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Farm Life Livin’

Almost a week has gone by since my last post of us celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  As much as we both would love to be back in Hot Springs, riding roller coasters and what not, this week has been back to reality, so I figured I would show you some more of what is happening on the farm!

So pretty much EVERYONE else has gotten rain this week… King Farms has some how dodged most of it, or just got a tease of a sprinkling…. Which means they have to “make it rain!” As Will likes to say.  (It also means a little more work involved, but I personally think it looks really cool!). To make it rain they pretty much turn on lots of pivots and poly pipe.  The pivots are what I think look pretty neat- they’re basically HUGE sprinklers.  The pivot also will slowly move in a big circle across the field.  I personally always think they kind of look like dinosaur skeletons.  Maybe that’s just me; I like to think I just have a creative imagination! Anyhow, here is the pivot running over the soybeans directly behind our house:


Here is another great picture Will’s Uncle John took while they were running a pivot this morning:

There is also lots of spraying for bugs and fungus that can grow right now.  In the first video, our neighbor Mr Joe is spraying our trees to keep bugs, worms, and more from eating them and ruining the pecans.  In the second video you’ll see one of those yellow crop dusters fly RIGHT over our house.  He is spraying the soybeans for fungus.  Those planes seriously fly so fast and curve around so instantaneously!



They also have some farm land near the levee so sometimes Will gets to see cows!

Now with all this busy work we certainly like to have a good, fun dinner at night.  I recently discovered the website  We are able to order the 2 person, 3 meal package for $59.94.  They send you the recipe cards along with everything you need to make each of the recipes down to even the black pepper and all are perfectly portioned out for two people!  The ingredients also all come from family farms and are fresh and seasonal!  Blue apron offers 5 meals a week, and will randomly send you 3 of them.  The only options you pick from are vegetarian or non-vegatarian.  If you pick non-vegetarian you can pick what meats you do and do not like.  Here are some pictures of our first three meals (and we really enjoyed them all!):


I also decided to make Rice Krispies Treats this weekend for the first time in a long time; they turned out pretty good!

 I’ve got lots of baking to do this week so I’ll certainly post those pictures later on when I’m done with it all!

Of course I can’t end a post without leaving you with some pictures of our house!  Today I leave you with pictures of our master bathroom.  We really haven’t done much with it besides clean, paint and re-grout the counter tiles.  One day we want to completely so this bathroom.  For now, this is how it looks!



Now Will and I are going to see Lee and Jamie and go to a HUGE crawfish boil- pictures to come!

Also, as a side note, thanks for ignoring my typos and grammar issues.  I usually type these posts up on my phone and it’s always really delayed…or cuts off on me completely, leaving lots of bad grammar and typos that drive me nuts when I come back later and notice them!!!


3 thoughts on “Farm Life Livin’”

  1. Loving the photos of everyday goings on….and the cows! The Blue Apron meals look really good..had seen something about them a while ago…nice that you get everything you need. We’ve had a good bit of rain this week. Have fun!


  2. Amy & Will,

    We look forward to all your updates. All the pictures are great!! I especially like Uncle John’s pictures of the farm. We are very impressed with the amount of work you both have put into fixing up the inside of the house. How did your fruit trees do last year? Did you get any peaches? Your pears must have done well.
    Keep up the good work.

    Cathy & Joseph (from Missouri)


  3. We really like the photos and stories. Since we are not on facebook it keeps us updated. We always look forward to reading the new posts on the blog.
    Cathy has three or four Bantam hens with about thirty chicks they hatched. In the last week we have had to capture (by hand) two long black snakes in a small house that our guineas use. One had eaten an egg and you could see the bulge in the snake. We relocate the snakes to the other side of the property.
    We just saw a deer fawn run along our driveway. Didn’t see the mom, but she must be close. When out on the tractor this morning, I saw two mom turkeys moving their youngsters along the grass and into the woods. I saw where they had been taking a dust bath.
    Joseph and Cathy


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