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Guess Who Is SEVEN Months?!


Obviously this post is WAY overdue, given the fact Annabelle Grace is NOW seven months PLUS nineteen days old!  (These nineteen days have been some busy days around the Cashion Plantation!)

So, let’s back track and see what all Little Miss was up to during this month! We started Baby Led Weaning at six months and are still going SO STRONG with it.  Annabelle Grace LOVES eating food.  If there was another word stronger than “love” that I could use to describe her feelings for food, I would.  Will and I often find ourselves telling her “look, you get to eat your favorite ________,” and then realize literally EVERYthing is her favorite!  However, we both like to think that cheese quesadillas from Mexican restaurants are truly one of her favorite foods!  Much of this past month was spent nursing/having her bottle feed (or not having her bottle feed and only wanting to nurse!)  then, waiting 30 minutes, eating a meal or a snack, cleaning up that meal or snack, playing, napping, and starting all over again!

We spent as much time as possible hanging out with Daddy before he started getting busy!  Annabelle Grace LOVES to sit on his shoulders! (and pull his hair!)


We spent Mom’s birthday weekend in Little Rock for the Little Rock Marathon weekend.  Papi came this year, too!  While there, we were also able to meet more family members, see some family members again, and meet some of Daddy’s college friends, who also have a sweet little baby now!  Mom ran the 10K on Saturday (and fell really badly at the very beginning) and Daddy and Papi ran the Full Marathon on Sunday- Daddy set a personal record for himself!  He ran 26.2 miles in under 5 hours! Little Rock is very hilly, so this was an amazing feat for Dad!













We spent lots of time at the park!  Annabelle Grace loves the swing!  We also met another friend, baby Hank, for a few walks, too!

Her hair is slowly starting to grow enough that she can “kind of” wear a clip-in bow!

She is still a big fan of the dogs, Toby and Wells.

We still read books daily- she even lets Mom dress her up like the characters sometimes.

She has learned how to play peek-a-boo!

Annabelle Grace is a champion “sitter.” (and will scoot, army crawl, and roll around to get EVERYWHERE!)

Of course, she’s still just as precious and as cute as ever!

We’ve spent time with family:

And she was a rockstar at her check up!  She mostly just wanted to eat her shoes.

She weighed in at 15lb, 9 oz, was 26 inches long, and had a 43cm round head, three days before turning 7 months!  She jumped up maybe 10% on her weight chart?  We attribute most of that to her love for food!  However, in the next month’s update, it will be interesting to see if she gains at all!  She is now becoming so incredibly active and mobile that we can’t keep her still for anything!  These 7 month pictures should have been a sign for what was coming…. ! hahaha

Oh!  She did get her own Pure Barre gear in this month, too!  She was pretty pumped about it!  #LittleTucker


Our daily schedule is still very similar to her six month schedule:

5:40am: Wake up, get dressed, nurse

6:30am: Breakfast w/ Mom and Dad

8:00am: Nurse, nap time

9:30am: Wake up, nurse

10:00am: Lunch or snack

12:00pm: Nurse, nap time

2:00pm: Wake up, nurse

2:30pm: Snack or lunch

4:30pm: SOMETIMES she will take a short nap

5:00pm: Nurse

5:30pm: Dinner

6:30pm: Bath and bedtime routine

7:00pm: In the bed

**Annabelle Grace is still sleeping through the night!  We do still nurse a good bit during the day- it is recommended with Baby Led Weaning to nurse 30 minutes- 1 hour before a meal/snack.  We stay on a pretty regimented nursing schedule though, not by demand.  She is also a fairly fast and efficient nurser- like 10 minutes tops.  (Same goes for if she takes a bottle of breastmilk.)  Our naps fluctuate a tiny bit, but for the most part fall around the times listed above.  In between naps Annabelle Grace and I STAY busy.  I treat being a stay at home mom just like a job I would have if I left the house.  We don’t turn the TV on, and in between naps and meals we are either reading books, playing on the floor, practicing putting blocks in a box, moving, going on walks, etc.  I do still clean/do laundry/make meals- but do most of this is done during her naps, or work it around whatever activity we are doing at the moment.  Like, if I need to fold laundry, she has a little more “floor play.”  We don’t however, clean at all on the weekends, and I don’t do anything once Will gets home either- just like I wouldn’t still be working an out of the home job during those times!

