This Week at Cashion Plantation

This Week:

So… Will and I saw the movie San Andreas on Saturday in Southaven, and even though it was overly dramatized for the sake of being a movie…. Don’t think moving to California will ever be a consideration! (Sorry Clancy, Trotter, Jennifer, and Sam! We will still visit though!). The movie was actually pretty entertaining, and of course we talked about survival skills a lot on the way home!  We clearly discovered we would make an awesome team and would most certainly survive! (Also, for those who aren’t as familiar with where we live- we are about an hour and twenty minutes from Southaven.  That is the closest town to go to when we want to see a movie, go out to dinner, do some shopping, and more.  Otherwise we head up to Memphis, which is another 15-20 minutes farther away.)

The evening finished up with making mojitos with the mint we have growing in our yard!  They turned out pretty good!!  By the end of the summer we will be making them perfectly and in no time at all! 

Waking up this morning we were suprised by a lot of rain!  It started pretty late last night, and was raining hard by the time we got up.  Will had to run to the farm to check his water while I worked on some stuff for my job with Sysco and had my coffee on our porch!

Eric- I LOVE the porch.  I spend a lot of time out there when I get home in the evenings while Will does stuff in the yard and the dogs play!  The porch swing… Surrounded by our magnolia trees…And the fact that Mosquitos aren’t bad yet… Even in the rain is so enjoyable!


Today we had lunch with part of Will’s family at the Club.  His aunt, uncle, and cousin were in town, so I made cupcakes!  Let me tell you- these cupcakes turned out wonderfully!  I finally have a perfected, truly great, moist, made from scratch strawberry cake (with no artificial coloring in any part!)

I play around with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cakes since they are the base of any other cake, no matter the add-ins.  Strawberry is always the most difficult, but I have conquered it!  The icing is also pretty spectacular.  It is the creamiest strawberry buttercream I have ever created, yet the consistency was still great for piping onto the cupcakes.  It’s just such a good combination!  Just take a look……

Anyhow, now we’re home and enjoying a lazy, rainy Sunday.  The weekend is coming to a close… So I guess I will too!

Happy last day of May!!


2 thoughts on “This Week:”

  1. Those cupcakes look gorgeous!!! I am so jealous of your porch! I dream of having a porch like that one day! I miss you!! Happy 1 year anniversary!


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