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Annabelle Grace is ONE WHOLE YEAR OLD!

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Annabelle Grace is a year old!  This first year of her life flew by faster than I could have imagined it going, and while I knew she would change drastically over twelve months, I didn’t realize HOW drastic those changes would appear!

It is far too tough to put in to words all of the highlights, challenges, changes, growth, and love we all have experienced this year, but I did keep track of a few interesting facts about her first year of life!  (Fortunately, I have an app on my phone that I logged all of this in to, but I did have to add it all up at the end of her first year- talk about time consuming!) (Oh- and these numbers are missing about 3 weeks worth of data, because I didn’t use the app during that time!)

-For one whole year, Annabelle Grace and I have nursed together AT LEAST 332 hours, and 35 minutes!  To put that in perspective, that’s around 14 days straight of nursing her first year of life! What’s even crazier to imagine is this is missing her first three weeks of life, AND she was a fast nurser compared to some babies, and was given plenty of bottles of breastmilk as well!  I can’t even imagine the number of hours a fully exclusively breast fed, no bottles baby would nurse in one year!  Also, nursing is a job! Thankfully, aside from learning the ins and outs of nursing around others and while out doing anything really, we were fortunate to have a great nursing experience!  It was my choice to stop nursing at one year, though I feel Annabelle Grace was really kind of ready as well! I did get pregnant when she was 9.5 months old, so my milk supply definitely dropped and we attempted formula in case I dried up before a year and she had NOTHING to do with it, from any source, any brand, any cup.  Thankfully we lasted to one year!

-Interesting Fact #2: I pumped AT LEAST 1,694.25oz of breastmilk in a year!  This number is off a little, as we unfortunately had a few bags bust or get spilled, so those weren’t tracked! (Any mama who pumps knows that any spilled or spoiled breastmilk can EASILY lead to tears! I shed a few when it happened to me!) To put that number of ounces in perspective- it equals roughly 13.24 GALLONS!  Since I both pumped and breastfed, and was at home, pumping wasn’t a HUGE part of supplying milk for Annabelle Grace- I can’t imagine the amount produced from an exclusively pumping mama or someone who is an over producer!  I most certainly did not over produce! If you’re reading this an in the market for a pump- I have both the Medela Pump in Style Advanced and the Spectra S2- I would hands down buy the Spectra S2 over and over again if I needed a new pump!

-Fun Fact #3: We changed 3,773 pee-pee-diapers! (again, not including those first three weeks, when we changed I don’t know how many a day!!) 

-Fun Fact #4: We changed 1,021 poo-poo diapers! (seriously kid- that’s a LOT of poo-poo)

**We were lucky to have a baby not sensitive to any certain brand/type of diaper.  We ended up mostly buying Target brand diapers and wipes for most of her first year!  Such a good bang for your buck!  Especially when you buy them during a “Spend $100 on diapers and get a $20.00 gift cards- hello- free money for even more diapers- because as you can see above- we used plenty!)**   We ended her first year wearing size 3 diapers, about to changed to size 4!

-Fun Fact #5: Annabelle Grace slept a total of 4,176 hours and 59 minutes total her first year of life (not including the first three weeks!)  That is equal to 174.04 days in a row!  She spent almost HALF of her first year of life, asleep!  Crazy! Even crazier to think of the leaps and bounds she has made physically, mentally, and emotionally when she slept almost half of her first 365 days of life!  We have been super fortunate to have an amazing sleeper for a baby!  She was sleeping through the night very early, and still sleeps 7pm- 6:30am on a regular basis.  Naps have been fairly consistent and easy to transition from every few hours to 3 naps a day, to 2 naps a day.

Annabelle Grace weighed in around 18.5 pounds and was about 29 inches long on her birthday!  She has learned to eat SO much food, said “mama” and “dada,”  crawled, walked, climbed, and showed both a sweet and sassy side!

For her first birthday we celebrated by having donuts for breakfast! (First time!) Mommy did a quick photo shoot with a big bowl of whipped cream and strawberry icing!  We enjoyed eating dinner at the Patio Mexican Restaurant so she could have her favorite- a cheese quesadilla for dinner.  We were joined by Papi, Uncle John, MommyAnn and Grandaddy!  We supplied a penguin cupcake cake since Penny Penguin is her favorite stuffed animal!



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As for me- I am one year postpartum, yet also 2 months pregnant?! It’s been a big year!  My body has been through so many huge changes, but I’ve also never been more proud and happy about it.  It produced our beautiful Annabelle Grace, got in better shape than I had been in a few years, nursed our sweet girl for a full year, and is currently growing another beautiful baby all at the same time.  Being a mom is definitely something I love and am proud of!

Of course, I couldn’t have made it this first year without such an amazing husband, and wouldn’t have such a beautiful baby without him! He really loves being Annabelle Grace’s father, and if you’ve ever spent even a minute around him, especially with Annabelle Grace nearby, you’ve seen that bond!  I couldn’t imagine parenting with a better partner!

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