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Eloise is ONE Month 4.27.19

“Your little hands wrapped around my finger, and it’s so quiet in the world tonight.  Your little eyelids flutter cause you’re dreaming, so I tuck you in, turn on your favorite night light…….Oh darling, don’t you ever grow up.”   -Taylor Swift, Never Grow Up



Oh, my sweet Eloise Kate– you’ve become ONE MONTH new now!  This first month with you has been quite the adventure!  I was hoping to have this post done closer to your actual one month birthday (and I should admit, I’m not always so timely with your sister’s updates either…) though, month one of your life was spent in and out of hospitals, because of me- not you!  I also almost lost ALLLLL of our pictures and couldn’t get any to load on to the computer, so here we are, 2.5 months later, making your update! Aside from all of the craziness since your birth, you have been such a special little addition to our family, and I would go through all of the craziness again to have you in our lives!

As of one month, you weighed 9 pounds, 4oz, and grew to 21.75 inches long!  You are growing so well, nursing perfectly, and just like your older sister, love your sleep at night!  You will not like me one day when you read what I’m about to write- but hey, as a parent, we’re granted the right to embarrass you a little throughout your life!  So here goes- your dad and I are on the team “wake baby up and feed her, instead of waiting for her to cry, needing to be fed.”  That means we would wake you up every couple of hours so that I could nurse you and put you right back to bed.  You, like your sister, were VERY hard to wake and keep awake, maybe even harder really!  Your Daddy started laying you on your belly for “tummy time” in an attempt to wake you up- this quickly resulted in you tooting- before we knew it, he would then roll you to your back, and then back to your belly- you tooted the whole time, and still didn’t bother to wake up!  In the midst of the crazy, sleepless, newborn nights, this was one thing that at least gave us a little laugh! Well, really a lot of very big laughs!

You are such a little snuggly baby, and I ABSOLUTELY love that about you!  (I am known to be a cuddler myself, but neither your Daddy nor Annabelle Grace really are!)



During your first month of life we got to celebrate Daddy’s 31st birthday and you were around for your first holiday- Easter!

IMG_9176 2



You were mine and Daddy’s companion at several different hospitals because of complications I had after having you!  Because you were only 6 days old when we had our first hospital stay for 3 days, the nurses continuously thought your Daddy was “stealing” you from the hospital, making him nervous to leave my room with you!


Thankfully, I was able to nurse you through most every part of our visits!  For our second hospital visit, I was put to sleep, so I was allowed to nurse you up until I was given any medicine- but I spent the night and morning pumping on top of nursing you to ensure your Daddy had plenty of milk to give you a bottle.  Thankfully, you took a bottle that day- because you pretty much have refused one ever since! (I guess you knew I needed a little help!)



And for my third “check up” after complications, you and I took our first road trip to Memphis by ourselves! You were 22 days old!  Unfortunately I still wasn’t 100% cleared, but thankfully it didn’t result in another hospital stay- just careful monitoring!

We did get to witness some of Daddy’s famous sleeping positions during crazy, no sleep time periods!

We have been so lucky to have you here now, and you are proving to be another fairly easy baby, and for that we are thankful! (Just don’t make us pay for it in your teenage years later one!)

Happy One Month Birthday, sweet Eloise Kate!


As for me- this has physically, mentally, and emotionally been one of the hardest months of my life! I will write a separate post soon, or let’s be honest- sometime, haha, about the in depth details.

My body has been through more than I thought it ever would, all while having a newborn baby, after a c-section, and with a toddler running around, a super busy husband, and unfortunately losing my great aunt during this month as well.  Will has been a rock through this first month of Eloise’s life, and thank goodness for his mom and dad being in Memphis through these complications!  Thankfully, we all turned out fine, and my body is starting to become “normal” again!  Thanks also to anyone who provided food during this time- it was more helpful than you know!! (and delicious too!)

I’m not one to sit still for long, so having to be more still made for a long month!  However, I have never been MORE thankful for such EASY, great babies!  Will and I are both looking forward to more normal, chaotic, newborn months and toddler tantrums over hospital visits in the future!

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