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2019 Baby Cashion Coming At Ya!

This post is LONG overdue!!!  Obviously by now, if you know us outside of the blog, or from reading a few of my updates about Annabelle Grace, you know we are pregnant again!

Quick backstory- we lost two babies to miscarriages before getting our sweet Annabelle Grace, so I’m always a little torn in saying this is “Baby Cashion #2.”  To me, it’s really baby Cashion #4, but will be the second baby we actually get to meet in a little under eleven weeks now!  This pregnancy is seriously FLYING by!

We got pregnant with this baby when Annabelle Grace was roughly 9.5 months old! (Yes, we’re those {crazy, if you must} people who love the idea of having babies close together in age.  It was not fully planned to have them roughly 18 months apart, but also wasn’t prevented!  After struggling to get Annabelle Grace, we’re happy with any timing it takes to get another child to grow our family, and would be happy with four little ones running around when all is said and done, if we are so fortunate!

So, time for an update on this BABY!!!


A funny addition to this story and finding out I was pregnant- at dinner THE NIGHT before I found out, Will and I were talking about how happy we were with our family of three and excited about more kids in the future….Will happened to throw in the conversation “I really think I’m ready for another one.”  We had joked about it a little, the “what ifs” that come with me being pregnant again already.  The next day, July 11th, I just had a strange feeling maybe I should take a home pregnancy test and there was that second pink stripe.  Obviously, I went out and picked up a few more brands and tried them out- all positive.  I immediately texted Will a picture and called him, saying “hope you really meant that at dinner last night!” Then we had to inform Annabelle Grace…. (These are also the pictures we used to announce our pregnancy as well!)

Her emotions couldn’t have been any more picture perfect!  However, in all honesty- she obviously didn’t know what she was holding and only started to cry like that because she wanted to put them in her mouth….which I clearly tried to prevent! (Helped give the picture character though!)

July 21st- Roughly 1ish months:

IMG_2520 2

Our first appointment was August 3rd, and we were give a due date of March 21st!  We had a solid heartbeat and great check-up with my doctor.  We are currently seeing the same doctor I saw through both miscarriages and through Annabelle Grace’s birth!  He, like always, was very optimistic and even very open to the idea of me delivering via VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) assuming both me and the baby were doing well come close to due date.  We did get some glamour shots of Baby as well!

We went to dinner to celebrate a successful first appointment!  (With Annabelle Grace, we were SURE we had lost her because I started bleeding before my next check up appointment, which is the same thing that led to miscarriages previously, so her check up was a very emotional one!) This appointment was emotional in it’s own way, because all I’ve ever had are a bunch of nerves leading up to having healthy babies, and this one had no questionable things to start off with!

IMG_1288 2

August 23rd was Annabelle Grace’s first birthday, and also around me being about two months along! (We had already announced before this.  Lot’s of people tell you to wait until the golden 12 week mark, but after losing babies, we don’t choose to wait.  You would clearly know something was wrong if we lost our baby, so we wanted to enjoy every week we could/can get of being pregnant!)

August 29th was our next appointment- once again, a GREAT check up, and still so much optimism from our doctor! We had another “extra” ultrasound because they actually scheduled our appointment for the wrong week to do the screening for down syndrome and any special needs.  We were a few days to early for the screening, but at least we got to see baby again!


We did go back in pretty soon, in early September to have the screening done. (There is also a lot of debate with having this screening done… we did it with Annabelle Grace, but actually told our doctor NOT to tell us the results- I wanted them on record in case we lost her, I wanted to be able to look back and see if they had found anything.  With this baby we chose to do it again, but DID want to know the results- not because we wouldn’t keep the baby, but so that we could prepare as best as possible if they did find anything we should know about.  Plus, it’s an extra chance to see baby- who doesn’t want to see their baby any chance they’re given?!)  We were told baby looked great, and of course got some new pictures! (We were a little over 13 weeks along at this point!)

I have tried to stay as active as possible once again during this pregnancy!  Will and Annabelle Grace both ran the Blues Festival 5K with me in early October!  I finished in 31 minutes. (I was 15-16 weeks pregnant maybe?  and super proud of myself! I got 3rd place in my age group! It is  a small race, but who cares when you’re pregnant or not!)  I’ve also TRIED to do Pure Barre as often as possible, though that has been harder this go around because Will had an extra long and busy harvest and we have a toddler!  In December, around 25-26 weeks pregnant I ran the St. Jude 5K and finished in 38 minutes!  I do plan to run the Little Rock (probably walk, in all honesty) 5K in early March, making me around 37 weeks pregnant! (Don’t worry, Will will be with me the whole time too!)

IMG_8065 3

The Pure Barre picture below was taken at about 20 weeks! Halfway there!


