Today marks it- the FOURTH YEAR, to the date that I’ve been hanging out with this guy right here: (as in, four years ago today we had our first date, which was the first time we really ever met each other!)

And I COULD NOT be more happier about it.

FOUR years ago on November 17, Will and I had our very first date!  (which if you keep up with Will’s Facebook- he tried to beat me to the four year thing- but he was a day early, AND stole my picture!). Today is the true date- so I win?!

Basically our first date story is as goofy as our whole relationship and marriage thus far.  If you haven’t heard the story before- read on to learn all about it!

When I first moved here- it was with Teach For America back in 2012.  Upon moving here, I seriously had the WORST luck you could imagine- as in car trouble, rental car trouble, housing, my moving truck not showing up for a month, literally sleeping on the floor, contracts and more- but that is another story, for another day! (And a funny one now.). Because of the many reasons listed above, and some- I needed a part time job on top of my teaching job- so I waited tables at the Helena Country Club on nights and weekends.  I actually loved doing that, so oddly enough, it worked out!  I met many of you that are probably reading this post while working there!  So moving on…

I worked most every Friday night, Saturday morning, and sometimes Saturday nights, Sunday mornings, and a few weekday nights.  I had “met” Will a handful of times due to serving his table at some point or another but hadn’t really had much of a conversation with him aside from that.

November 17, 2012- I was working the Saturday lunch shift.  It was an incredibly slow lunch.  I had my regular golfers come in and eat in the bar.  During the same moment, in comes Will Cashion.  He decided to sit at a dining room table.  The dining room tables are neatly set with table cloths, all the flatware, glasses, cloth napkins, etc.  He was the ONLY person to sit at one of those tables during my shift.  Okay, so no big deal- I’ll get his order, he’ll eat, he’ll leave, I’ll clean up and then I get to go home- perfect!

Wellllll that’s not how the story goes.  Instead he STAYS at that table, “watching” a Razorback game, and not being a faithful fan whatsoever!  All of the other guests had left and I had seriously cleaned EVERY thing.  So at that point I wander around even cleaning and refilling salt shakers, cleaning doors, and more. He would NOT leave.  I honestly wasn’t upset, just more confused about why he was sitting there for so long- plus I was running out of things to clean to occupy my time.  (He had talked to me a little by the way). However when you serve tables, you know to nicely carry a conversation, but to also not start one in case a person or group is doing their own thing. So finally it happens.  He awkwardly asks me about when I work, and if I usually work Saturday nights.  I say that I work most weekends, but not every Saturday night.  So, he asks if I want to have dinner.  I think to myself- “why not… he’s nice enough and has cute dimples, and it would be fine I’m sure,” so I say “sure!”  Now he finally starts to get up (still keeping a conversation going) to come sign his ticket.  While walking to sign his ticket, we decide on a time, and he says he’ll pick me up.  He never asked for my address… To make it even more funny, after signing his ticket, he asks me out again!  He says “so you’re sure tonight is fine, you want to go to dinner?”  Me, being the blunt person I am, says: “yep- I wouldn’t have said yes if I didn’t want to!”  So he basically says great and he’ll see me at 6:30pm, and he leaves.

Well, I am a very cautious person, and I am from a city, so of course I decide I’m going to make sure this is a good idea ‘just in case,’ plus- I’m thinking to myself “how the heck does he know where I live, and he doesn’t even have my phone number…” (granted I am living in a small town, and everyone seriously knows everyone, and everyone is willing to help you when you need it- BUT this was still very early on during my living in a small town, so I wasn’t quite used to that yet!) SO, I ask Ms Levoria, the bartender who comes in after my lunch shift.  Ms Levoria has been around for a while and knows every thing there is to know about everyone, and has seen many of them grow up- so I figure she will certainly know about Will!

She arrives at the Club, and before I could even ask her any questions- she asks me, in a sneaky voice, if I had any big plans!  OF COURSE, she ALREADY KNEW Will was planning on coming to lunch to ask me out!  She does give him a good report and says he is “good people and to have fun!”

So I head home to get ready.  Meanwhile, Will is having to figure out if we eat at the old Rio Lindo for dinner or where to go- since there weren’t many options in Helena.  One of his friends recommends at least going to Clarksdale.  (Clarksdale is 40ish minutes away)

Will picks me up right on time and says we are headed to Clarksdale. Yes- he did know exactly where I lived… Also, I am semi-familiar with Clarksdale, as many of my small Teach For America meetings were held there.  BUT- talk about hoping a date goes well… a 40+ minute drive one way?!?  So I get in the car and we head on!

I talk a lot to pass the time… And of course, like Will earlier that day, I make the date just as ridiculously awkward and funny and wonderful for a”one day story!” At this point in the ride I am still confused that he knew where I lived and didn’t have my phone number, so of course I say (about 20 minutes in to the drive) “by the way, my name is Amy.” Clearly I should have assumed he knew my name, but we really had not formally met, and I have to write his name on his ticket, so I knew his- but I didn’t know whether he knew mine or not- so I was trying to help him out!  Of course he laughed at that question!

We finally make it to Clarksdale and he still didn’t actually have a plan for where to go.  He said either Stone Pony or Rust- we flip a coin and Stone Pony it was!

We order dinner- but once again- me being the super safe person I am decided I’d skip having a drink- this guy who has a great “report” from someone I trust, did somehow know where I lived, and seemed to know all about me, even though we had never had more than a “hello” exchanged between us previously, just drove me 40 minutes away- 40 minutes away basically through farm land that I wouldn’t know the first thing about if he turned out to be crazy!  I didn’t think he was, but then again- better safe than sorry!  By the way- he wasn’t crazy! We had a wonderful dinner!  We hit it off and really got along, probably because of how ridiculous we both are!  The next 3 days after that we had consecutive dates and the rest is history!

I seriously couldn’t have found a more suitable person to continue having awkward, funny, wonderful “first dates forever” person with.  We both laugh and blush every time we tell this story to someone new.  We will be going back to Stone Pony this coming Saturday to celebrate!  We also chose to get married at the Country Club in June of 2014 since the Club was our first “meet.”  I have also come to find out that I had met most of Will’s family each separately while waiting tables, including his grandparents, which is how he knew where I lived.  I didn’t put it together that they were his grandparents for a while because they had different last names and had not eaten together at a time I served them.  I have most certainly moved on from some of my “questionable, city-like, not small town ways,” and really love the feeling now!  Will has admitted that it probably did seem a little creepy and odd that he knew so much about me!

We have run half marathons together, been on so many trips together, met so many people from family to friends together, cooked, cooked and then decided to eat out instead, laughed, cried, been through not so fun times like two miscarriages, kidney stones that lead to the ER, getting Wells together, Will becoming Toby’s new dad, losing my two cats, selling a house, buying a house, renovating a house, job changes, holidays, dinners, and SO SO much more.

Life is exciting, fun, busy, and just plain wonderful.

Happy FOUR YEARS of hanging out together!  I love you Will Cashion!

Oh- and some pictures from the years- because what’s a post with out some pictures to commemorate it with!

6 thoughts on “FOUR? FOUR YEARS!”

    1. We just saw the new post and enjoyed reading it.
      It was some history that we had not heard.
      Enjoyed the photos too.
      Happy Thanksgiving,
      Joseph and Cathy


  1. Looks like we replied under Ted’s comments.
    Here it goes to the correct place:

    We just saw the new post and enjoyed reading it.
    It was some history that we had not heard.
    Enjoyed the photos too.
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Joseph and Cathy


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