As for me, I’m still feeling great at seven months post partum.  At the beginning of January, Pure Barre started a “New Year, New You Challenge.”  The challenge lasted for roughly 2.5 months- so it ended about two weeks before Annabelle Grace’s seven month mark.  One of the instructors, Haley, is a registered dietician and nutritionist.  We went in and she measured our weight and used whatever the little tool is to measure your body fat.  We did this at the beginning and at the end of the challenge.  We were then given a packet of suggested foods to eat/not eat and calorie intake based on exercise.  It was also suggested to do some type of workout for 20 days each month of the challenge.  For me the suggested eating plan was pretty easy to follow, as it was basically the way I had been eating the whole time I was pregnant with Annabelle Grace and having diabetes, and how I have continued to eat while breastfeeding her, and currently the way we feed Annabelle Grace with Baby Led Weaning.  The working out portion was also fairly simple- as I try to do something active each day, even if it is just a walk.  Since I was part of this challenge, I decided to measure pretty much every part of my body as well, because why not?!  Because I was and still am breastfeeding and exercising, it is extremely important for me to NOT lack in calories.  I still keep up with a food journal/log, so I know that I roughly consume probably 2500 calories a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.  I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and usually three snacks a day on top of those meals, and drink nothing but water.  I do have an occasional cup of decaf coffee, and don’t have much in the way of alcohol- maybe a glass of wine here and there.  I already limit a lot of sugar, so really just eliminating it from certain foods was maybe the biggest thing I changed.  So, instead of a Carnation Protein Breakfast Shake as a snack, I now eat a KIND protein bar in it’s place.  Not too hard to change. (Mind you- if there is dessert at an event- I WILL eat it!)  At the start of the challenge my body fat percentage was 28%.  An “optimal” body fat percentage for a female, my age, ranges from 21-29%, so I was already in that range about 4.5 months post partum.  By the end of the challenge, 2.5 months later, I had lost 17.2 pounds, 26.5 inches combined from around my body, and my body fat percentage dropped to 24%- so still in the “optimal range!”  I was pretty surprised by my results, and pleased!  I have not given up any food groups- so I still eat bread, pasta, potatoes, fruits, veggies, all meats, etc.  Personally, I think any food plan that has you give up food groups is not going to be the best for your body.  It does help that I am still breastfeeding, as for some women that burns a lot of calories as well- which is why I eat so many to begin with!  Needless to say, I feel like a pretty healthy version of myself!  Now, this is not to say that it is easy!!!  I usually take a good hour to hour and a half, once a week to meal plan for us as a family- watching salt and sugar for Annabelle Grace and making sure we have balanced meals all day, every day.  We rarely go out, so meal planning is essential for us.  I also spend a lot of time when meal planning making sure I rotate the meats we eat, the fruits, the veggies, and the types of starches we have- this is the easiest way to make sure Annabelle Grace is also getting a variety of vitamins and minerals in her diet as well.  I do a good bit of the cooking right now because Will is gone a majority of the day with farming, but when he is home, he also helps prep and cook.  It takes time and discipline to cook every meal.  I usually make enough at dinner to have for lunch the next day, and then make a new dinner the next day that again doubles as lunch.  That way I’m only cooking two meals a day instead of three.  I also would like to point out that I may be in some of the best shape I’ve been in- but I still have, and probably will have for possibly ever- a little lip of my belly that hangs over my c-section incision.  That’s called being a Mom.  I carried our amazing little baby inside of me, who decided she was special enough that she needed her own exit.  I’ll forever be proud of that line and what it did to my body.  I waited a long time to see her sweet, beautiful, special face.  To me, that line, and that skin are my daily reminders that Will and I got our sweet baby finally!  Be happy in your own body- that is most of the battle in loving yourself and feeling good and confident with how you look!


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