This Week at Cashion Plantation

Paul Thorn Concert

The weekend is over!

We had a fun-filled, eventful weekend too… I hated to see it end!

Friday Will had to work fairly late, hoping to beat the rain that never came until Sunday afternoon.  We were driving back home over the bridge when one wave of the storm was blowing over, and this is what it looked like:


It got very dark, very fast!

Anyhow, back tracking back to Saturday now!  Two of our good friends, Lee and Jamie Wagner, came to town to stay the night with us so we could all go to dinner, see Paul Thorn in concert, and just hang out and catch up afterwards.

Paul Thorn is actually a musician from Tupelo, Mississippi.  Tonight is the first time I have heard his music, but he also apparently plays every year at our big King Biscuit Blues Festival.  Will actually told me that before Paul Thorn started playing and singing, he was a boxer (and a pretty good one apparently)and back in ’97 lost a match against another great boxer.  At that time he quit fighting and started writing music and playing.

Another cool fact about where we actually saw the concert is that is was in our Malco theatre down town on Cherry Street.  This same Malco Theatre is where Johnny Cash, June Carter, and several other famous musicians have played.  If you ever watch the movie Walk the Line you will see a few clips of Helena, Arkansas!  The movie is based on Johnny Cash’s life becoming a musician and most of the filming took place in several of the towns where he actually performed!  (One of them being Helena, Arkansas). It was pretty cool to sit in there and think of what it would have been like back in the day when people like that were coming through town and choosing to perform here!

Below are some pictures from the concert, as well as some clips of some of the songs he performed!


 That’s Lee and Jamie above in the picture with us!

Another fact of the evening- the air was broken!  The poor guys singing and playing were drenched in sweat by the end of the night!


Paul Thorn came out after the show to give autographs and take pictures- so of course we all had our picture taken with him!


Needless to say, we really had a great night!

Because we had friends over this weekend- I feel it’s appropriate to post pictures of one of our guest bedrooms and our guest bathroom that we have painted, put new carpet in, and cleaned up since we have moved in!

Grandma- the little glass bookshelf above and below is one that Dandy made!

Excuse that cluttered area….

Through the door you see closed in that little hallway is our other guest bedroom!


Nana-  Do you recognize the rack from above?
We pretty much just mixed and matched all the furniture we both happened to own!  Between it all we have enough beds for all the bedrooms  and one to spare!

Sunday we decided to go to Southaven and see Jurassic World.  It was pretty good!  We now want to watch the older Jurassic Park! Surprisingly the theater was crowded, but not too bad!

Time for me to get going! This coming weekend will be our first anniversary together!  I’ll tell you all the fun details we have planned later on… First I have to finish collecting part of Will’s gift!



2 thoughts on “Paul Thorn Concert”

  1. I’m glad you had use for the quilt rack. I think I made 4-6 the year I made them, but can’t remember for sure. I think my initials and maybe the date are stamped on the bottom. A labor of love for my family. The concert looks fun, but hot, hot, hot!


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