We had our anatomy scan mid- October!  The anatomy scan usually takes place somewhere around the 20 week mark!  I believe I was about 18-19 weeks along at our appointment!  Will and Annabelle Grace both came along.  Now, in case you don’t already know, we ARE NOT finding out the gender of this baby!  We are waiting until the baby makes his/her appearance to find out, so, we asked our sonographer to not let us “see” anything that could give it away!  I will admit, it is very hard to keep your eyes closed at any point the gender could be seen when you wait so long for these ultrasounds to begin with, BUT, is going to be such an awesome surprise on delivery day!  We did have her print one picture and seal it up in an envelope that says “boy” or “girl” so that we have one to add to the baby book later on.  The envelope has been hidden from us.  Our doctor isn’t even told the baby’s gender so that he doesn’t slip and tell us on accident,  which I think is really cool! He obviously sees all of the other scans, and is alerted if there is anything concerning, but I really like that they try so hard to help us have a surprise!  Our due date did measure March 19th at this appointment, so still pretty close to the original March 21st!


19 Week Belly Shot:


Comparison picture of 20 weeks with Annabelle Grace and 19 weeks with this baby:


I did my next set of belly pictures around 23 weeks!

IMG_3495 2

Of course a comparison photo- 24 weeks on the left with Annabelle Grace, 23 weeks on the right with our next baby!


We had some family pictures taken for Christmas cards in November by Natalie Gray Photography!  I was about 24 weeks along, and she got a good one of me and Will!

If you’ve been reading for a while, or know us- you know that I did have gestational diabetes with Annabelle Grace.  Fortunately I was able to maintain my sugar levels with LOTS of walking, water, exercise, and healthy eating and never needed insulin.  In a new pregnancy you are treated as if you never had it all over again.  You repeat the one hour test just like any other pregnancy.  Fortunately, this time I passed!  I not only passed, but I passed with several points to spare!  I knew I could handle dealing with it again if I needed to, but this was such exciting news!  We had an upcoming trip to North Carolina and a trip to Disney World planned, and missing out on some of the fun food would have been a little sad! So, all is well, and I get to enjoy it!  I have tested myself again just out of curiosity (since I still own all of the stuff from doing it with Annabelle Grace) and once again passed with flying colors!

We did travel to NC for Christmas, and it was amazing how many fewer stops we made to pee since I didn’t have gestational diabetes this time around! (We still stopped plenty, because hello- I hit third trimester before we left, but nothing like how often we stopped on a really long road trip during the third trimester with Annabelle Grace!)

Here’s a belly shot with my best friend, (from kindergarten, y’all!) Lenise!  I was 28 weeks here!


So, now you are mostly caught up!  I had an appointment today (January 2nd) actually that was just a super quick check-in now that we’re to the “every 3 weeks” appointments!  Nothing exciting to report- my weight gain is good- I’m about 20ish pounds heavier than I was before getting pregnant in June, so that’s right on track, baby’s heartbeat sounded good, and my belly is actually measuring a hair smaller than 29+1 weeks- which my doctor said is probably a good thing right now since we’re aiming for a VBAC and I don’t have gestational diabetes!  Even with diabetes and being induced, Annabelle was 8lbs, 1 oz at birth!  In February we will get our last and final ultrasound, so Will and I are looking forward to that appointment!

As far as this pregnancy as a whole has been- I’ve once again, and thankfully, had a pretty pleasant experience.  The first trimester was pretty rough with morning sickness- but it was mostly just nausea, I never once threw up.  Honestly, I would have rather thrown up and been good to go again rather than being nauseous all day long for several weeks!  I can tell a little difference in my tiredness level, so I make myself sit down when Annabelle Grace goes down for her nap in the afternoon! (She’s been down to one nap a day for several months now, and it typically is 1.5 hours, though some days I get a 2-3 hour nap.)  I take advantage of that time to sit still!  Will also had a MUCH busier and longer harvest this season, so going from 6am-7pm(when she goes to bed- Will still wasn’t home by then!) all seven days a week, for a few months, non-stop with a toddler, by myself, while pregnant definitely added to the tired factor this time too!  I have had more Braxton Hick’s contractions this time, and don’t remember having any really with Annabelle Grace.  I do get a tiny bit of a pulling/hurting sensation near my c-section scar, but that is typical and normal for consecutive pregnancies after a c-section.

As mentioned above, we are not finding the gender out until baby decides to make an appearance, and we also aren’t giving our name choices away until delivery day!  However, we will share the initials!  Both the boy and girl names have the same initials:


Even though they share the same initials, the names are not gender neutral names- they are completely different for both the boy and girl!  Have fun guessing!

So there ya have it- 29-30 weeks worth of pregnancy updates in one post!  Hopefully I’ll get another one up sooner than the birth of this baby!

Thanks for reading!

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