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Every Day We Are New

“Every day I wake up as someone new.  Isn’t it wild and intriguing and beautiful that every day we are new?”  -Taylor Swift

Ahhh!  It has been far too long since I wrote an updated blog, and especially one about what is up in our lives right now!
I love the quote I posted above because it is so true.  This past year has been a big one for both Will and I- so full of so many changes.  Changes that were fun, not fun, memorable, happy, and sad.  Every day is new, and that is a beautiful thing.

Yes, we have unfortunately lost two babies to miscarriage this past year, and those were hard moments. They still are! BUT, we have also celebrated big moments together!  For one- I have a new job at a school here in Helena and I LOVE IT.  I was very happy with my job at Sysco, and really enjoyed working with so many different people and learning so much about Helena, and our surrounding towns-it takes a lot of will and dedication to open a restaurant in a small town.

My heart and passion however, is still found in a classroom with the littlest of learners!  A position opened up for a K3 classroom, so I expressed my interest!  I am so fortunate that they chose me for the position and I can honestly say I love my job every day!

That brings me to Number 2- having some MUCH needed time off with my dear, sweet husband.  He works so incredibly hard ALL year (many people think farming just stops after harvest-but believe me- it doesn’t!) Planting and Harvest however, are both crazy busy seasons for a farmer.  I see him for an incredibly late dinner, he showers and then goes to bed.  With my previous jobs I have had many commitments on the weekends, and at night- so when he would finally slow down on the farm- I was still busy.  This weekend we are BOTH free.  We are spending my fall break down in Florida for a few days.  This is our first trip alone in some time where neither of us have any commitments to anything besides spending time together!  I’ll post again soon when we get back!  (I do apologize that I haven’t been updating as regularly… my laptop is finally too outdated to use with this website, so I type everything on my phone!)

Happy October!  Happy Fall Break!  Happy Vacation to us!

Yes- that isn’t the best picture! Who cares! =)

3 thoughts on “Every Day We Are New”

  1. We are really glad that you have the job that you have dreamed about. Keep up the dream and enjoy teaching. The children will remember your love of teaching into their adult lives. Farmers are harvesting their crops in our area. Lots of work that must be done before the weather changes….and so little time to waste. It’s great that you both can take some time out for yourselves. Our trip to New Mexico was wonderful….8% humidity. We visited a friend outside of Albuquerque and camped out in our tent north of Taos near Questa. Wild flowers were blooming and the scenery was beautiful in the high desert. Taking time out for yourselves is important. We always enjoy hearing from you.


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