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EIGHT months! (April 23)

(Clearly I forgot to post this…. and now she will be 9 months old- TOMORROW! hahahaha, better late than never?!)


March 24: 7 months and 1 day: Annabelle Grace started crawling!


March 25: We continued pancake Sundays, playing with the dogs, eating cheese quesadillas, and swinging!

March 27: 7 months and 4 days:  We got even better at knocking things, like blocks together!


March 29: 7 months and 6 days: We met the Easter Bunny for the first time!

We loved all of our Easter cards, gifts, and Easter outfits!

April 1: 7 months, 9 days: We celebrated our first Easter! (this was also Annabelle Grace’s first Sunday in the nursery at church!)

Obviously the Easter Bunny visited!

April 2: 7 months, 10 days: Someone really perfected standing up in her crib!  We went through a solid two weeks of her standing up, but not being able to get back down.  We had a few days during that period where she would wake up in the middle of night, stand up, cry because she was tired and couldn’t get back to sleep, and fall asleep standing up.  Will and I rotated taking turns, walking in, laying her down, just to have her do it all over again.  I kept count and during one nap, I laid her down 40 times before she finally fell asleep.  

We’ve started our trips to the farm to see Daddy, since his long days have returned!

She is an AVID roller any time you lay her on her back- makes for some interesting diaper changes….. her giraffe saved the day, for about 24 hours, then she was back to immediately rolling over the second you lay her down to change her!


She’s loving her puzzel!

Loves a good ride in the swing!


Loves her Toby dog!


We got to visit Papi again!


April 14: We celebrated Daddy’s 30th birthday!


April 15: 7 months, 23 days: Annabelle Grace could stand on her own for about a 5 count! She does it here and there, but still isn’t sure of it yet!


She has fallen in LOVE with her penguin (Penny Penguin) and lamb (Pink Lamb)!

She has discovered cabinets and all surfaces she can find, to pull herself to a stand!

She remains fascinated by the dogs:

…and is still just the cutest little gal around!

Even when she sleeps!


April 23: 8 months exactly: 16 pounds, 9 ounces heavy and 27 inches tall!  Annabelle Grace has made leaps and bounds with her milestones, is clearly super active, and still is a great sleeper (with the exception of our small period of learning to get back down in her crib!)

As for me- I’m still being able to exclusively breast feed Annabelle Grace!  We’re pretty proud of this feat!  I’m still trying to workout as regularly as possible, even if it is just a walk up and down our drive way several times!  Life is pretty good!

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