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Dog Days

We took the dogs out to the North Helena Farm and they had a ball!  It was like their own little personal beach!

They both tried to swim!  Wells is very good at it- however Toby kind of flops around.  He may have faceplanted a few times as well!  Fun was still had!



Andddd of course there was lots of wrestling in the sand!

All in all, it was a great family day!  Toby is now home and beat!  Wells keeps him a young 9 yr old dog!

Time for us to work on dinner!


2 thoughts on “Dog Days”

  1. I enjoyed all the pictures. The first picture was my favorite. I enlarged the first picture and could see Toby to the right of Wells at the edge of the field. It looks like you are having some nice weather. We are expecting a little rain the rest of this week. Looking forward to our beach trip.

    Cathy & Joseph


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