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And So We Begin…

So here we are! 5:00pm on a Friday and I decided to start a blog for our family and friends that are farther away.  Now you’ll be able to keep up with what’s happening at #CashionPlantation (as Will has named it!)

Here it is, by the way…..

We are pretty much in love with our house!


So to play catch up- we are now almost a year married (less than a month to go! Eek! So exciting!) and are living in West Helena now with no less than 100 pecan trees around us and currently lots of soybeans!  Our dogs, Toby and Wells LOVE the yard, and the four-wheeler!


Our two cats, Pepper and Jersey also manage to stay alive with a German Shepard that still thinks they are the coolest animals ever… They tend to hide in the laundry room a lot.


Anyhow, stay tuned!  I’ll try to update frequently with what’s going on in our lives! (Currently we’re trying to keep flowers alive!  Will isn’t half bad at it, considering he is a farmer- I, however; still don’t possess a green thumb!)

Have a happy weekend!


4 thoughts on “And So We Begin…”

  1. Looks good already. We’re waiting to see more and plan to see you all in October.
    Planning to have our two kayaks with us.
    Joseph and Cathy


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