Oak Island, NC with my family a few weeks ago, and we had a blast!  I will write more about that trip soon!



I also had my second baby shower, hosted by the mom’s and a few grand-mother’s of the kids from my K3 Class from Desoto.  It really was incredibly sweet of them, and just the gesture alone meant so much to me!  We got a lot of wonderful things for Annabelle Grace and are so thankful!



That same weekend, Lee and Jamie stayed with us!  Friday night we ate at Ramon’s in Clarksdale, and it was delicious as always!


Jamie went to the shower with me, and Lee and Will stayed at our house- they had lots of baby things to paint!


Her room is coming together, just so many little things to do to finish it off!  I absolutely love it though!

For now, that’s pretty much it- we are having maternity pictures done by one of Will’s college friends on Friday who is an awesome photographer, Kati Mallory- it should be a lot of fun, and we get to have dinner with Kati and her husband afterwards!  We have a shower hosted by his Aunt Kelly and Uncle John in a few weeks, our appointment next week, and a likely trip to Michigan in July!  So, a good few last weeks together as just the two of us!

Be on the lookout for updates to come!

2 thoughts on “Yep, I failed a test! (and 29.5 weeks!)”

  1. You are truely a miracle of mine and I am enjoying the adventure of your pregnancy. You look wonderful and it shows. Can’t wait for that bundle of joy to come. The birth of babies is truly remarkable. Love to the 3 of you always!


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